Hello Folks,

To help provide a quality in-game support experience to all active VIP and Premium Players, Turbine has implemented new In-Game ticket submission restrictions for free/inactive players. There are now two levels of support: "Base" and "Full".

Base Support includes access to the Knowledge Base, Technical Support ticket submission and Account Management ticket submission. Base Support is available to all players, regardless of account status.

Full Support includes all of the Base Support access and also includes access to In-Game Ticket submission. All VIP subscribers will automatically have access to Full Support. Premium customers will have access to Full Support for a duration of time after purchasing points. The amount of Full Support access is determined directly by the amount spent on points.

$1.00 - 15 days
$14.99 - 30 days
$30.00 - 90 days
$60.00 - 180 days
$100.00 - 365 days

Please be aware that there is currently a known issue in gaining access to Full Support. Manual points purchased through the assistance of an Account Management Representative (including the gifting of points to friends or family members) will not currently provide access to Full Support. This post will be updated once this known issue has been corrected.