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    Default Pre-Purchase FAQs

    What do I get if I pre-purchase the expansion?

    In addition to granting access to the Menace of the Underdark Expansion in June, pre-purchasing gives access to bonus items and benefits for your characters today, before the expansion launches! For a full list of available bundle benefits please visit our pre-purchase page by clicking here!

    What payment methods are available to pre-purchase the expansion?

    Payment options include credit cards, Paypal, and more. For a complete list of available payment methods for your region, please visit our pre-purchase page by clicking here!

    Can I purchase the expansion with Turbine Points and how much will it cost?

    Menace of the Underdark expansion (Update 14) content will be available for purchase with Turbine Points after the launch of Update 15 in August 2012, the first post-expansion Update. Turbine Point prices will be as follows:
    • Menace of the Underdark Adventure Packs – 2495 Turbine Points
    • Epic Destinies (account wide unlock) – 995 Turbine Points
    • Eveningstar Challenge Pack (free to VIPs) – 695 Turbine Points
    • Druid class (free to VIPs) – 1495 Turbine Points

    How do I add the expansion to my existing DDO account?

    After purchasing the expansion, a product key will be sent to your email address. Log into and enter this product key. Select “yes” to upgrade, and then select the appropriate option for your account, read and agree to the Terms of Service, and click submit.
    • If you’re interested in becoming a VIP, select the VIP plan of your choice!
    • If you’re already a VIP, simply select that plan again. You will not be billed for your new plan until the end of your current subscription.
    • If you’re a Premium or Free user, and don’t want to become a VIP, select “Game Card or Other Payment Option” and for billing info section select “I don’t have one now, I will enter one later.”

    Will I need to install anything after I pre-purchase?

    No, the game installation will remain the same after you pre-purchase and no separate download or install is needed. When Menace of the Underdark goes live for DDO players, you will have access to the expansion content.

    If I’ve purchased the expansion, will I need to reinstall to access it when it launches?

    If you already have DDO installed when the expansion releases then no, there is no need to reinstall the game. Once the expansion is available, your game launcher will download all the update data (patches) it needs.

    When do I get my pre-purchase bonus items?

    Many pre-purchase items can be used right away. There’s no need to wait until the expansion arrives in the summer, have fun with them today! The following items can be accessed and used immediately when you pre-purchase the expansion:
    • Limited Time Collector’s Edition: Greater Tome of Learning, Lesser Tome of Learning, Turbine Points, Veteran Status 4 & 7, “DDO Classics” & “DDO Epic Classics” Adventure packs, Demonweb Spiderling, Druid’s Wolf Pup, Onyx Panther cub, Figurine of Wondrous Power, Elite Spider Cult mask.
    • Standard Edition: Greater Tome of Learning, Turbine Points, Veteran Status 4, “DDO Classics” adventure pack, Demonweb Spiderling, Druid’s Wolf Pup, Spider Cult mask.
    • Base Edition: Lesser Tome of Learning, Demonweb Spiderling

    After purchasing an Expansion bundle you will receive access to account options after you apply your expansion code to your DDO account. Additionally, a “Menace of the Underdark: Pre-Purchase Ticket” will be placed in your character’s inventory after you apply your expansion code. Click on the ticket to access your character-specific bonus items, such as Creature Companions and Tomes!

    Special Note: Remember, the first character on your account that uses the ticket will receive the top-quality bonus items, which are bound to character. Subsequent characters will receive the lesser bonus items, as outlined in the bundles detail page. Check your Pre-Purchase Ticket in-game prior to redeeming it on a character to ensure you’re placing the bonus items that you want on the character you want.

    So if I pre-purchase the expansion, I can use my masks, pets, vet status, and XP tomes now on my existing characters, even though the expansion doesn’t come out until the summer?

    That’s right! Have fun with your Creature Companions and get your characters ready to take on the Forgotten Realms!

    How long do I have to pre-purchase the expansion and get the pre-purchase items?

    You can pre-purchase between February 27th and June 24th 2012. If you purchase the expansion after June 24th you will NOT receive the exclusive pre-purchase items!

    I just purchased the expansion but my account hasn’t been upgraded. What did I miss?

    You will be emailed the product key through the email address you used when completing your purchase. The code will be an alpha-numeric 25 character code. Once you receive this code, you will then need to apply the upgrade through the website.

    I pre-purchased the expansion but I didn’t get a product key, where is it?

    Your product key will be sent to the email address you used when completing your purchase. Remember to check your Spam / Junk mail folders. If you are having difficulty locating the product key, please contact Account Support at

    I have an existing Turbine account, can I upgrade it without creating a new account?

    Yes you can. When you enter your key into the website, it will ask if you if you have an existing account. If you choose ‘Yes’, then you will be given the option to enter your account information and choose which account you wish to upgrade. The nickname should match the same nickname you use to log into the game. This will apply the expansion and all benefits to your existing account.

    I have more than one subscription on the same Turbine account. How do I apply the expansion to the correct subscription?

    You will be given the option to select which subscription to upgrade when you apply the upgrade key at

    I’m a VIP. When the expansion launches, do I need to purchase the Druid class to play one?

    Nope! VIPs get free access to the Druid class, even if they don’t buy the expansion.

    I’m a VIP. When the expansion launches do I need to purchase the Challenge pack to play it?

    Nope! VIPs get free access to the Eveningstar Challenge pack, even if they don’t buy the expansion.

    So if I’m a VIP, and I don’t buy the expansion, I still get access to Druid and Challenges?


    Why would I want to pre-purchase the expansion if I’m a VIP?

    Pre-purchase of the expansion pack includes bonus items, such as Tomes of Learning. Additionally, pre-purchasing the Expansion gives you some Creature Companions which are only available via pre-purchase. These particular Creature Companions will not be available in the DDO Store at a later time, or in future expansion bundles. Be sure to check out our pre-purchase page to see a full list of all the bonus items you can get with your pre-purchase of Menace of the Underdark.

    I’m a VIP and I’m thinking of buying the Collector’s Edition bundle. It comes with some of the existing Eberron themed Adventure Packs. Do I still retain those even if I am no longer a VIP?

    Yes, if you purchase an expansion bundle that includes the “DDO Classics” and/or “DDO Epic Classics” Adventure Pack bundles, you still have access to those adventure packs even if you downgrade from VIP.

    How do I claim my Tome of Learning on the character that I want?

    After purchasing the Expansion and upgrading your account, each of your in-game character(s) will receive a voucher in its inventory for the Expansion bonus items you’re eligible for (based on the Expansion bundle you purchased). This voucher is called the “Menace of the Underdark: Pre-Purchase Ticket”. Activate the ticket on the character that you want to grant the Tome to. The remainder of your existing characters, and all future characters created on your account, can redeem the tickets for one free XP potion. Remember, the Tomes are bound to character, so only redeem the ticket on the character that you want to receive the Tome!

    SPECIAL NOTE - Limited Time Collector’s Edition: Players who purchase the Limited Time Collector’s Edition will receive vouchers on each character, but only the first character that redeems the voucher will receive the Greater Tome of Learning. Subsequent characters will receive the Lesser Tome of Learning. Be sure to redeem your first voucher on the character that you want to receive the Greater Tome of Learning.

    If I buy the Collector’s Edition I get a permanent XP tome for every character I ever make, forever? Really? Or do I just get 1 tome, and if so, how do I determine which character gets the tome?

    If you’ve pre-purchased the Limited Time Collector’s Edition, you’ll get a Greater Tome of Learning per game world for the character of your choice. Your other existing characters, and every new character you create from then on, will receive a free Lesser Tome of Learning. Redeem your “Menace of the Underdark: Pre-Purchase Ticket” on the character you want to receive the Greater Tome of Learning, and all subsequent characters that redeem the ticket will receive the Lesser Tome of Learning.

    What are Epic Destinies?

    Epic destinies are a new layer of customization in the upcoming DDO expansion, Menace of the Underdark!

    While playing Epic content with a character at level 20 or above, you will be able to advance a chosen Epic Destiny as you gain experience. Even when a character reaches the new level cap of 25, they will still have the opportunity advance a chosen Epic Destiny to unlock powerful character abilities.

    We’ll have more Developer Roundtables and guides about Epic Destinies on the DDO websites in the coming weeks.

    Can I get Epic Destinies without purchasing the expansion? Can I buy them after the Expansion launches?

    You must purchase one of the Menace of the Underdark expansion bundles to gain access to Epic Destinies when the expansion launches. Otherwise your character can still advance until level 25 gaining Epic Level advancement rewards (feats, stats, etc.) but advancement on Epic Destinies will not begin until you gain access to the system. Access to Epic Destinies will also be available for purchase in the DDO Store in August 2012 for 995 Turbine Points.

    What is a Creature Companion? What are “tricks” and “collars”?

    Creature Companions are a new cosmetic pet! You can summon and dismiss them whenever you like, and each one can perform tricks at your command such as sitting, playing dead, and more. They can also wear cosmetic gear like colored collars, glowing magical sparkles, and even festive hats . Cosmetic gear and new tricks are available in the DDO Store.

    Purchase of one of the expansion bundles also gives you the following collars for free:
    • Base Edition: 1 Yellow Creature Companion Collar
    • Standard Edition: 1 Yellow and 1 Blue Creature Companion Collars
    • Collector’s Edition: 1 Yellow, 1 Blue, and 1 Red Creature Companion Collars

    You can put all of the colors of collars on the same pet, or divide them up among your pets. To put different colors on different Companions, simply summon the Companion that you want to have that particular collar. If you want all of your Creature Companions to have multiple colors of collars, visit the DDO Store to see our latest selection of Creature Companion cosmetic gear!

    I heard that you get free collars for your pets with the expansion. How do you get them and use them?

    Your Creature Companion collar(s) will be delivered to your character’s inventory when you redeem your Menace of the Underdark: Pre-Purchase Ticket in your character’s inventory. To put your collar(s) on your Companion(s), summon the Creature Companion that you’d like to wear the collar, then double click the collar in your inventory. It will appear in your Companion Stable UI (the paw print tab in your inventory) under “gear” for the Companion that you had summoned. You can put all the collars on a single Companion, or give each of your Companions a different color collar. To put a collar on your subsequent Creature Companions, summon them and then apply a collar.

    Creature Companions don’t share their gear or tricks with each other. If you want all of your Companions to have more than one color of collar, you can pick up additional collars in the DDO Store!

    Do I get Creature Companions on every character and server or just one?

    In general, Creature Companions – and their assigned tricks/gear - are shared across all your characters per game world. For example: if you name your spider “Jeff” and put a red collar on it, the spider will be named Jeff and have the red collar whenever you summon that Companion with any character on that server.

    The Creature Companions received from pre-purchase of the Expansion are provided to your account across all DDO game worlds, but retain their names and gear per server world. So if you named your spider “Jeff” on Argonnessen server, you can pick a different name for the spider on Orien server.

    Will I be able to access the expansion content by becoming a VIP or Premium account?

    To access Menace of the Underdark you must purchase one of the expansion bundles. Note that there are bonus features that are free to VIP accounts, such as the Druid, but becoming a Premium or VIP account will not automatically grant access to the expansion. For details on the Menace of the Underdark expansion content, bonuses, and pre-purchase items, please visit our pre-purchase page by clicking here!

    I’ve entered the product key for the expansion upgrade and it asks for billing information and to choose a subscription. Isn’t DDO free to play? Am I going to be billed for a new VIP subscription if I upgrade?

    Dungeons and Dragons Online is free to play. If you upgrade your account and have an existing VIP subscription, you will not be billed until the end of your current subscription period with whatever subscription plan you chose when upgrading. If you do not want to have a reoccurring VIP subscription, you can choose the payment type “Game Card Or Other Payment Methods”, and click the box that says “I don't have one right now, I will enter one later”. This will prevent your account from being billed for a subscription payment, or if you are currently active as a VIP it will prevent your subscription from automatically billing unless you chose to reactivate it later.

    Will there be a retail box of Menace of the Underdark available for purchase?

    At this time, Menace of the Underdark is a digital download. You do not have to visit a physical retailer to receive the Expansion.

    If I don’t pre-purchase the expansion, can I still buy the pre-purchase items at a later time?

    The following item colors will not be available in the DDO Store after the pre-purchase period ends on June 24th 2012, nor will they appear in future expansion bundles:
    • Demonweb Spiderling Creature Companion
    • Druid’s Wolf Pup Creature Companion
    • Onyx Panther Cub Creature Companion
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