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Epic Reincarnation

Update 20 introduces Epic Reincarnation, allowing for you to be brought to level 20 from level cap without starting a new life.


Explore both the Forgotten Realms

and Eberron with two new, free Dungeons!

Brothers of the Forge (CR 28)

Accompany an old warforged friend, Talbron Tewn, back to the deadly and desolate Mournland of Khorvaire to help rescue an ally! See firsthand how the Warforged were honed to become the ultimate combat weapons in the warforged training center. It is here that you will not only face ruthless adversaries but also come to know the plight of the Warforged!

A Study in Sable (CR 26)

Venture into the Forgotten Realms for a classic mystery..DDO style! A group of guests gather at a manor near Eveningstar, and each night one of them falls victim to a powerful vampire caster - charmed to become his unwitting servant! It's up to you to investigate the manor and search for clues to gather who has been charmed. Tread lightly, for many creatures are known to roam the manor!




Heroic & Epic Otto's Irresistible Boxes- Includes improved Stone of Experience, potions, cakes, and more!

Improved Slayer Boosts

Shared Storage & Platinum Vault Upgrades

And more!



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