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  1. List of DDO Guilds
  2. Disciples of Dol Arrah is recruiting!
  3. New Guild
  4. The Critical Misfits have opened their doors...
  5. Bare Bones
  6. Interested in hard core Permadeath?
  7. Champions of Stormreach on Thelanis is recruiting!
  8. New Ghallanda Guild -Emphasis-
  9. Argonnessen Guild
  10. Argonnessen - DDO Pubbies Are Awful is Recruiting
  11. Recruiting on both argonessen&risia + guild overview
  12. Ragehammer Guild
  13. Mature Adventurers Club
  14. looking for server/guild...maybe Australian?
  15. Storm Riders recruiting on Khyber
  16. Looking for "Old School" D&D players
  17. Dedicated Teams Guild
  18. !WANTED! 'Guild of the Blood Warriors' is !Recruting! Server: !Aerenal!
  19. Wanted: Rebels on Thelanis!
  20. High Council of Eberron is recruiting
  21. Looking for a guild on argo
  22. Looking for a great guild? (khyber)
  23. Ripped Dragon's of Ghallanda are Growing
  24. The Mithril Hand
  25. Mortal Voyage Permadeath Guild of Argonnessen
  26. Darkheart Guild
  27. Loreseekers Guild is Recruiting on Khyber Server
  28. Guil Recruiting
  29. Twilight Avengers Recruiting (Khyber)
  30. Darkside of Argo!
  31. Guild lists
  32. Riedra's Order
  33. Stormreach Thieves Guild, Welcome and Biography
  34. LFG-{Mature}-[Permadeath OR Dedic..]
  35. Merc's Only is always recruiting
  36. WF caster guild recruiting
  37. ~Order of the Sword and Rose~
  38. The Guild of the Blood Warriors is recruting!
  39. PermaDeath Guilds?
  40. The NewOutriders Guild Wants You!
  41. Do any guilds role play?
  42. Throwing my hat in the Ring
  43. Order of the Silver Dragons - Argonnessen
  44. The Inner Sanctum of Boldrei is recruiting!
  45. Role Players on Khyber are accepting new members
  46. Guild> The Masters of Sun and Moon
  47. Permadeath group on Khyber
  48. new dedicated group, looking for 4 other adventurers
  49. Guardians of Xoriat (Thelains)
  50. The shades needs you!!
  51. Guardians of Destiny (Ghallanda) recruiting
  52. Looking for Active Role-Play Guild
  53. Where Zen Ends (Ghallanda) is recuiting..
  54. Shadow Wraiths Guild is now taking on new members.-Argonnessen
  55. Thelanis Guild for Arcane Spell Casters
  56. Legion of the Silver Swords Fernia recruiting
  57. Indago - Thelanis raiding guild - Come explore with us!
  58. Looking for the Largest Guild
  59. Crimson Hand not taking members
  60. Crimson Hand is now taking members :)
  61. khyber guild recruiting
  62. No Twinking Guild?
  63. LOTB Elites now recruiting new perma-death members.
  64. Order of the Silver Dragons (Argonessen)
  65. No Twinkies - recruiting on Thelanis
  66. Drow Favor Run
  67. Darkside of Argonnessen
  68. Calling All Guilds to Matchup (Chime In with Info in Format!)
  69. Looking for a Guild On Argos..
  70. Looking for a Guild ( argo )
  71. Project Dark Tear (New Guild: Khyber)
  72. Looking for a guild (Argo)
  73. The Iron Guard
  74. The Dancing Dead
  75. thelanis guild recruiting
  76. Khyber guild is recruiting-Warlords II
  77. Guild leader advice please
  78. Deathwatch Guard has arrived on the Khyber Shard
  79. Smite the Darkness recruiting! in sarlona, contact my toon wackapole if u wana join!
  80. The Gypsies have invaded Agro ( a guild for newbs )
  81. Ironwolf on Thelanis
  82. Warlords II recruiting all classes and lvls for the fall on Khyber
  83. Pledge yourself to..
  84. Stormbringers (Argonnessen) recruiting late night players:
  85. The Wayfinder's Foundation (Sarlona) - Newbie- & casual-friendly {Enquire Within}
  86. Player looking for Ghallanda guild; difficulty: Japan late-night
  87. Beer (Sarlona)
  88. The Omega Thirteen's-Thelanis New Guild-Tired of zerging or new to the game?
  89. Sovereign Knights - New Guild Forming - Khyber
  90. Thelanis, Legends of Zen
  91. Thelanis - Calling of Clan Moffat
  92. The House of Daggers - Khyber
  93. Monday Night Dedicated Group Looking for 2 New Players
  94. Guild Alliances wanted - Ghallanda - Face Stabbing Misfits
  95. playa for hire
  96. The Categorical Guild Matchup Guildlistings
  97. Looking for more
  98. Harbingers of Torm---Ghallanda
  99. Any largish Aussie guilds?
  100. Player Seeking Guild / Group
  101. Player Seeking Heavy Role-Play Group
  102. CoH vet seeks guild
  103. Dragon Master guild, where have you gone beauty & thebeast?
  104. The dark side on thelanis seeking new members
  105. Famous Monsters Guild seeks new members
  106. Mortal Voyage Permadeath Guild of Argonnessen
  107. Guilde Francophone Sur Ghallanda ==> On Recrute <==
  108. Building a Dedicated Role-playing Group on Thelanis for Mondays
  109. On The Grow...
  110. Player seeking guild in Thelanis
  111. two looking for guild
  112. Looking for Guild on Thelanis
  113. Maelstrom recruiting new members (Thelanis) …
  114. The Lone Rangers: A Guild for Solo Players.
  115. Lifetakers and Heartbreakers recruiting on Ghallanda
  116. Dedicated Teams (Thelanis) - Main Thread
  117. OTG - Dust off yer armor
  118. Death Incarnate - Argo
  119. Order of the Silver Dragons ~ Arg (Expanding in Europe!)
  120. The Usual Suspects
  121. Looking for guild. Ghallanda.
  122. Looking for Guild.. Which server is the best for westcoast?
  123. Searching for a guild on Khyber
  124. Looking at Guilds in Thelanis
  125. Redemption Welcoming (Sarlona)
  126. X-Factor. Looking for members and also alliances to other guilds
  127. Sarlona Guild Membership Opportunity
  128. hello need help
  129. found a guild closing guild resume!
  130. Loooking for a Fun Guild
  131. Complete Newbie Looking For Server and Guild
  132. Guild for Newbies
  133. Wandering adventurer looking for friends
  134. New Guild on thelanis
  135. Looking for role playing!
  136. Dedicated roleplaying guild needs Lvl 9-12 replacement cleric...
  137. Seeking Guild (Argo)
  138. LFG on Thelanis
  139. Mortal Voyage Permadeath Guild Seeking "Afterlife" Guild Alliance
  140. LES SEIGNEURS DE KARRNATH sur Ghallanda
  141. Wizards of the East Coast
  142. Looking for a relaxed guild
  143. LFG on Sarlona
  144. Newbie looking for guild on Thelanis.
  145. Moon Shiner's guild recruiting - Argonnessen
  146. cherche francais
  147. Looking for Daytime Guild on Thelanis
  148. Forming a Family-Friendly Guild on Thelanis? Ideas Welcome
  149. Back after long break. LFG Sarlona
  150. Bard LFG on Sarlona
  151. Covenant of the Phoenix (Argonnessen)
  152. CGMG Updates March 2008 & Beyond -- Post Here!
  153. Scorpion Wraiths of Vulkoor
  154. DDO newb (also AD&D nut) iso guild membership to really enhance gameplay...
  155. Old Severed/Champions of Insurrection member
  156. NewGen (A Guild for New Members) - Ghallanda
  157. Looking for good guild for low level characters
  158. Any WF only/preferred guilds on Thelanis?
  159. Looking for Members on Khyber
  160. New to Khyber and looking for a home
  161. Looking for a mid-sized guild on Thelanis
  162. Looking for a guild on Argonessen
  163. Wondering about guild policies
  164. Brand spankin' new to DDO...
  165. East Coast static group looking for a rogue
  166. "Newbie" on Khyber
  167. ==> Guilde Francophone En Recrutement Sur Ghallanda <==
  168. Looking for a guild on Khyber
  169. RP Guilds / Server?
  170. Guild Section in Compendium?
  171. Dragon6
  172. Looking for guild on Khyber
  173. Looking for guild on Aggronesson
  174. The Ghallanda Permadeath Union is recruiting!!!
  175. What's in a guild?
  176. Warbound Guild starting on Ghallanda server
  177. Returning to the game? Has your guild gone permanently AFK?
  178. Looking to Experience New Server.
  179. Argonessen Guild Wanted for Semi-XP Cleric
  180. Looking for a RP Guild on Argonnessen
  181. looking for guild on khyber
  182. I'm homeless on Khyber.
  183. Deathwatch Guard Kids' Guild will be playing tomorrow (Thursday) at 5pm EDT
  184. Back from a break, On Khyber
  185. Looking for a home on Argonnessen
  186. King's Blood - Argonnessen
  187. 16 Cleric seeking khyber guild
  188. A relaxed introduction to raiding...Lifetakers and Heartbreakers (Ghallanda)
  189. Knights of the Acorn
  190. Looking for a guild (Ghallanda)
  191. Adult Guild Please
  192. Need guild on Khyber
  193. Les Seigneurs De Karrnath Recrutent Sur Ghallanda
  194. looking for a PD friendly guild
  195. Looking For a Late Night Guild on Thelanis!
  196. Covenant of the Phoenix - Argonnessen
  197. Band of Brothers -Khyber guild now recruiting
  198. => Les Seigneurs de Karrnath s`agrandissent<=
  199. Returning Player needing a guild on Argonessen
  200. 16 fighter looking for a guild
  201. VirusClan lives
  202. Ten Ton Hammer you there?
  203. Level 7 warforged wizard up for grabs :)
  204. Looking for a helping guild on ghal.
  205. Looking for guild (Khyber)
  206. Newb Looking for active helpful guild
  207. ~Free Sig for your guild.~
  208. recruiting noobs and vets in...
  209. Looking for guild Thelanis
  210. Looking for a guild on khyber
  211. Ghallanda-Experienced Player LF Adult Guild
  212. Ghallanda All Rogue Guild
  213. Looking for Guild/ Server in Australian Timezone
  214. looking for a new guild
  215. Godz Minnionz
  216. Looking for active Clan
  217. Omegahood Recruiting on Ghallanda
  218. Dark Tribunal
  219. Guild booted me !?
  220. Delete this
  221. VirusClan Reboot: An Open Letter
  222. New RP guild on Sarlona
  223. Guild hunting
  224. starting new guild on khyber
  225. new guild xZiLeRaTe(Khyber)
  226. Lightbringers featured on Lagwar.com!
  227. De Opresso Liber on Khyber
  228. Permadeath guild on Sarlona
  229. Any Non-Permanent Permadeath Guilds?
  230. Eurpean looking for guild
  231. Need a new guild.
  232. looking for new guild
  233. looking for a static group on sarlona
  234. perma death guild
  235. A State of Valhalla!
  236. Wyrm's Arrows recruiting
  237. Permadeath Rulesets
  238. Are there any german guilds around?
  239. Kids guilds on Khyber?
  240. Permadeath Static Group TUESDAYS
  241. Guilde Francophone Sur Ghallanda
  242. Good player, new to the game, Looking for a group/guild.
  243. New Guild on Agro.
  244. Unique Guild needs some very spacific type of officers. "Argo"
  245. Returning Player Looking for a Guild (Khyber)
  246. Stay hard for hours this valentines...
  247. Childrens guilds?
  248. Looking for early am static, or permadeath guild.
  249. D.A.R.P.A Recruitment
  250. Mortal Voyage Permadeath goes no-broker