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  1. The New Khyber Guildlisting
  2. Twilight Avengers – Recruiting
  3. red dragon inn guild
  4. Stormreach Thieves Guild
  5. Loreseekers Guild
  6. Storm Riders - always recruiting...
  7. Looking for a guild!
  8. KoV wishes to join with a guild!
  9. The Nine
  10. People named after gum : Recruiting
  11. seeking achievement, this is the place
  12. On Recrute Des Francophones Pour Ghallanda
  13. its that time of the year again...recruiting
  14. The Free Companions
  15. Returning Player LFG
  16. Looking for guild
  17. The Unsung Heroes
  18. Mature Adventures Club Recruitment
  19. About Pinscrew
  20. Looking for a guild
  21. looking for a guild
  22. Looking for Guild!
  23. Fallen Heroes
  24. I T G Looking for Dedicated Gamers
  25. Dwarven Defenders
  26. New player looking for active guild
  27. VIP Guild Shopping
  28. Adult Entertainment Alliance
  29. lvl 3 barbarian dwarf looking for a guild
  30. An aussie looking for a guild.
  31. Warlocks of Heorot
  32. Looking for guild
  33. new player looking for a guild
  34. RUSTY Returning Player Looking for Guild
  35. looking for a different guild experience on Khyber
  36. The Smuggler's Alliance is Recruiting!
  37. New Player Looking for guild/help/mentor etc
  38. To my brothers Dwarven Defenders
  39. Science of War is actively recruiting.
  40. Yes, It's Still Active...
  41. Top guilds
  42. Draconian Empire
  43. ISO Guild
  44. RTS Guild
  45. The Dragon Order of Arcanix is now recruiting!
  46. Shameless Rogues
  47. elite raiders?
  48. In Bad Company
  49. I Need A Guild
  50. I Looking For A Larger Guild With Good Players
  51. DRB Is Now Recruiting
  52. in need of a guild please
  53. Looking for guild
  54. New players looking for like minded folks.
  55. Looking for a guild
  56. I'm searching for some sort of glorious guild
  57. Need a guild...
  58. New to DDO need a guild
  59. Newbie Looking for a Guild
  60. Looking for a Guild
  61. Help looking for someone
  62. Aussie Guilds?
  63. Looking for an established guild
  64. Lvl 7 Dwarf Cleric, Looking for Guild
  65. Lv. 5 Cleric LFG
  66. New Guild -House Of The Shadowed Hand.
  67. In Search of a Guild
  68. Rogue looking for guild.
  69. Looking for a Guild
  70. In search of...
  71. Perma death AND RP guild search
  72. Nub Looking for Training
  73. Looking for a guild!
  74. All Dwarf/Barbarian Elite Shroud
  75. Hey you! Yes, you!
  76. In search of guild.
  77. Any guilds out there that do favor farming for TP?
  79. Looking for fun laid back guild
  80. Who has scheduled raids?
  81. Madness
  82. Uber Gimp Newb
  83. Methas - Looking for the right guild for me!
  84. Drunken Adventurer's guild
  85. Looking for an adult, active guild
  86. NOT looking for a guild so please stop asking
  87. Old People Unite!
  88. looking for a guild
  89. new/returning player looking for guild
  90. RP guild for my alt
  91. Army of the Deep Now Recruiting!!
  92. Fishing
  93. No mic, big problem?
  94. MoMz Guild
  95. Attn: Don't you love Gornn
  96. Wanted: True Perma Death Guild
  97. [RECRUIT] - Omega Syndicate
  98. SunTzu-LFM for guild
  99. Any Vet Status PD guilds out there?
  100. New Player Looking for Guild
  101. The SilverBlade Champions
  102. Ladys and gents
  103. Looking for a Guild.
  104. Looking for RolePlaying Guild And Fun
  105. LF Guild to Join
  106. Utopia
  107. Stygian Syndicate wants you!
  108. Thank You
  109. Looking for a Guild
  110. 2 Experienced Gamers looking for serious guild
  111. Adventurer's Asylum is recruiting
  112. Looking for a guild
  113. Looking for an active guild
  114. New player looking for guild to level
  115. Experienced MMO Gamer seeks guild
  116. The Dragon Order of Arcanix is recruiting!
  117. Extremely active questing guild seeks new members! (level 8+) (Khyber)
  118. F2P Guild looking to Recruit
  119. Avatars of Virtue
  120. looking for a friendly helpful knowledgeable guild
  121. Guild Questions
  122. Looking for fun guild
  123. Zhentarim is now recruiting
  124. Balkan Guild
  125. Knights of the bloodyaxe
  126. LF Guild
  127. brawling blades are recruiting new active members
  128. Kinda newish...
  129. Mc Dojo want's you, mabe...
  130. El Lorien Ranger Academy
  131. LF guild
  132. Looking for a relaxed guild
  133. Hail and well met!
  134. Old player returns: need's Guild
  135. Guild for newbies who want learn teamwork?
  136. New and looking for a guild?
  137. LF Mature Khyber Guild...advice is appreciated
  138. Bard looking for home
  139. Returning Player Looking For Guild
  140. House Bloodhawk
  141. Aspiring Intimitank looking for highly active guild. Yes I am P2P
  142. Experienced D&D and MMO Player LF Semi-Hardcore guild
  143. Experienced MMO player seeking raiding guild
  144. Seeking Guild for my son and I
  145. Looking for A High focus RP guild
  146. Fairly new player
  147. New Player looking for casual guild
  148. The Core seeks more
  149. Casual Player Looking for a Australian (or guild in the timezone) Guild
  150. Knights of the Crying Spire - recruiting
  151. LF english speaking EU guild
  152. About time for me to join a guild...
  153. Young guild LFM:)
  154. So many guilds, one recruit.
  155. looking for a good guild
  156. LF P2P guild
  157. Guild Recruit Me!
  158. P2P Older Gamer Lf P2P Mature Guild
  159. Harvesters of the Eternal Moon recruiting players
  160. Fellowship of the Green Hat
  161. Multi-Toon VIP LF Dedicated/Static Team Guild on Khyber
  162. The Infinite Empire
  163. Active UK European Guild
  164. Elf only Guild on Khyber - Unique permadeath playstyle
  165. F2P lvl4 pally and lvl4 ranger looking for guild
  166. Lvl 12 cleric looking for an active guild
  167. NZ Guild?
  168. Level 7 Pally Looking for active Guild
  169. If you are like me...
  170. Valor - A New Guild, A New Beginning
  171. Static EU-based Group
  172. Looking for guild
  173. Looking for UK players !!!!
  174. Any UK or euro TZ guilds?
  175. Any high focused RPG guilds out there on Khyber?
  176. The Tavern's Tale - Highly focused Role-playing
  177. Newer Guild in Khyber looking for sensible players
  178. Looking for active guild
  179. Dwarven Defenders, Looking for a few Good Dwarves
  180. Utopia
  181. Québéquois solitaires
  182. Roleplayers on Khyber
  183. Uk/Euro Guild?
  184. Legends
  185. looking for a raiding guild
  186. Looking for a guild
  187. Do you have what it takes to be truely Majestic?
  188. *Khyber- Funkie Monkies are now recruiting!*
  189. Legends Guild Events
  190. The Dragon Knights are recruting
  191. Ten Inches Unbuffed
  192. Türk Guildi Üye Alıyor!
  193. Looking for a guild/fun/progress
  194. Terrorismo Interno Khyber (Castellano, Español )
  195. Knights of the Crying Spire - Unique Permadeath.
  196. Pulse
  197. Looking for O.o friendly guild...
  198. Looking for Guild
  199. Disciples, looking for Newbs and Vets
  200. Western Australia Guild
  201. Australian Time Zone Guild GMT +10
  202. Returning player from 4 years ago.
  203. lv 3 fighter looking for a guild
  204. "Favor Farmers" Recruiting
  205. looking for a uk guild (or one with guys on GMT)
  206. Looking for a top endgame raiding guild.
  207. Loking for europe based guild
  208. Xp Farming Guild - Looking For
  209. Need guild
  210. Seeking Casual, Light RP Guild
  211. Momz Guild Recruiting
  212. Looking for a fun/active/mature guild
  213. Knights of Chaos...
  214. German Guild "Das Syndikat" looking for Germanspeaking Members!
  215. Scions of Madness Recuitting
  216. Returning player LFG
  217. kids guild
  218. Souls of the Damned now recruiting new guild members.
  219. Airship
  220. The chilren of the dambed Now recruiting new guild members
  221. Persons to avoid.......
  222. The Dark Crusaders Of Truth now recruiting!!
  223. 18 Cleric needing helpful guild
  224. Knights of the Good: Almost a family
  225. Free Companions - FIRST khyber Airship!
  226. Okugi
  227. Knights of Reason
  228. Khyber Reincarnation Guilds
  229. Foecleaver
  230. Devistation guild recrutment
  231. Epitaph!
  232. The One
  233. Hi!
  234. WanderLust
  235. Veritas en Dominae
  236. Order Of The Mithral Dragon
  237. warforged at arms now recruiting
  238. The Immortal Kindred
  239. The Outcast's Sanctum
  240. Blades of Asterial is now recruiting
  241. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present...
  242. Looking for Guild
  243. Hardcore Gaming Clan
  244. Guild for non guild people
  245. Holy Ship: A Newbie Friendly Guild Growing
  246. State Guilds
  247. Bored of the Ring
  248. Non Zerg Guild recruiting.
  249. Founder pondering return, looking for adult guild willing to teach
  250. Fellowship of the Green Hat