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  1. Mine
  2. Official Cannith Guild listing
  3. European players?
  4. Guild List
  5. Guild List
  6. GMT+8-+12 Timezones
  7. LF raiding guild
  8. Wolf Pack is Recruiting!
  9. The rusty nail's adventures
  10. And Their Amazing Friends
  11. For all the ITALIAN players on Cannith
  12. Cannith Crusaders now recruiting
  13. Guild Medieval's Silver Legion now recruiting.
  14. Afterbirth
  15. Black Cult is Recruiting
  16. RP guild?
  17. House Phoenix is recruiting
  18. gato de la noche
  19. Inferus Sus only on Thelanis
  20. Mabel's Misfits PD
  21. Assassin's Creed Recruiting
  22. Legion
  23. Stout n Sturdy (European Guild)
  24. Stormreach Society RP Permadeath
  25. The Last Harbormasters
  26. 2 adults looking for Guild
  27. Bloodstained Soldiers
  28. looking for mature guild
  29. Daemon Spawn now recruiting
  30. Miskatonic Fighting Cthulhus
  31. looking for a fun guild not a PLing one
  32. Opal
  33. Platinum Dragon Knights...
  34. Engagez-vous dans l'ArméeMystique !
  35. Purely A Cannith Guild: Bring Out Yer Dead!
  36. Tairise
  37. Inglorious Bastards recruiting
  38. New premium player looking for guild
  39. The Abyss is recruiting
  40. Looking for a European guild...
  41. Back!
  42. Wolf Pack.
  43. Looking for dysfunctional guild
  44. LF Newbie/Casual -Friendly Guild
  45. Guild rank
  46. LF US (Central or Pacific Time) VIP Guild
  47. Companions of the Hall a guild for players new to the game is recruiting
  48. Sanctuary
  49. Belgariad The Old Ones
  50. Platinum Knights...
  51. Republic of Darokin
  52. Looking for a new-player-friendly, casual, slower-paced, roleplay-oriented guild?
  53. The Doom Brigade
  54. Elemental Dragons
  55. Looking for, mature, relaxed guid that...
  56. <Dazed and Confused> Where skilled members can enjoy the comforts of a casual guild
  57. TrapMonkey Guild now recruiting
  58. Nightsong
  59. Trade of Blades
  60. New Monk LFG
  61. Gothiscandza (guild leader: Anagyth) is recruiting
  62. Three players looking for casual guild
  63. FaYa
  64. <Cross of Vengeance> Asian/Aussie Guild Looking for more!
  65. <And Their Amazing Friends>, Casual, mature, newbie friendly!
  66. Newer guild looking for recruits...please read
  67. Tis I, OmegaSupreme,calling all Hooligans...
  68. LF Raiding Guild
  69. Small Intimate Adult Casual Guild Looking for a Healer
  70. 17 Mage LF raiding/endgame guild.
  71. Order of the 3 Moons <<Recruiting>> Adult only
  72. Inglorious Bastards
  73. Spellbinders on Cannith
  74. My Parent's Guild
  75. Wolves of Stormreach
  76. Permadeath Guilds on Cannith?
  77. Silver Phoenix - Legacy
  78. BDJ - Brodeth Din Jedar - A EU/US friendly, fun, relaxed guild - new to Cannith.
  79. Experienced Player looking for Guild
  80. Semi-Newb Looking For Guild
  81. Warrior Nation
  82. The Gatekeepers: Now Recruiting (GMT +8 - +12)
  83. The Slipper Mafia
  84. WF only guild?
  85. Elemental Dawn
  86. Is there such a thing as a non-Brazilian guild?
  87. Suggestion for recruiting guilds:
  88. Looking for a static group
  89. The XIII is recruiting!
  90. Shout out to "Broken Alliance"
  91. Adult Casual Intimate Guild Looking for an Archane
  92. Killer Dwarfs
  93. Are there any Permadeath guilds on Cannith
  94. Ranger looking for a giuld
  95. Vet guild?
  96. Any west coast guilds?
  97. Look for West Coast Guild with Active Players
  98. Guild Portuguesa "Moonlight Society"
  99. Attn: West Coast players
  100. IRON Guild Recruiting
  101. QuÉbÉcois De Cannith...unissez Vous!
  102. the Ohm regiment is expading to Cannith
  103. Looking for a USA Eastern active raiding guild
  104. House Cannith Expedition (RP-guild recruiting)
  105. Warforged seeking guild
  106. Warrior lf a fun guild
  107. guilde pour tous les francophones
  108. The Silver Legion - Still Recruiting ;)
  109. Questing/RP Guild Recruiting in Cannith
  110. Gods & Heroes
  111. New guild Mirror of Light and Darkness
  112. looking for a GMT guild
  113. NATO - Tight-knit, loose running
  114. Hot off the Press...The Draenei of Crimson Souls is now recruiting
  115. Spanish speaking guild
  116. Level 16 wizard looking for a french speaking guild.
  117. Cautiously considering a guild
  118. Nations At War
  119. the guild bregan D'earthe has begun
  120. Turbine needs to stick to a policy
  121. guild for both DDO + WOW players. will it work ?
  122. The Guild of Calamitous Intent (Cannith server)
  123. Looking for a PermaDeath guild
  124. Why Guilds?
  125. Broken Alliance
  126. Knights of Deneith
  127. bregan D'Ae-rthe now open to all players
  128. Casual Guild Looking for Fighter and Arcane Players
  129. Les arpenteurs du Wyrd [French speaker Guild]
  130. The Band of One is not recruiting
  131. Bregan D Aerthe
  132. Hello Looking for ....
  133. M.e.r.c.s.
  134. Shadow Thieves of Stormreach
  135. The Sedition Accord – Actively recruiting
  136. :) hi looking for mature guild
  137. Looking for a new guild
  138. Level 19 Barbarian looking for guild
  139. Knights of Chivalry
  140. Looking for a LATE night guild
  141. Spellbinders are looking for US and Oceania players
  142. New player, Looking for Euro guild
  143. Kobold Touchers, the Left Hand Path
  144. Old Returning Vet Looking for Good Guilds
  145. Lost and Wet
  146. Just of the boat!
  147. Looking for partners
  148. Looking for a serious guild
  149. Novus Ordo Seclorum
  150. Salvation is recruiting
  151. The Doom Brigade - US/Euro anti-zerging lite RP guild, now with Permadeath groups!
  152. looking for good learning guild!
  153. Sneaky individual... looking for a guild
  154. PnP vet new to DDO
  155. Bloodstained Soldiers want you!!
  156. looking for a uk hours guild !
  157. mature inexperienced player looking for friendly guild
  158. Group of friends looking for a guild.
  159. German Speakers
  160. Curious about RP Guilds on this server?
  161. Emerald Blades!
  162. The Silver Legion is recruiting
  163. Looking for Guild
  164. Warrior Nation - Recruiting
  165. Small Group Looking for Guild
  166. Stormreach Sellswords are recruiting
  167. The Spellbinders Guild Charter
  168. Klokateers Recruiting
  169. Québéquois solitaires
  170. Dragon's Honor Recruiting
  171. Silver Phoenix-Legacy now recruiting
  172. Group of 4 looking for Guild
  173. Recrutement de francophones sur Cannith
  174. Lvl 5 Fighter Looking for Active Guild
  175. Looking for casual guild...
  176. New Player looking for...
  177. Türk Guildi Üye Alıyor!
  178. TDB is looking to enhance its European player base. US are as always also welcome
  179. In need of a guild
  180. Looking for swedish or english speaking guild, european hours
  181. Looking for a active guild?
  182. Knights of Dark Renown - Cannith
  183. Guilde quebecoise sur cannith bienvenue a tous
  184. casual F2P player looking.....
  185. Looking for a large mature guild...
  186. The Toy Soliders
  187. VIP looking for active guild
  188. RAZOR - Cannith
  189. Killer Dwarfs
  190. Calling all unguilded Halflings!
  191. TR Sorc lvl 16 with 8 alts (lvl 10-16) looking for GMT +1 guild
  192. vip lv 3 fighter looking for a active guild
  193. Legion of Eberron
  194. Looking for an active guild
  195. In search of a guild. Few Important requirements.
  196. Scions of the Hallowed Flame recruiting methodical dungeoneers
  197. Looking for guild
  198. New VIP Looking for guild
  199. The Crimson Company; Recruiting New Players
  200. Is it possible?
  201. Wicked
  202. Looking for recruits
  203. Yes, The Halfling Nation is still recruiting!
  204. Recruiting on the Forums - meaningful?
  205. Bregan D'Wintere
  206. Loners - A Guild Project
  207. Lair
  208. Finally got the Dragon Touched armor cracked
  209. The Forsaken Heroes
  210. Teamplayers look no further!
  211. Looking for a Mature/Adult Guild
  212. Gothiscandza is recruiting
  213. Fellowship of the Green Hat
  214. Southeastern Wisconsin USA guild looking for quality members.
  215. Looking for guild
  216. Cleric looking for guild
  217. Guild Recruiting-Symphony of the Night
  218. The plight of casual gamers and small guilds
  219. Excretus Ex Fortuna - Recruitment open
  220. Blades Of Odin - Recruiting
  221. Cannith Sister Guild
  222. Dropped a Big Guild for a more personal Smaller Guild
  223. Cannith: Knights and Weekends is recruiting
  224. Ex EU Guilds Now on Cannith
  225. Proposing a Cannith Coalition
  226. Sunrise - Raiding, Rushing and having Fun while doing it.
  227. Knight Mares
  228. Looking for a guild (noob friendly)
  229. Militarygaming.net Expanding to DDO
  230. Cannith Coalition of Guilds
  231. Soldiers of Fortune
  232. Cleric, New to Game LFG Mature Guild
  233. A "WICKED" Guild on the RISE
  234. Nuova Gilda Italiana - New Italian Guild
  235. So If The Guild Leader Is No Longer Playing...
  236. Looking for a active, big, guild
  237. The British Guards have arrived
  238. Looking for a guild that works together....
  239. XIII Legio (13th Legion)
  240. The Doom Brigade wants YOU!
  241. Order of Silverhand
  242. Small guild looking for other like-minded guilds!
  243. Fellowship of the Green Hat
  244. Oakenshield Puppies: Small Guild on the rise
  245. Company of the Ebonflame (Cannith)
  246. The Wild Geese are looking
  247. Zerg Nation
  248. disciple of the red dragon "small guild"
  249. The "WICKED" Members of Cannith
  250. Hellreapers needs good players