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  1. Lammania Druid Update
  2. Initial druid observations
  3. So far....
  4. Flame Blade Scaling
  5. No 9th level bear spell
  6. Bear rage duration is too low
  7. Arcane Warrior and Animal form Spells
  8. Thoughts
  9. Bugs/Issues List
  10. Please fix animal form w/shield animation/visual
  11. Testing the wolf
  12. Congratulations
  13. Wolves are now taking weapon damage. WAI?
  14. Scratch Pad for Build-fu
  15. Today's Observations on Pure Druid Wolf
  16. Editing the Trees
  17. Dethek Runestone Facelift
  18. Some Druid Transmutation Spells mistyped ~ Review & Consider Changing?
  19. Pass Without Trace suggestion
  20. Rough DPS calculations for Melee Wolves
  21. Spring Resurgence Bug ?
  22. U38 Preview 2: Druid
  23. My Druid Thoughts
  24. Takedown
  25. Comparing Release Notes To Last Previews Notes ( animal forms )
  26. to the devs, a honest player opinions
  27. Devs: Is there any hope for Avatar of Nature in the future?
  28. Bear and wolf form gives extra damage, but can't find reason
  29. Blood rage <3
  30. Please tell me that we will finally get Druid Scrolls and wands.
  31. U-45: Rise of Child Eating Pigs!
  32. Veiled Elements feat
  33. Bear Shield Mastery Feats\Bear Tank PRR lackage
  34. Thick Hide not stacking
  35. Few fixes?