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Mabar Fest

The air has chilled, the leaves have started to turn, and the zombies are becoming restless. It can only mean one thing…DDO's Endless Night has returned!

Join us for another year of putting the dead to rest (again!), uncovering ritual items and collecting tokens to turn in for prizes, and experiencing an instance of ghoulish proportions!


A Shadowy (un)Deadly Graveyard

The undead are still running rampant in Delera's Graveyard and must be put to rest! For each undead kill you make, you earn the chance to receive ritual items such as a chipped skull, cursed fingerbone, and more! Turn in ritual items for hair-raising prizes from the Night Trader, while bringing you one step closer to unlocking the second half of this ghastly event-The Summoning Chamber! But beware--suspicious activity has been reported in Delera's Graveyard! Succubi from Mabar, the Plane of Night, have appeared to find more subjects for their charms. While making their way between the planes to Eberron, the Succubi have plucked some powerful new allies from the Shadowfell---Shadar-Kai! Heroes will certainly have their hands full with these new opponents!


Summoning Chamber

Once the Summoning Chamber is unlocked, enter is using an Ethereal Key found from killing Endless Night Undead or from the DDO Store. Coordinate with your fellows as you prepare to do battle against Endless Night's most feared monster…The Spectral Dragon! Try to discover his weakness and slay him before he escapes the chamber. Successful slayers will be rewarded with the Spectral Dragon Scale, which can be used to upgrade your ritual items!


New Items available for barter!

Collect your tokens and turn in for new prizes such as

  1. Ruby of Ghostbane (Ghost Touch, +1d4 Bane damage vs all Undead)
  2. Festival Solar: enchant a randomly generated weapon with +1d4 Light damage
  3. +5 Ability Tome
  4. Two new cosmetic hats
  5. And more!

Festival Store Items

NEW! Cosmetic Glowing Eyes- Change your goggles' appearance!

Pumpkin Grenade- Target friends and strangers and force them to wear big pumpkins on their heads for several minutes

Skull Grenade- Target friends and strangers and force them to wear big skulls on their heads for several minutes.

Potion of the Party Pooper- Remove and ward against pumpkin and skull grenades

Draught of Midnight- Earn Motes of Night to trade in for Festival rewards! Cause undead anywhere in the game to drop motes


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