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  1. Hardcore League suggestions/questions
  2. Hardcore League FAQ
  3. Hardcore League Known Issues
  4. Missing Lioness?
  5. "Open Guild for All" is recruiting
  6. Account unlocks
  7. Unable to mail guild invites out?
  8. Korthos is thriving
  9. Linus Weir not giving end rewards in Korthos
  10. Hardcore is win win win win TY!!
  11. >Death Smile< is Recruiting
  12. Okay, fine... you got me.
  13. guild exp
  14. Any chance this will be available for premium players?
  15. Access to hardcore server - semi rant
  16. How did you die?
  17. Character Transfers - Question for Cordovan
  18. Hardcore Leaderboard Update
  19. Dual boxing, Im not here to help you exploit Hardcore server
  20. Missings
  21. Name Question
  22. Character naming
  23. How to lose a life without doing anything.
  24. Option to turn off death allerts
  25. Unexpectedly, I Have Found Hardcore Fun
  26. Mourning the Loss of a Fallen Friend
  27. SAO Assault Squad
  28. Mimic us
  29. Overlevels to look out for.
  30. Death Statistics Collection
  31. Hardcore server Access
  32. Hardcore Haiku
  33. Hardcore Tavern - Tall Tails and Toasts for the Fallen.
  34. Character Transfer after event question please
  35. Headsup for non-VIP
  36. When with the horrid Harbormaster Zim do his job?!?
  37. Divine Intervention= immunity to Death?
  38. Death Alert is too simple... I want to know what they were killed by.
  39. squashing/confirming rumors
  40. 3/2/2 Artificer/Rogue/Barb - now what?
  41. Favor Tracking Spreadsheet
  42. Bank tab at Mortality
  43. Hardcore League Soundtrack
  44. Mortality potential bug with rewards
  45. Bug* Secret Doors not staying open
  46. Is crafting on Hardcore broken ?
  47. True Resurrection
  48. Undying Beast - 10/8/2 Fighter/Druid/Barbarian
  49. Quests you should ABSOLUTELY skip
  50. Is this our preview to DDO's version of LotRO's Legacy Server?
  51. Challenges in HCL
  52. Character Slot for Hardcore League Server Toon
  53. The Strong Shall Stand, The Weak Will Fall By The Wayside
  54. Exception for Mark of the Dragon?
  55. Hardcore Daily Dice
  56. Basic Build errors....
  57. #winning
  58. Instead of starting over and over and over
  59. Another Question for Cordovan
  60. Death Notices
  61. load screen
  62. Dying twice in two minutes
  63. Extra Life
  64. Reaper XP strategies
  65. For the love of Velah, Please Please Please Make this a permanent server
  66. Raid a holic?
  67. better yet
  68. Whats the highest level you got before death call on you?
  69. odd but easy request...I think it is easy
  70. Life 2
  71. Yayyy for Hardcore (10 things I enjoy)
  72. Post HCS rankings
  73. Dead characters and premium items
  74. R1 or R2 in Hardcore?
  75. Titan Chat
  76. Anyone looking for a RXP buddy?
  77. Came for the permadeath experience, but really love the old flavor
  78. HC Build Strategies
  79. I gave it a Go
  80. Earliest death possible
  81. Thank you Silverleafeon
  82. In Character: The Realm of Mortality
  83. Velah is dead
  84. Death Follows You
  85. Keep this known issue
  86. Where is Mortality on the non-hardcore servers?
  87. Close Calls
  88. The respect of Morality...what?
  89. [PSA] Challenges Restriction Level is +4 from its minimum level
  90. Bladeforged not reciving equipment at 15
  91. Well it was inevitable.. fhking lag death on the Hardcore server.
  92. Heroic Vs Epic
  93. Fond memories of death
  94. How do feel when you go back to live servers?
  95. Epic Elite Demon Queen duo (31.08.2019)
  96. Hardcore server player culture observations
  97. Sword of Shadow Madness
  98. The Leaderboard fall off after a TR is simply wrong, and here is why.
  99. Regarding the Death Follows You feat (aka Bloody Footprints)
  100. Bloody Footprints - only seen by you?
  101. Bloody footstep replacement ideas
  102. Access
  103. Need some help from you fellow users.
  104. Level 20 Missions for Non-Trapper
  105. Things I Feel Could Improve Hardcore Mode
  106. What is your hardcore Strategy?
  107. Post HC League Question
  108. Death Follow you: client side alternative?
  109. Heroic vs. Epic
  110. Kudos to all who make 5k Favor
  111. Your typical lag complaint
  112. Missed favor
  113. Cant wear reaper eyes and favor eyes at same time
  114. Hardcord Reaper Goal Should Be Changed
  115. Rewards are weak considering all the carnage
  116. Change Challenges on the Hardcore Server
  117. Next go around, make it EPic
  118. Gimp party on Hardcore
  119. Bloody Footprints
  120. A suggestion, more profit for you, more fun for us.
  121. What now?
  122. Bashful has passed on
  123. Suggestion: Mail access for the dead, post-event
  124. Personal Goals Achieved (5000 Favor Before Hitting Level 20)
  125. What will happen with the astral shards in the hardcore server?
  126. Do you return to level 1 if you epic reincarnate on hardcore?
  127. Did the Hardcore server just crash?
  128. the hardcore sash cloak is something wrong graphically.
  129. Wood Elf not getting Bleeding eyes effect?
  130. Warforged Do Not Have Brains, Why Did Brain Extraction Work On Me?
  131. Invitation / Where will you transfer to after the HCL season is over?
  132. hardcore rewards
  133. Bug: Cannith Challenge Level Restriction
  134. Suggestions for next season - more harder
  135. Mortality rates by Level and Class for two Hardcore 90min time samples.
  136. favor tracking & forecasting spreadsheet
  137. Hardcore as a Balancing Tool
  138. When the Event ends and the free character transfer questions
  139. My Thoughts After Playing Hardcore
  140. Harcore lvl 20 doubt
  141. Thank You Devs!
  142. Issues logging characters into hardcore server
  143. devs on leaderboard ***
  144. Really Dissapointing
  145. Bugs or possibly features.
  146. Favor stack thru TR?
  147. Limited customer support on hardcore. are you kidding?
  148. Stepped in jam!
  149. a little big longer bloody footprints if possible?
  150. VoN 5 & 6
  151. I see dead people on the leaderboards again
  152. Surprising things I learned player on this server.
  153. SAO Assault Squad Thread
  154. Things I feel should be changed in the next season
  155. Name change on the hardcore server
  156. Some Hardcore class data that I gathered
  157. Hc
  158. Finally Dead - reflections on HC League
  159. Suggestion for Next HC League
  160. WTB [hardcore server]: +1 dex tome
  161. Sad end to Hardcore Questing
  162. R1 Dreaming Dark
  163. Thanks Strimtom!
  164. Will the Borderland Expansion hit the hardcore server on it's last day?
  165. Keep on the Borderland is LIVE on HC Server
  166. Last Run to Level 20
  167. What I learned Playing & Running a Large Guild on Hardcore League
  168. Someone had to do it...
  169. Master Artificer raid trio on hardcore
  170. RIP Hardcore League
  171. Is there a reward for dying?
  172. A quick Thank You to Fawngate
  173. When will the opportunity to Tranfer be available?
  174. What Quest(s) did you skip on Hardcore?
  175. Pls alter Bloody Footrpints colors for HCL season 2 thru 6 : Art Dept request
  176. Gate is open, time to clean out your toons
  177. 8 day after party....why not :-D
  178. Renames on Transfers?
  179. The fabric of space-time itself is stuggling to remain intact!
  180. Hard core list WIKI project
  181. For the players
  182. Global Cannith Crafter viability?
  183. 27 +/- days to play before Hardcore shuts down again
  184. Cosmetic Eyes and Cloaks
  185. How is ready for the next Hardcore League?
  186. Fireside Chat with Fatherpirate
  187. Fireside Chat with the Pirate, New Year
  188. Hard Core Season One is DONE - party over
  189. When is the next hardcore league
  190. Fires are dying down ... good. Need info.
  191. SO...what class do you plan on using on day 1?
  192. Waiting on HCL2 start date
  193. Trial by Fire
  194. New rewards
  195. Prepare for trouble
  196. <Death Smile> is recruting for Hardcore League Season II
  197. minor bug
  198. Check list when starting out?
  199. Can you run heroic quests if you are level 20+
  200. OK Day 1 how did you all do?
  201. 5000 favor - what to run, what to skip?
  202. Challenges and wildernesses?
  203. Champion Names?
  204. Where is the Bloody Foot Prints Feat
  205. Please, let us earn the Bloody Footsteps during HCL2!
  206. Cerulean Hills Correct Level? And is there still wilderness lockouts?
  207. PSA: Falling Damage when stuck between beehive and wall
  208. HC Season 3
  209. degenev bros?
  210. Best Hardcore death notice evar!
  211. Best quests to run and avoid if all you want is 20...
  212. Favor Tracking Spreadsheet
  213. Is there any Player Kill on HC Server?
  214. Various HCL chat
  215. Accidentally missing quests and favor
  216. Top hardcore league ii deaths
  217. WF Warlock/Pally/Monk
  218. Is Cannith Crafting a thing on hardcore?
  219. Fix server!!!
  220. Gear on HC
  221. Delaras - whats max level?
  222. Devil Assault Level Restrictions?
  223. so, people need answers, HC part 2
  224. Harbor Parrot 2/26
  225. Season 2 Server First 5k Favor! (With Pics!)
  226. I just have to ask?
  227. am i screwed?
  228. First HC2 Epic Raid Completion (EH)
  229. And here my story ends
  230. Open Guild for All is recruiting for HCL Season II
  231. Favored Soul Lvl 20 DR missing
  232. What is your closest shave so far?
  233. Disaster, an apology, and a few learned lessons
  234. I got Death Walker's Cloak II as world first.
  235. Iconic and character transfer
  236. Character Creation
  237. I survived the server crash - but took heavy damage...
  238. Server lag kills 5 lvl 30.
  239. Lag monster on hardcore server needs to be fixed
  240. Did you put 1 rank into tumble
  241. Help - What Killed Me
  242. Fix the **** lag.
  243. Crossbow Turret?
  244. Heroic 1->20 Bunny Build for HC
  245. 10 ReaperPoint Question
  246. This is strange coming from me, but it is strange times.
  247. Is hardcore open to everyone?
  248. Slayer Area LVL Cap?
  249. Issues with reaper cloak
  250. lock up on epics