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09-15-2016, 12:57 AM
Thanks to the many guild members in Your Part Time Guild. We have just crossed over another milestone, with our 800th guild member/account joining us on Wayfinder. The Guild Officers and Members who had Alts in the guild have helped tremendously by purging out all the useless Alternate Characters (Alts) from the guild, to ensure we have the room to grow to this level. Given that guilds have a cap/maximum of 1,000 characters, this is no easy task to maintain guild breadth without diligence.

Where do we go from here? We won't reach 1,000 members, as we have many "useful" alts to include permanent level 3 healer characters in First/snowy Korthos to help out new-to-game players, so we will always have a core group of alts among the officers.

I told the Guild there would be a surprise announcement upon reaching 800 Guild Members, and here it goes. The guild will be conducting a special, one-time only giveaway contest. Our prior giveaways were never mentioned here in the Forums, and were always Starter Packages in the past. However, I am upping the ante this time. I will take in a single new entry from current guild members, with the prior contest entries for our previous contests remaining progressive to add to their chances to win, and on October 31st (Halloween), I will draw 3 names from a hat (yes, from a real hat), to give away the following items as prizes to guild members:

Grand Prize: Both game expansions. These will be game codes for the best available expansions for both Shadowfell and MOTU, from the DDO Market, that includes many freebies (see www.ddo.com > Store > DDO Market).

1st Runner-Up Prize: Starter Pack. This is the DDO Market package that includes Catacombs quest pack, Permanent gold-seal level 3 cleric hire, scorpion companion, and a small amount of TP.

2nd Runner-Up Prize: Half-orc Race. This is the DDO Market package that also includes the special necklace that spawns for all new character builds.

Entries will only be accepted from a current guild member, and to win you must still be a guild member at the time of the drawing (If I draw a name from the hat that is no longer in the guild, that slip of paper hits the shredder!).

To enter, send me in-game mail to Kyll in Wayfinder (no PMs in game for entry, and no PMs here in Forum for entry), and only enter once. Each entry results in that character's name being placed on a slip of paper that goes in the hat. A third party will draw the name from the hat and verify its authenticity (dogs qualify as third party, but cats do not).

10-28-2016, 03:01 PM
We are 3 days away from this guild-only giveaway contest, and I am looking forward to awarding the prizes to some deserving (and lucky) winners to be!