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Half-ElfFavored Class: none

Suggested Path(s): Arcane Archer, Arcane Archer, Arcane Cannon, Beacon of Hope, Beacon of Hope, Elementalist, Scourge of the Undead, Scourge of the Undead, Stalwart Soldier, Stalwart Soldier, The Mighty Protector, The Mighty Protector, War Chanter, War Chanter

Half-elves are born from human and elven parents and possess aspects of both races. Growing up between human and elven cultures, half-elves develop good social skills out of necessity, using them to smooth-out their way through the world. Their hard-earned social graces can aid them in and out of battle. Much like their human heritage, half-elves possess a flair for versatility, and can specialize in a number of directions.

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