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    Below is a list of some of the Known Issues that we are aware of, and below that are features that are Working as Intended but may cause confusion. Should you come across any of these issues, there is no need to submit a bug report unless otherwise noted. For more information about bug reporting, click here!

    Current Public Notices (5-12-2016)
    Update 31: Gnomework

    • NEW: The teleportation platform near the chest on the airship in Memoirs of an Illusory Larcener is the ramp, rather than the chest.
    • None of the Update 31 quests are registering monster kills in the various Monster Manuals.
    • Kensei's Strike With No Thought is giving an improper Insight bonus to Critical Multiplier. This will be changed in a future patch to the benefit's proper listed Competence bonus.
    • Memoirs of an Illusory Larcener does not have a map by design (due to the illusory nature of the dungeon.)
    • Two enhancements will be added to the Fighter Kensei in the next patch, and one Core Enhancement will be updated:

      • Opportunity Attack: 2 Charges, Melee Attack: Deals +1/2/3[W] Damage. Your Melee Power is boosted by 10 for 6 seconds. Each time you damage an opponent, but no more than once per second, you have a 10% chance to add a charge up to a maximum of 2.
      • Liquid Courage: After drinking a potion or drink, increases Positive Healing Amplification 50 for 30 seconds
      • Core Skills:
        • Change Core Level 18 "One Cut" skill to the following: On Activate, Crit Multiplier Increase (Unique Bonus for 15 seconds, 60 second cooldown)

    Older Known Issues (items we no longer need bug reports on):

    Of Special Note:

    • It is possible to set a recipe to repeat and expend materials on a recipe even when additional crafting produces no benefit when using the new multiple turn-in UI in a Barter UI. For example, it is possible to upgrade a Thunder-forged weapon to Tier 2 multiple times if you set your multiple turn-in box above 1. Please do not craft multiple items using the multiple turn-in box unless creating more than one item produces a beneficial result until we get this issue fixed.


    • Airship interior trim dyes do not work on some airships.
    • The First Mate does not allow players to deposit platinum or other coinage (but does allow players to deposit Astral Shards.)
    • Placing the Trapsmith's Workshop can block a hookpoint on some airships.


    • The Kobold Island: Short Cuts optional objective "Kill 5 Orthon Lieutenants" is not able to be completed.


    • Warlock:
      • While continuously firing Eldritch Blast projectiles, the vertical angle sometimes does not update as quickly as player can target, resulting in the blast firing in the direction of the previous aiming.
      • Eldritch Cone's affected area does not match the visual effects.
      • Eldritch Chain visual effects do not fully represent active Pact feats.

    DDO Game Launcher:

    • Mac Game Client Issues:
      • Mac users utilizing the "Install, then play" DDO launcher option will encounter an message stating a "disk image" error when launching the game client. This error does not impact the ability to patch the game or play DDO.
      • Players using the Mac client may receive the message "dndclient quit unexpectedly" when quitting the game through any method.
      • Players using the Mac client are not able to adjust their Brightness, Contrast and Gamma levels.


    • The Shadow Arrows bonus to critical damage multiplier is not triggering correctly for the Elven Arcane Archer.
    • Barbarian Ravager's Blood Strength not not have its one second cooldown for its on-kill heal.
    • Warlock Enlightened Spirit's Eldritch Aura is incorrectly not being affected by Arcane Spell Failure.
    • Ranger Deepwood Stalker: Improved Weapon Finesse - Dexterity to Damage does not work correctly with thrown weapons.
    • The Monk Henshin Mystic's "Every Light Casts a Shadow" negative level benefit can affect hirelings, pets, and other players.
    • The Swashbuckler stance is not applying its +1 Critical multiplier to thrown weapons.
    • The Kensei Agility enhancement's tool tip displays incorrect information when taken or reset until the character logs out and then logs back into the game.
    • The Deepwood Stalker enhancement "Improved Weapon Finesse" is not applying to Unarmed attacks or Handwraps.
    • Shintao: the light based moves do not build up to finishing moves.
    • The Paladin's Improved Dilettante does not add up to three points of the character's Charisma bonus to increased Saving Throws.


    • Epic Feats do not list their Pre-Requisites.


    • Improved Precise Shot does no attack roll with Throwing Axe weapon types
    • Return to Sender does not cause damage if Improved Precise Shot is toggled on.
    • The Druidic Survival Mastery from Hide of the Fallen only applies if the item is initially equipped after going into Wild Shape. Equipping the item, then going into Wild Shape, is erroneously failing to provide the benefit.
    • Shining Crescents currently benefit from Single Weapon Fighting feats, even though it is a two-handed weapon. This will be fixed in a future update.
    • The Quiver of Poison's poison damage does not appear in the combat log.
    • The Treads of Falling Shadow's Ghostly effect does not bypass incorporeal creatures.
    • The Lantern Ring's Radiant Glory effect has an incorrect tooltip. The description should read, "On Harmful Spellcast: Do an additional 2 to 12 Light damage. This effect scales with Light Spell Power. Cooldown: 1 second." The upgraded version should read, "On Harmful Spellcast: Do an additional 3 to 18 Light damage. This effect scales with Light Spell Power. Cooldown: 1 second."

    Monster Manual:

    • Players purchasing the newest edition of the Monster Manual need to log out, then log back in, after the purchase in order for their account to be refreshed.


    • Gianthold

      • It is possible to accidentally click on the Gianthold portal rather than the Gianthold wilderness area when attempting to enter the Gianthold wilderness zone

    • House Cannith

      • Secrets of the Artificers
        • Warforged are missing their death animations.

    • Orchard of the Macabre
      • Ghosts of Perdition
        • The two brothers' hit points are too low on Epic Elite.

    • Sentinels of Stormreach

      • Spies in the House
        • Completing Spies in the House while running the Sentinels quest chain will cause Taggart d'Deneith to not grant an end reward list for completing the quest chain.

    • Three Barrel Cove

      • The Heroic Saga timer for the Three Barrel Cove quest arc is incorrectly set to be repeatable every four days instead of every three days.

      • Precious Cargo
        • Ranged attacks against moving airships will miss unless the attack targets and hits the center of the airship.

    • Thunderholme
      • There is a typo in Thela Bonmar's dialogue after players defeat Aurgolroasa.
      • Pressing the "use" button too quickly may cause a mirror to not reflect light properly until the mirror is spun around again.

    • Vale of Twilight
      • Meridia
        • Valairea Satnerine's tutorial quest for the Altar of Fecundity doesn't check for items inside bags. As long as the items she wants are outside the bags, she will take them.


    • It is not possible to hide the Dragonmark on a Half-orc.


    • It is possible for items to erroneously appear above or underneath other items in your first few inventory slots following a Lesser or Epic Reincarnation, making it appear that an item disappeared. Moving your inventory slots around can uncover these items.
    • The Lesser Reincarnation UI does not state that the account-level 32-Point Build option is required in order to upgrade a character to 32-points when using a Lesser Reincarnation.

    DDO Store

    • While running DDO through Steam, you can’t currently update your credit card information through the new store. Instead, please update your credit card in Steam directly, designate it, and then make purchases.
    • The "Heroic Learning Tome Upgrade" may not display in the Store for some characters.


    • If you do not have an ingredient in your Shared Bank - Crafting Storage when you first open a Barter UI, then put the ingredients in your Shared Bank - Crafting Storage, then return to the Barter UI, the crafting ingredients will not populate into the UI until you log out and then back in. This only happens for the first time you add an ingredient to the Shared Bank - Crafting Storage.
    • The Social Panel does not display the names of party members in the LFM panel until the Who tab loads the names of characters on the server first. To see LFM names, please select the Who panel, then allow the name list to populate.
    • Quest Optional Objective text no longer lists monster names.
    • Spell Critical effects sometimes post messages to the Combat Log about bonuses not stacking for effect types they do not actually provide.
    • The word "Dodge" is used instead of "Spell Resistance" when a monster makes a Spell Resistance saving throw.
    • If a player dies and checks the "Do Not Show" option in the "You Are Dead" UI box, then resets hints, the "Do Not Show" check box remains checked the next time the "You Are Dead" box appears.
    • NPCs that have been turned to stone still move in the Focus Orb.


    • Some ambient audio noises fail to clear up when changing instances/leaving the area, and persist in other areas of the game when they should not.
    • In Dx11, some ground textures appear black, particularly if using the "Low" setting. This can be corrected by turning on Multi-Pass Lighting in the graphics settings, or by increasing the display quality above "Low".
    • Artificer Iron Defender Modules appear under the Handwraps section of the Auction House.


    Of Special Note:

    • Monster Manual and Wilderness Area slayer counts do not update until a player logs out and then logs back in. This change was made to improve game performance.
    • If you are downgrading from a VIP account, any characters of a premium race and/or class that you have not purchased with Turbine Points or unlocked with favor must be purchased/unlocked before you will be able to access the character as a free or premium player. Example: If you downgrade and select a warforged monk, you will need to purchase monk and warforged before you'll be able to play the character.
    • Remember that if you take Jeets offer to skip the tutorial you will be advanced ahead in the storyline of Korthos. In order to group with friends who have not yet unlocked the ability to skip the tutorial, decline Jeets offer to skip ahead and complete the grotto tutorial instance. This will allow you to enter the snowy version of Korthos village to group with other players in that part of the story!

    DDO Store:

    • Once Favored Soul or Drow is unlocked with favor points, it is still accessible in the DDO Store. This is by design, as purchase in the store will grant Favored Soul or Drow access to your account for all servers, while favor unlocking is per-server only.
    • Viewing the Store before you login a character will only display account level character purchase items. To see a full list of items available to your character, log in the character.
    • You must close and reopen the DDO Store to purchase each upgrade of the Shared Bank: Platinum Vault.

    Guilds & Airships:

    • After a sudden server restart, it can take up to an hour for pre-Update 22 "old" guild airship amenities to repopulate. No action is needed for the amenities to reappear, but placing amenities in the empty hook points can cause amenities to be overwritten when they repopulate.


    • It is not possible to have more than three classes during a reincarnation, and the reincarnation system remembers how many classes you had prior to the start of the reincarnation process. Therefore, some players may experience issues that prevent them from taking a "fourth" class, particularly if they are a three-class multiclass and want to swap out one of the classes for a different class.
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