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7 strategies for success in your studies

Finding your way around college can be quite confusing and chaotic (and not just) for "first-timers." No wonder, after all, college is a new era in life that is very different from high school. Many things are different now. Here you can read about the best way to approach your studies and the tips, tricks and tools you can use to overcome the challenges of this phase.

1. Inform yourself early about study contents
Dropout rates averaging over 30 percent are an alarming sign that many high school graduates don't know enough about what to expect from their studies. Is this course of study really right for me? The better you know, the easier it will be for you to choose the right course of study.

2. Take care of your finances early
Studying is not cheap, and the period of study is not exactly a period of life in which you are swimming in money. In addition to living expenses, there are also tuition fees, the cost of books and other study materials to be financed. If you are not provided with the necessary small change from home, you will have to keep your head above water with other sources.

3. Organize your schedule systematically
A well-organized schedule is an important part of your academic success. After all, the courses you attend open or close doors for the rest of your studies. Too many hours can overburden and endanger your success, too few hours can subchallenge and get in the way of your regular study time. It is therefore very important to prepare your timetable thoughtfully.

4 Set goals
What exactly do you want to achieve? What works in sports also works in studies. Your studies have a beginning and an end. So the question is: What exactly is your goal? What do you want to achieve at the end of your studies? Of course, this question is not always easy to answer, but especially at the beginning of your studies, a vision is helpful.

5. Learning is just a matter of practice. Stay tuned!
Learning at university is not significantly different from learning at school. However, the subject is more extensive, and you are on your own when it comes to organizing your day. Try to take notes effectively and get things done as early as possible.

6. Build up and support social contacts
The phenomenon "Lonely at university" is not an isolated case: For many freshmen, the new life at university or college is difficult to cope with. Unlike at school, the environment is suddenly unfamiliar and faceless. Left to your own, arriving in a foreign city can be difficult. Those who quickly make acquaintances with whom they can explore the library, refectory and seminars together, experience the new phase of life much more relaxed.

7. Learning to deal with defeat
A bad grade, failing an exam, being fired, being dumped by your partner - the list goes on and on. This is also part of life. Every life story has its ups and downs, defeats and victories. What is decisive for the further course of the respective story is what consequences were drawn from the defeat.


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