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    Default How To Use This Forum

    Before posting to this forum, please review the following guidelines. Threads / posts in this forum that don’t adhere to these guidelines will be closed or removed. Thanks for your participation!

    How To Use This Forum:
    DO try to get the behavior to happen more than once so you’re sure of how it happens.
    DO check the Known Issues list first! If the bug/issue you’re asking about already appears on the list, we already have all the information we need regarding it. If it is on the known issues list, please do not start a thread on it.
    DO use the search feature to ensure that someone else hasn’t already created a thread about the topic you want to post.
    DO ask for clarification/advice from others if you’ve encountered something but you’re not sure if it’s actually a bug or not.
    DO make sure that you’ve filed a bug report using the bug reporting tool! Remember, we can see whether or not you filed a bug if you claim to have sent one. Also remember: you need a forum account to use the tool - create one by going to
    DO use thread titles that clearly state what the problem is. For example:
    Positive Energy damage effects do not trigger saving throws. This is fine.
    ***>Animation! ARGH. No, that is not a good title.
    DO feel free to help other players who may have been confused about the way a game feature works.
    DO follow the existing forum rules.
    DO post in English, French, or German! French/German threads are welcome in this forum!
    DO check out existing bug guides if you’ve never dealt with bugs before:
    How NOT To Use This Forum:
    DON’T post support / account / turbine point issues here. Use the ticketing system and visit the existing support forums.
    DON’T post broad titles that aren’t clear.
    example of a bad post: “OMG game broken!!!!11!!”
    DON’T break the existing forum rules. Everything posted here must still follow them.
    Example of a bad post: “Your designers/qa/mothers suck!” NEVER bash Tom Brady.
    Seriously though, this forum is going to be strict. This is to help us to help you. Keep the rage and drama elsewhere.
    DON’T forget to send a bug report through the actual bug reporting tool. It's available in the game, and out of game as well. Threads posted in this forum are not bug reports, you still need to send us a bug report with steps to reproduce using the bug tool!
    DON’T post exploit details. If you find something in game that you think could be an exploit, file a bug report or ask by sending a PM to the QA/Community team.
    DON’T use this forum to debate designs or provide suggestions. There are other sections of our forums where this takes place, use them.
    DON’T post when you’re angry/frustrated. You’re likely to say something you’ll regret or miss an important detail in the heat of the moment. Take a deep breath, it’ll be ok.
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