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  1. Characters with style
  2. Spells??
  3. need some help on a twf ranger build
  4. Please, stop posting build with the character planner layout!
  5. Rank the Capstones!!!
  6. So if the ranger monk splash is overpowered... what do you do about it?
  7. What the Capstones *SHOULD* have been:
  8. Teleport Spell
  9. My concern w/ prestige classes & capstones
  10. Song for each race
  11. cant find the Prc
  12. What (Prestige) Classes you want
  13. looking for insight sorc/monk
  14. Looking for 28 pt starter toon
  15. intimi pally: dwarf or human?
  16. Why can't......
  17. Got a Question Plz help
  18. does sprint boost and way of thief acrobat stack?
  19. PrE Costs
  20. Fun class?
  21. The New Class
  22. Favored Soul!!!
  23. Damage Stacking Question
  24. Need some advise
  25. Easily Implemented Classes
  26. my favorite class .. possible in ddo?
  27. Soulknife
  28. Wiz vs Sorc
  29. Definition of a DPS Build
  30. caster/monk?
  31. Build the perfect group
  32. Casters Are Dead.
  33. 28/34 Point builds... what's the difference/unlocking?
  34. Skills
  35. New Classes coming soon?
  36. So...II have this new namesave burning a hole...
  37. Rogue/?
  38. Help me decide/What I want
  39. TWF drow pally
  40. Is it worth it to level?
  41. Multiple Toughnesses and Fun Math
  42. Advice sought: Angel of Vengeance vs. Warpriest of Siberys vs. Any Paladin Build
  43. New player question, concerning spellcasters.
  44. Drow Sorcerer or Wizard? having a hard time deciding
  45. "Support" Melees
  46. Pet class needed....
  47. Druid
  48. A little strange, but does it work?
  49. Multiclass question sorc/wizard
  50. Help please
  51. Evasion feat for casters
  52. Arcane Mele
  53. Break levels
  54. Are power items nerfed???
  55. Guidelines for Posting in Builds Forums
  56. Weird question about prestiges
  57. Turbine - Here is a new class for you to add :)
  58. Fastest Highest Jumping Class
  59. A qucik question about spell groups....
  60. Optimizing my Equipment
  61. If you were translated into a DDO character what might it look like?
  62. Returning
  63. Best melee dps
  64. going custom
  65. I'm at a crossroad here.
  66. khopesh on monk splashed fighter?
  67. Weapon/Feat choice for 17 Cleric/3 Monk
  68. Tempest, trap monkey, twf-fighter, or twf barb?
  69. Most Sought After Class for Parties
  70. Semi-new player needs advice on potential new main character and items for him.
  71. Another what class should I play noob post
  72. Opinions wanted - Best class for each race
  73. Noob seeking advice
  74. Healer vs. Cleric and Favored Souls
  75. Newbies seeking advice
  76. Number of spells per level
  77. Why a Cleric?
  78. Mixing Wizard & Sorcerer
  79. It's that time again. Cleric/Paladin Build
  80. Best noob friendly solo build?
  81. THF, opinions wanted
  82. Looking for advice on a soloing batman/robin build
  83. A useful tank?
  84. Buying Classes from DDO store?
  85. Favorite spells?
  86. what are the highest ac classes?
  87. Adding classes
  88. Should TR raise your level cap?
  89. Sorc or Wiz?
  90. Most Flashy Class
  91. elven arcane archer imbuing +xbows question
  92. dwarf TWF khopesh barb. Need help.
  93. The Druid Compilement.
  94. New Classes a necessity
  95. With Monk's Touch of Death proccing twice or thrice are they the new DPS Kings?
  96. Forum Clean UP
  97. question about tr
  98. Newish Player - Class Questions
  99. Unequal Elemental Damage Reduction Enhancements...
  100. Best option for 28 pointer
  101. Which class counts as the past life when you TR?
  102. Gnome Sorcs
  103. Wizard or rogue - debating...
  104. 20 Fighter, 20 Barb or 18 Barb/2 Fighter?
  105. With the TWf nerf whats the best melee DPS?
  106. Druids in Update 7?
  107. Dps Idea
  108. Template builds ?!
  109. paladin intellegence?
  110. all your base will belong to us on level 6
  111. Druids Animal Companions
  112. Petition: Artificer Class
  113. Scrolls
  114. Vet Chracter
  115. New Player 32 Point Rogue/Ranger Advice
  116. Half-orc 19/1 cleric/fighter or 20 FvS?
  117. Returning to the Game; Build Help
  118. Petition: Samurai
  119. How about a little Sorcerer love here with the Prestiege Enhancements.
  120. Rogue wizard stuff.
  121. Char. Builds
  122. what can be done to balance melee and magic
  123. Age old question
  124. why can't i view http://community.codemasters.com/for... any more?
  125. advice regarding my cleric please, which heart of wood do i need ?
  126. what's a best ranger/fighter/monk (splash?) combination...
  127. Guide: Druid class, What will it be?
  128. I need help..
  129. Do Duo Duet
  130. Are khopesh builds becoming less favaroble?
  131. Ripping my hair out
  132. 32pt Suggestions?
  133. solo ability rankings
  134. pure v. splash
  135. DPS>> the 'ultimate' measure?
  136. playing by 'me'
  137. On assignment?
  138. premade builds ( any class )
  139. The Next New Class
  140. I usually cannot stand melee in mmos, how many of you changed your mind with ddo?
  141. is a non gimp possible on 28 pt builds?
  142. So curious conundrum
  143. damage tracking
  144. Another "What toon should I make" thread
  145. Stuck between paladin and monk.
  146. What are the next prestige classes to be released?
  147. To dreamspit or not to dreamspit...
  148. Highest Damage with a Bow
  149. Past life feats
  150. I have a serious problem....
  151. Which class makes you go urrrgh!*facepalm*
  152. looking for 18/2 clonk build
  153. Need help choosing build(s) for a static trio
  154. Who wants thier "class" forums back?
  155. What happened to the separate forums?
  156. Need help with search skill
  157. New Class Forums
  158. Class Subforums
  159. can't find a specific class related thread anymore?
  160. CkLnAuScSkFlOeRhUeMaSd
  161. Opinions: Changing PrEs and stuff
  162. Thinking about TR'ing
  163. What to build next?
  164. Reccomend a light/non-melee DROW class for me!
  165. Halfling Healing Bard
  166. TR'ed Firghter (Now needs help with making choice for 2nd Life)
  167. Drow Favored Soul cant buy sh. swords in ddo store????
  168. help me choose pls
  169. Druid paths
  170. First GS item for a WF Fighter/Monk
  171. New build options from U9
  172. WF 12 Fighter 5 Wizard 3 Monk - Unlimited Self Healing
  173. Guess at the New Class
  174. Halflings & Dragonmarks
  175. Our turn next update Devs please! - Finesse builds
  176. lesser reincarnation and draconic vitality feat
  177. What is the most soloable build in DDO?
  178. Why WF Lord of the Blades?
  179. PM leveling problem
  180. Side Effects of Web?
  181. Class Forums Still Broken.
  182. Jump: Not a dump skill
  183. Effective Skills Levels
  184. The Dwarven Zombie Mage Wakut
  185. 36 pt dwarven warrior options
  186. Ready to roll a Ranger, could use some pointers...
  187. THF Pally(DPS Focus)
  188. novice rogue-arcane archer
  189. reincarnation
  190. TOD Ring Survey
  191. Cleric for Runeheal
  192. Monk Wraps Broken
  193. archer- what gear?
  194. A good caster class?
  195. How will Artificier play on DDO if it gets released?
  196. New Player friendly builds.
  197. Solo build for f2p
  198. FvS AoV Recommendations Please
  199. Unlock Drow/Veteran/Numerous others.
  200. Okay, seriously, tag your threads
  201. Looking for a lead on a build (fvs arcane archer)
  202. Am I ready to TR ?
  203. FVS Build
  204. Is there a way to reset skills
  205. Best class for new player
  206. Been Gone, Need Assistance
  207. Reincarnation and build questions
  208. I need your help to let my dream come true. Class, controls and soloing questions.
  209. Favor-farming build?
  210. A simple request, please help!
  211. Beholder BS?
  212. Going to TR, need help finding a current build
  213. XXX is overpowered
  214. help for group build
  215. Overpowered?
  216. 2 Quistions (Help Please!)
  217. Class Help Needed (Please Help)
  218. Help me make an alt
  219. Need help with melee build
  220. Pure cleric?
  221. Questions about cleric life for TR
  222. alignment system.
  223. need advice on a caster LR.
  224. Game Quistion
  225. Quick question regarding Evasion
  226. Cleric? what cleric?
  227. Best Saves
  228. What is your favorite class?
  229. 12 FvS/6 Ftr/2 Monk or 12 FvS/8 Monk???
  230. Shuriken build
  231. echoes of power question
  232. Cloak of the Silver Concord and gs sp iem?
  233. Most useless class in DDO?
  234. Cleric/Divine tank?
  235. Artificer Auto-Hate?
  236. Changes to Clerics in past year?
  237. Artificer Infusion List/Semi-Review
  238. Explain this to me...
  239. Artificer crafting boost
  240. Preparing to TR (Maybe)
  241. Fighter vs. Ranger TWF
  242. Rogue question
  243. Is anyone going to bother buying artificer when it comes out?
  244. solo class help
  245. Wishlist for Divines
  246. Funnest Class for me?
  247. Duo Build thoughts
  248. Armor Class Divine Tanking
  249. Treasure Hunter
  250. Ranger Discussion