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The DDO Chronicle: Issue 368


Community Spotlights

Alchemist arrives in Update 45! You can start your build planning and more now on the new Alchemist subforum, which can be found here.

The DDO Winter Games have arrived! Find the Risia Ice Games and Eveningstar Midwinter Festival, now through February 11th!

To nominate a player, email with the subject line "PLAYER SPOTLIGHT"

Guild Hall

Nathyn's Army is a newer guild on Orien that is currently level 21! If you are looking for a guild to build up as a group, this is for you. Click here to learn more!

Email with the subject line "GUILD HALL" to get your guild featured!

What do kobolds get each other for their birthday?

Comment on the DDO Forums here and you could win DDO Points!

Fansite News

DDO Players News wants to be a vampire! Click here for the latest episode.

DDOcast continues its review of 2019! Click here to watch or listen.

DDOstream is a great place to find people streaming DDO on Twitch! Check out recent shows by Brock and Friends, Fridays on Ice, and DDO Wiki Talk!

Also on Twitch, Noobicabra finishes a leveling guide, Planky makes a wood elf, and LuxurySmooth makes a summoning lich!

Over on YouTube, check out recent videos by Tath, SamiusGurobo, and Ice Daemon!

Let's Talk Shop!

  • The Risia Ice Games and Eveningstar Midwinter Festival has arrived! Enjoy this seasonal event in both Eberron and the Forgotten Realms through February 11th. Click here for our guide!
  • Update 45 got another preview this week on Lamannia! Click here to check out our most updated notes.
  • Cordovan shows off the latest on Alchemist in this week's Weekly Wednesday Lunchtime Livestream! Click here for the video.

Screenshot of the Week!

Helorean meditates while appreciating the beauty of the Storm Horns in our 449th DDO Screenshot of the Week! Thanks, Helorean, for sending in this week's screenshot.

Click here to learn how your screenshot could be the next Screenshot of the Week!

In the News!

  • DDO Bonus Days bring you Double Commendations of Valor, now through February 2nd!
  • Bigger is Better! Get 25% off:
    • Gold Seal Elixirs of Sovereign Healing x100
    • Superior Spell Point Potions x100
    • Sovereign Guild Renown Elixirs x25
    • Colossal Ingredient and Augment Bags
    • Now through February 6th!
  • The Weekly Coupon gets you a free Gold Seal Elixir of Moderate Healing x10 with the Coupon Code GOLDMODHEAL, now through February 6th!

That's all for this week's edition of the DDO Chronicle. We'll see you next time!

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