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Favored Soul

Favored SoulWielding divine magic to both heal and destroy, favored souls have fewer spells than clerics but can cast more often.

Solo Ability: Good.

Important stats:
Charisma is the most important stat for favored souls. High charisma grants a favored soul access to higher level spells and gives him or her more spell points.

Wisdom is also important for favored souls, especially those who want to use offensive spells, because wisdom determines how difficult a favored soul's spells are for enemies to resist.

Typical abilities: Empower Spell, Leap of Faith.

With their innate connection to the divine, favored souls can cast divine spells without needing time for study and prayer like clerics, but they can only perform a fixed number of spells in this way.

Like clerics, favored souls have access to powerful healing spells. Favored souls and sorcerers get more spell points than any of the other classes. They also gain more bonus spell points from special magic items. As a result, they can cast more often.

Favored souls cannot switch spells at taverns or rest shrines. They are able to switch spells but to do so they must undergo a special ritual that can only be done once every few days.

Basic Information

Hit Die: D8
Base Skill Points Each Level: 2
Caster Type: Divine
Spell Casting: Charisma determines how powerful a spell a Favored Soul can cast and how many spells they can cast. Wisdom determines how hard those spells are to resist.
Path(s): Angel of Vengeance, Beacon of Hope, Divine Avenger, Beacon of Hope, Angel of Vengeance, Divine Avenger
True Reincarnation Feat(s): Past Life: Favored Soul

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