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  30. Intense Faith and Zealous Faith
  31. Kinetic lore and BB
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  41. Inflame not working properly?
  42. Caster Soul levelling pre L12
  43. Articles of faith
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  47. Holy Blaster
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  83. What are the best resists to choose?
  84. Theory crafting with screenies, possible to get 1000 light spp as fsoul hybrid
  85. Evocation DC
  86. Archon damage
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  94. Shoikan - A Divine Crusader Warpriest.
  95. Yeela: FvS 17 Wiz 1 Monk 2 - Healer and Dps Shiradi MM spammer
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  107. Deity weapons
  108. Just Rewards, Archon, and Lantern Ring SP vanishing
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  126. FS best spell to take rebuilding with 9 levels of soul doing rebuild now help Please
  127. False Hope
  128. Rate My spell selection.
  129. Why as favored soul is used Cleric to make the Silver Flame Exorcism?
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  183. FvS Exalted DC Caster/Healer
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  185. Enlightened Angel
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  187. The Angel of Amaunator
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  189. First life Favored Soul
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  191. Any good Favored Soul/Warlock or Favored Soul/Monk builds out there?
  192. LGS Crafting
  193. Feat Considerations...
  194. Warforged FVS
  195. Only seeing splashed FVS-es
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  197. Shirardi caster?
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  214. Help
  215. Mnemonica The Favored Soul
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  218. Silvanus' Crit Gavel (12 FvS/ 8 Ftr)
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  224. Just reward
  225. Dragonborn FvS
  226. kensei henshin, fvs PL, heroic life, heavy armor
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  231. Sun Elf caster
  232. The Unlucky Friar, 8/7/5 fav soul for past life
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  242. That it for divines?
  243. How about this!
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