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  1. Bladeforged Build Questions
  2. Opinion About Paladins
  3. Opinion About Paladins
  4. Opinion About Paladins
  5. First time trying to build a pala, input apreciated
  6. Bladeforged w/ monk splash
  7. First Pallie any thoughts
  8. Bladeforged gear?
  9. My unofficial paladin comparison...
  10. Epic Sword and board pally tank
  11. New to DDO and love Paladins
  12. Dwarven TWF dps pali ?
  13. [question] Paladin Action Boosts, do they share same cooldown/cd?
  14. Knight of the Chalice build questions
  15. DoS Paladin
  16. Post Expansion Paladin Tank builds?
  17. Post Expansion Pure Paladin DPS build?
  18. Evasion Paladin for new players
  19. As a Bladeforged paladin how do I get the new faith line feats?
  20. need adivce for a TR paladin life.
  21. New Divine Might - WAI?
  22. Need to big time replan my 18 Pal 2 Monk since U19
  23. Workshopping- Weaponized Pally/Monk
  24. Post update raise dead
  25. U19 The Duality Build (Full-time TWF DPS, Part-time S&B IntimiTank)
  26. loss of hp?
  27. Capstone Weapons of good, Not working properly
  28. Divine Acrobat - a Selfhealing Centered Qstaff-Pally
  29. Having Trouble with Sacred Defender Tree
  30. THF Pally past life - 10pal/ 8 fighter/ 2 monk
  31. Faith Based Enhancements gone?
  32. Have not played in 1 year--All new to me-Advice on making a Paladin!
  33. Pally18/1Fighter/1Ranger or Pally15/PDK4/Ranger1 +1 ???
  34. Build Request: Half Elf Pure Paladin baby tank
  35. LRing my Paladin. Help me with builds
  36. Exalted Smite and Improved Critical
  37. paladin enhancements need help
  38. Divine Righteousness - which counter is that on?
  39. U19: Battle Crazed Paladin
  40. Human Shield Mastery and Paladin Sacred Shield Mastery
  41. Bash if you use Charisma for damae and bonus?
  42. Paladin/monk combo
  43. Build Request: Monk 9/Pal 11
  44. Is bastard sword worth it with out THF feats?
  45. Little help getting back
  46. Boredom Question - Human Paladin Artificer?
  47. Sword & Board Tank-Paladin
  48. Non Evasive Tank - Viable?
  49. Twindblade or Deathnip
  50. Build Thoughts and Suggestions
  51. paladin attacks and ranged
  52. Haven't done this in awhile: a returning player's attempt at a build.
  53. TWF Paladin?
  54. AC bonus from feats (enhancements) is wrong?
  55. U19 Trapper Tankadin --- Looking for advice
  56. Bastard Sword/Shield Paladin Build Suggestions
  57. LOH and Devotion
  58. How To Tank
  59. Light Power
  60. Is there a viable THF Build?
  61. Looking for links to a U19 Human Pure Paladin Bastard sword build
  62. Paladin Archer thoughts?
  63. Self-healing paladin tank build?
  64. Best Paladin Blades per level?
  65. Critique my build
  66. Sacred Defense implementation still needs improvement
  67. Tank build and some questions
  68. Questions about my Paladin...
  69. Need help with build my Paladin
  70. Help my wife and I please...
  71. Pal/fighter
  72. Need Paladin Advice
  73. Requesting Build Advice
  74. Human Paladin and Fighter defender enhancement questions
  75. Sacred Defender Stance
  76. build advice please
  77. Upgrading my Paladin
  78. Why does my Paladin only deal minimal damage?
  79. Current Build for Paladin Past Life?
  80. Need ideas/comments on PDK paladin life
  81. Which race for a fleshy jugg?
  82. Paladin/Fighter/Rogue Build need advice
  83. Paladin.... kinda frustrated. Need some advice.
  84. Okay, so another pali build start, looking for how best to put it together.
  85. LR+3=Evasion/Trapper Pally to 14 Pal / 4 FTR / 2 Rog for epic content suggestions
  86. Trying again. BF this time.
  87. Question Regarding 2 Level Of Paladin Into Other Class
  88. TR Paladin to TWF Paladin
  89. Noob question - Where's my Redemption gone?
  90. New Player Looking For DPS Pally Advice
  91. I need advice for a new paladin
  92. Ckarlock the Bladeforged Paladin
  93. Bladeforged Pally help needed
  94. end game tank gear help needed (paladin based)
  95. Past Life Build - advice
  96. Going for Pally past life - Need advice please.
  97. The Weirdest Thing
  98. WIS and Pally healing
  99. DPS Paladin
  100. Need help putting the pieces together
  101. reforming my lvl 14 paladin, advice needed
  102. Stunning Blow works on a Paladin on EH
  103. Centered Paladin?
  104. Possible Paladin TR. Need advice please.
  105. Paladin based Tank-Build 32 Pointd PDK +4Str required
  106. Dex-based Pally, viable?
  107. Drow TWF Pally build - please help!
  108. End Game Gear - Pally Tank
  109. Divine Might
  110. Odd Paladin spell
  111. Healing pally (thoughts?)
  112. Revisiting my paladin, help wanted
  113. When should I take my first non-Pally level?
  114. Revisiting the Sacred Defender for New Players
  115. Trading 20 of each of cards 1 - 8 for card IX
  116. 32 Build Dex Pally/Monk Build help needed
  117. Please help me choose a staff paladin build!
  118. U21 S&B Tank Gear
  119. (U21) Bastion of the Monastery - Evasion shielder (Experiment thread)
  120. Paladin STR build
  121. Need help with build
  122. lvl 20 twf pally
  123. Eldritch Defender 16 Paladin / 2 Wizard / 2 Rogue
  124. Champion of Vulkoor 15 pal/ 3 mnk/ 2 ftr
  125. Do Paladin/Fighter Defensive Stances Stack?
  126. Divine Energy Resistance SLA
  127. potential build for u23, the abbot strikes back
  128. Capstone fix?
  129. Dwarf SD Paladin - Throw Your Weight Around Build
  130. Smite Evil "Smitten" Attack power?
  131. Theorycrafting: Paladin and FVS lives gear and build...
  132. Paladin 14/FVS 4/Monk 2
  133. Maximum Charisma!
  134. Pure Paladin vs. Pure Warpriest
  135. Stalwart Defender questions.
  136. Paladin becoming the master (melee) class
  137. I have 2 Paladins needing to be rebuild after returning to the game after 3 years
  138. Knight of the Sword- WSS Paladin/monk/Fighter
  139. 14 Paladin 6 Monk Plonkcher
  140. Paladin 14/Ranger 6 Furyshot
  141. Advice on Pally/Monk/Fighter build
  142. Pure Human Paladin TWF
  143. Chosen of the Forge (Pally/FvS BF)
  144. u23 paladin testing results
  145. Build Advicev p14/f6 S&B
  146. U23 Instigator
  147. Requisitioning for Assistance in the Rebirth of my Sacred Knight!
  148. BF Paladin repair skill is cross class? GTFO !!
  149. Build Request: Paladin Tank
  150. Ok so i made a level 15 bladeforged....time for my questions(no flames pls)
  151. Tempal of the Dog - TWF Pal12/Ra3/Fi2
  152. Preparing to start a pure Paladin for U23
  153. Dwarven Pally - Equipment
  154. U23 Divine Grace
  155. LD / cleave
  156. Steel Shrine
  157. KotC Changes Tier-1 Enhancements are horrible
  158. Holy Sword
  159. can someone reccomend me a paladin build for u23?
  160. Paladin THF Build
  161. dps shield
  162. Paladin King of DPS..... I don't think so
  163. THF Paladin Fighter splash or no?
  164. Eldritch paladin theorybuilding and tests
  165. Wanted: Divine sphere paladin for past lives.
  166. Help with Paladin Arti build please
  167. Request: Pure Heavy Armor, S&B Paladin Divine Crusader Build
  168. THF Pure Build - Feedback Requested
  169. Have an old l2 paladin on a more populated server. THF or SWF?
  170. Which Tier 5?
  171. So what is everyone doing with his/her Paladin?
  172. Vanguard - math check
  173. What is most DPS - raising str or cha? (U23)
  174. Vamp Helsing
  175. Adventures in Theorycrafting: The Divine Fencer
  176. Holy Sword bug
  177. The Light Tank - Evasion SWF Paladin
  178. 15/3/2 Evasion Paladin - cant live without HS+Zeal - any Deathwward alternative?
  179. divine might question: insight bonus stacking
  180. Trying to understand the modern day Paladin (aka: I need help!)
  181. Post U23 Iconic THF Paladin (likely PDK)
  182. Best sword and board weapon?
  183. sooo. i usually run around in the stalwart tree
  184. Improved Shield Bash... how does this work?
  185. Looking for a simple DPS pally build for anew player
  186. Pure BF Pally Help Needed
  187. Vanguard ability not working
  188. 15 or 6 pally?
  189. Help me build my BF Pally
  190. Essential skills?
  191. Archadin - 14pally/6monk - My version
  192. Dwaf Paladin Vanguard guidance please...
  193. S&B pali looking for a weapon: Bastard Sword or Dwarven Ax or something else?
  194. Pure Pally combat style?
  195. what is good in tier 1 vanguard?
  196. Looking for help for my first pally iconic!
  197. TWF Pally 15/5 Pal/Rgr
  198. Turbine plz add blackguard plz black black
  199. completionist and flagging for feats
  200. Revisiting the TWF Drow Paladin for New Players (U23)
  201. First Tine Human Pally Build Need Advice Please
  202. Feats for a THF Bladeforged pure Pally?
  203. Does Swift Defense Actually Work?
  204. I lost it where did the build go?
  205. Shield charge: How do you use it? Worth having?
  206. Ranged Paladin Build Help
  207. Pallywhacker
  208. Bladeforged DR
  209. Sacred Vanguards (aka Revisiting S&B Paladins for New Players)
  210. Feats for a human THF pure paladin
  211. Horc Pure Paladin Build Assistance
  212. S&B Paladin in progress
  213. Does KotC light damage work with bows?
  214. Pally build help
  215. Half-elf paladin
  216. Vanguard and Orbs
  217. Drow SR Paladin
  218. Vanguard Shield Specialization not adding dmg
  219. Shield damage rating is messing with my mind.
  220. Woot!!! Just hit 23 and pulled out nightmare for the first time!!! OMG this thing is
  221. Anyone ever use the feat: Shield Deflection?
  222. Opinions on 18 pally 2 ftr vs 2 rogue
  223. Help me optimize my S&B
  224. Someone explain shield bash plz?
  225. Paladin for a beginner
  226. Pure or Splash
  227. Help with GS weapon for my TR
  228. Paladin Changes?
  229. double strike stacking: zeal spell and perfect twf?
  230. Need advice on Build for TR
  231. Zeal currently providing no doublestrike?
  232. List of Vanguard(Pal) bugs
  233. What is the DC of Silver Flame Exorcism?
  234. Pure Bladeforged Build Wanted
  235. Pure Bladeforged Paladin Epic Destiny
  236. Comparing Tower Shield + Shield Mastery VS. Hy Shield + Improved Shield Mastery
  237. I need a second life Pladin build
  238. Knight in Shining Armor Build
  239. 14 pally 6 ranger builds?
  240. Harbored by light not proccing?
  241. BF evasion P15/Ro3/M2 or adam body P15/Ro3/F2?
  242. ETRing Human Paladin 28 into Vanguard
  243. Musings of a BF Vanguard
  244. Human Paladin Build
  245. Looking for a gear layout for pure bladeforged kotc pally
  246. Black Dragon Armor work with LoH?
  247. Divine might and other paladin questions.
  248. Human Paladin Build
  249. Couple Questions please
  250. Exalted Smite still no good?