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  1. FIRST!!!: question about iconics
  2. First class chosen
  3. Iconic Free Heart
  4. Purple Dragon Knight Religous weapon
  5. Need help matching remaining heroic PL with Iconic classes.
  6. Purple Dragon Knight Fighter / Paladin split
  7. Are Iconics the answer to more storage space?
  8. Bladeforged looking for a Monkless 2HF DPS build
  9. How not to lose DDO points thru a misdone LR +1
  10. why are Shadar-kai so gimped
  11. Purple Dragon Knight (almost) CHA Based melee
  12. Morninglords
  13. Bladeforged Jaeger build 12/6/2
  14. Bladeforged LR Issue
  15. Devs: Amaunator's Brilliance is not cool
  16. The mighty Morninglord?
  17. Sun Elf (Morninglord) Passive Ability Bug Question
  18. Bladeforged Possible Challenge Farmer concept build, feats need fixing though help plox :)
  19. Shadar-kai Shaddar Kai Rogue/Druid!!!
  20. Shadar-kai Dodge past life bugged
  21. Iconic TR WIA or bug?
  22. Shadar-kai Final Fantasy Sephiroth Inspired Hairstyle For The Shadar-Kai (Cosmetic)
  23. Purple Dragon Knight PDK Bard TWF Max Charisma Need 3 ITR's(lvl15-28 x3)
  24. Confused About PDK & Shadar Kai
  25. Shadar-kai Shadar-Kai rogue assassin
  26. Sun Elf (Morninglord) Evocation Wizard 13 / Cleric 7
  27. Shadar-kai Effects A Shadar-Kai Should Gain At Level 20! (As in the race)
  28. Shadar-kai Sealed Soul Description Screams Out Shadar-Kai!
  29. Shadar-kai whirling chain and adrenaline
  30. Best guess at what will be the flavor of the month post U21?
  31. Purple Dragon Knight Sorcerer/Paladin/PDK EK Greatsword Charisma flavor build.
  32. Can the Morninglord weapon of choice be switched if you lesser heart ?
  33. Shadar-kai Shadar-kai core enhancements cost
  34. Some questions about making an Iconic hero
  35. Help with Sun Elf Build
  36. Shadar-kai Iconic Rogue
  37. Purple Dragon Knight query
  38. Evil is under rated
  39. Gloom Stalker enhancements
  40. Iconics should be allowed Twelve token trade in
  41. Builds for Iconic PL grab?
  42. Iconic gear box after a second TR of the same type?
  43. Iconic?
  44. Bladeforged Communion of Scribing
  45. Purple Knight Dragon (PDK) - builds
  46. Bladeforged Fearsome Pressence WAI or buggy?
  47. How do I TR into Iconic?
  48. ERing an Iconic
  49. Lr +1?
  50. Shadar Kai for farming favor
  51. Iconic TR BUG
  52. question about first tr into an iconic
  53. TRing out of Iconic
  54. PDK, did I bungle?
  55. Shadar-kai Comment if you must...
  56. Iconic Bladeforged Juggernaut: greataxe vs. greatsword?
  57. iconic based builds, post U22
  58. Bladeforged Shiradi repeating crossbow build...
  59. PDK in undead form bugged?
  60. Purple Dragon Knight Reposted - Eldritch Knight Build variations?
  61. Quick question about Bladeforged.
  62. Bladeforge kensai enhancement
  63. Will there ever be more Iconics?
  64. Bladeforged Blade Forged is there anyway to build these thing without going broke
  65. Iconic Leveling Guide
  66. PDK Evasion Kensei Warpriest 9Cleric/ 8Fighter/ 3Monk build attempt - please critique
  67. Lesser TR to any iconic can any race LTR to any iconic
  68. Bladeforged best splits for Bladeforged/fighter/rog ideas on possible classes and splits needed
  69. A couple questions about Iconics and TRing
  70. Bladeforged Bladeforged Barbarian (Rage) and Communion of Scribing Question
  71. Bladeforged - Regular Docents Look Terrible
  72. Bladeforged Docents - Do You Disagree or Just Not Care?
  73. Sun Elf Builds
  74. Purple Dragon Knight The Lone Ranger.
  75. Sun Elf (Morninglord) Pale Spellsword
  76. Bladeforged No Bladeforged Pally goody box?
  77. Bladeforged Looking for an optimised BF pure Arti build
  78. Bladeforged Which Docent for Heroics - unsure of which to choose.
  79. Aint you got no Gnome to go to?
  80. Playing lvl 1 -15 on iconics
  81. the accidental tourist
  82. Barbarian Arcane Incumbrance bugged on BF
  83. Draft - The Abyssian
  84. PDK FvS/Ftr/ Rog or Arti?
  85. WF Barb/rogue
  86. Help: looking were to get a certin docet look.
  87. Sun Elf Favored Soul Capstone.
  88. need to run 3 sun elf lives
  89. need to run 3 sun elf lives
  90. Purple Dragon Knight Solo Purple Dragon Knight build help needed
  91. Bladeforged Fighter Build
  92. Purple Dragon Knight With the Heart that you get for the Xpac, can you erase fighter level?
  93. Purple Dragon Knight Searching for an interesting PDK build
  94. Next Life Multiclass Sun Elf
  95. Bladeforged SLA and Rage
  96. Sun Elf Pale master or evocation based wizard life?
  97. Bladeforged bladforged thrower build?
  98. Sun Elf (Morninglord) ML ED TWF. Can it work?
  99. Measuring stick
  100. Fix Iconic TR after ETR
  101. Bladeforged question on tr'ing into iconic bladeforged
  102. Iconic TR Question
  103. I have to buy Iconics even if im VIP??
  104. Caster Cleric - Sun Elf
  105. Sun Elf Build Question
  106. Bladeforged Advice needed for bladeforged
  107. Is it possible to level from 1 as a Sun Elf wizard?
  108. Do Iconic Past Lives count toward Fate points?
  109. Shadar-kai Hair styles
  110. Bladeforged Melee DPS recommendation?
  111. Iconic, non-bladeforged, non-shuriken throwing build
  112. Iconic Warlock Recommendation?
  113. Docent wear and Adamantine Body
  114. Shadar-kai Does the Shadar-kai past life feat stack?
  115. Help - Sun Elf : DC Spell like ability Sunburst ???
  116. Repeater heavy Xbow Damage
  117. Bladeforged Bladeforged Warlock?
  118. PDK Archer??
  119. Shadar-kai Shadar Kai Ranger/rogue build?
  120. Bladeforged +1LR Issue
  121. Bladeforged A few questions about bladeforged
  122. If I use a +1 Lesser Heart on a PDK will I be able to get Past life feat?
  123. Current life gear in the TR cache
  124. Steel Bladeforged Frame..missing? Did they change this?
  125. Iconic Builds for New Players
  126. Need Build: Morninglord Radiant Paladin
  127. Deep Gnome Tattoo
  128. Iconic TR
  129. Deep Gnome Death-Wizard for beginners
  130. Confused Epic TR of an Iconic Character at lvl 30
  131. Gnome racial spelllike DC question
  132. Shadar-kai Shadar Kai Ninja - Assassin Build
  133. Bladeforged 0% ASF with adamantine plating?
  134. swash buckler build help.
  135. Bladeforged BF Warlock/Paladin THF Build
  136. Where's my iconic gear?
  137. Svirfneblin Phantasmal Killer DC? What determines the DC?
  138. So a question about removing Bladeforges initial paladin level.
  139. Sdk Phase through traps ??
  140. Deep Gnome Racial bug?
  141. Bladeforged Weapon Attachment, what breaks it?
  142. deep gnome improved critical pierce
  143. Cleric with Rogue splash: Shadar-Kai or Morninglord?
  144. A question about iconic stat bonuses
  145. easy mode deep gnome starting template
  146. Build idea/question
  147. How good would a S&B( tower shield) Bladeforged Pally be?
  148. ETR Iconics and +1 Hearts of Wood
  149. Deep Gnome AC enhancements
  150. PDK staff Kensai idea -> Does Purple Dragon Aura stack with everything?
  151. Bladeforged Destiny Advice.
  152. Bladeforged sale??
  153. Deep Gnome starting class change...
  154. Sun Elf (Morninglord) Cleric with Fighter splash - comments?
  155. LRing away from 1st level of iconic.
  156. Can you use a +1 heart on an iconic at level 1?
  157. Deep Gnome Druid TR
  158. Looking foir Shadar-Kai TR Template build
  159. Deep Gnomes Cosmetics?
  160. Iconic human purple dragon knight
  161. Any good iconic barbarian builds?
  162. Advice for Morninglord past lives
  163. Dwarf and Halfling Iconics
  164. ITR combination suggestions
  165. WTB: Overpowered Ranged Morninglord, Shadar-Kai, or (Ha!) Deep Gnome Build
  166. Bladeforged Possible bladeforged racial feats bug
  167. Purple Dragon Knight Purple Dragon Focus broken?
  168. Give me your best shot!
  169. Sun Elf access to Arcane Archer enhancement bug
  170. Iconics and epic reincarnation
  171. Reincarnate an Iconic as a dragonborn?
  172. Purple Dragon Knight Dire Charge and Stunning Shield are those tactical feats?
  173. Sun Elf (Morninglord) Morninglord PL X/Cleric ideas
  174. Bladeforged Fighter looking for build suggestions
  175. Sun Elf (Morninglord) The Path traps you in the Garret! (Bug)
  176. Aasimar Scourge
  177. Assimar FVS Monkcher
  178. Aasimar Scourge of the Dead (BUG)
  179. Coolest looking functionally bleh character I've ever made.
  180. Where can I find any equipment for my Aasimar Scourge? I have no equipment or money
  181. ***
  182. Can someone explain *** I was thinking.....
  183. PDK Fighter Past Life Build?
  184. level 1 iconic
  185. Epic Reincarnation
  186. SDK chain / trip
  187. Scourge Past Life and Ranged
  188. shadar kai artificer suggestions
  189. Iconic heroes some questions
  190. Build request Shadarkai machine gun
  191. Slashing Aasimar
  192. PDK bard (build request)
  193. Shadar-kai STR based Rogue/Fighter with Trapping
  194. Iconic Haggle Specialist Build?
  195. Question
  196. Iconic Slave Lords Reaper farmer -- anyone have ideas
  197. PDK Character Creation - beardless
  198. Need help with a Aasimar Scourge Sorc life
  199. Shadar-kai Advide for TWF/spiked Chain build
  200. TR from heroic to iconic question
  201. Purple Dragon Knight Build Request - PDK Bard Cannith Challenge Farmer
  202. Sun Elf (Morninglord) Wow... It just now Dawned on me (pun intended)
  203. Looking for Good SDK Build for Epic: Suggestions?
  204. TRing to a iconic & epic feats
  205. Aasimar Scourge advice
  206. Need a scourge life build. Either Druid or Monk.
  207. Aasimar scourge eyes
  208. First time TR'ing into an Iconic
  209. Aasimar Scourge Divine Form change?
  210. Bladeforged Paladin build
  211. What are good cosmetic helms for Bladeforged?
  212. 2nd Deep Gnome Caster Wizard life build (Enhancements only)
  213. Naked Iconic Build ~ Test/Challenge
  214. Low dev-effort method for more Iconics / races
  215. halp me tilosaaaaaaan
  216. Looking for a Bladeforged Cleric Build (no-swing Heal/Turn undead tank)
  217. Looking for some build options for a Sun Elf iconic....
  218. Shadar Kai Spiked Chain
  219. Forgot what I was planning...
  220. Tiefling Scoundrel - Pure Bard - Inquisitive Swashbuckler
  221. aasimar scourge light mace
  222. Ranger Help
  223. Scoundrel Sorc?
  224. Aasimar Scourge of the Undead Iconic Hero
  225. Purple Dragon Knight Question about Epic Tr a Iconic
  226. PDK Cosmetic bug.
  227. Bladeforged Pue Paladin THF weapon doubt
  228. Level 15 best iconic for primary heals and dc caster. favored soul or cleric or?
  229. Deep Gnome Build request
  230. Purple Dragon Knight Advice for a Purple Ranger
  231. Purple Dragon Knight - Advice for a Purple Cleric
  232. Hardcore Heavy Artillery First Life Build
  233. Tiefling Scoundrel - When in store?
  234. Iconic Inquisitor-For use with any iconic race/heroic primary class
  235. Scoundrel Theory Builds - Thoughts?
  236. Solo War-Domain Morninglord
  237. Iconic for alchy?
  238. Need some TR advice
  239. Purple Dragon Knight Divine Might and Cormyrean Knight Training
  240. Suggestions for ranged PDK w. Alch PL?
  241. 17favored soul/2rogue/1 iconic class past life guide
  242. +1 heart
  243. 14Fighter/6Pal PDK THF Maul - Build Advice
  244. Morninglord Cleradin?
  245. Fiendish Arpeggio
  246. Shadar-kai Shadar-kai Bank/Favor Toon Ideas?
  247. Is there a "Baby's first" Bladeforged Sorc build someone can point me to?
  248. Is what I'm trying to do even possible with Scoundrel?
  249. Scourges got no (trap) sense
  250. Schrödinger's healer or how I learned to embrace the pain