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DwarfFavored Class: Fighter

Suggested Path(s): Runic Champion, Runic Champion, Warpriest of Siberys, Warpriest of Siberys

  • +2 Constitution, -2 Charisma: Dwarves are stout and tough, but tend to be gruff and reserved.
  • +2 bonus on Search checks: The Stonecunning ability gives a dwarf a sixth sense about stonework.
  • +4 bonus on Balance checks: Dwarves are exceptionally stable on their feet.
  • +2 bonus to saves against poison: Dwarves are hardy and resistant to toxins.
  • +2 bonus to saves against spells: Dwarves have an innate resistance to magic spells.
  • Dwarven Waraxes: Dwarves that have martial weapon proficiency receive proficiency in the dwarven waraxe, an exotic weapon, for free.


Dwarves are known for their skill in warfare, their ability to withstand physical and magical punishment, their knowledge of the earth's secrets, their hard work, and their capacity for drinking ale.

A dwarf adventurer may be motivated by crusading zeal, a love of excitement, or simple greed. As long as his accomplishments bring honor to his clan, his deeds earn him respect and status. Defeating giants and claiming powerful magic weapons are sure ways for a dwarf to earn the adulation of other dwarves.

The dwarven homeland in Eberron is the Mror Holds, a loose-knit federation of dwarf clans in the mountainous terrain in the east of Khorvaire. The dwarves have never had a unified empire and thus have never risen to the prominence of the elves or humans, though their control of mineral wealth has always made them important allies of the greater powers. Their mysterious kingdoms, carved out from the insides of mountains, are renowned for the marvelous treasures that they produce as gifts or for trade. Dwarves are affiliated with the House Kundarak in Stormreach.

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