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    Default The Fall of Truth version 17.1 Complete Guide

    The Fall of Truth version 17.1 Complete Guide

    Hi everyone and thanks for reading.

    Patch 17.1 brought some major changes to the Fall of Truth raid making it a lot more fun and interesting by making the party pay a heavy price for making mistakes. Having to be on the ball and careful while reacting quickly and adapting is what I believe makes a raid great. I loved it in LoB and I now love it in FoT.

    1) When a dragon or giant is resurrected (due to failure of eliminating his partner giant or dragon respectively in the 10 second window) he will now return at 100% health. The only exception (thank goodness) is The Truthful One, he is resurrected at ~15% in such a case.

    2) The undead versions of the 3 dragons will now spawn regardless of the order in which you kill the dragon/giant pairs and the "aegis of ages" aka the crystal.

    3) The stormreaver now has a particularly nasty/cool/unique aoe attack that can easily wipe the whole or majority of the party in a short period of time (I will elaborate on this later on).

    The most important part to success is the correct handling of the stormreaver once he gets a hat. However this is a complete guide, or so I hope, and thus I will refer to that part at the end.

    The raid party will be subjected to many different attacks and must be prepared. Below I am listing gear and buffs that are very helpful for a successful completion:

    I believe that staying alive is done best when you eliminate that which would kill you asap so although there are many pieces of gear that would aid your survival I would recommend keeping your DPS and DC's as high as you can and only recommend 2-3 pieces of gear:

    1) Spell absorption items (Pale Lavender Ioun Stone - PLIS, Jeweled cloak, Mantle of the world shaper). The PLIS should suffice for anyone except maybe the Stormreaver's tank and whether or not it is enough to just have the PLIS is determined by the group's DPS.

    2) Ring of the Djin - Excellent for defense from the raids greatest threat (the reaver's special attack) has electrical resistance and absorption. This piece of gear can be replaced with a cannith crafted electrical absorption item and an item with electrical resistance or the ability to cast the spell.

    3) Primal prefix - Further enhances your defense against all elements

    GH, FoM, Blur, Element resistances, DW, Feather fall*.
    In order to negate Hold monster, fear effects and to mitigate damage the first 3 are very important. Feather on the party is very helpful for a cleaner start of the fight (will elaborate later).


    You and your party are, literally, pitted against 3 pairs of giants + dragons. The dragon and giant of lies (White dragon and frost giant), the dragon and giant of confusion (blue dragon and cloud giant), as well as the dragon and giant of silence (black dragon + stone giant). You will be facing new threats as the raid progresses however this is what you will have to deal with at the start.

    Ideally you'll want to have the dps focused on the same target and switch targets as you go along while having any other threats kited/tanked by players with self healing or damage avoidance ability.

    The advantage of feather fall is the extra few seconds where the enemy is visible but cannot harm you. This time is best used by the designated kiters to range and get agro over their respective targets and for the dps party to close the distance to the first target.

    Due to the fact that the giant of confusion (blue robed cloud giant) agro changes randomly and that the dragon of silence (black dragon) is always aggrod by the stormreaver I like to use the following kill order:

    The kill order should be determined prior to the actual engagement, all party members should have a firm grasp of what they are about to do, the leader must make sure of this by being as clear as possible and encouraging that question be asked. The party members should indeed ask if they are uncertain about anything.

    Depending on the raid party toon resources kiting/tanking can be done with more or less redundancy however these rolls are imo must have.

    1)Non current target kiter.
    This person will be in charge of grabbing agro of whatever isn't the current party's target which isn't already occupied by the stormreaver (which is, for now, on our side). The easiest and safest way to kite these targets is to simply tag them and not inflict serious damage in order to allow the easy pealing off of targets by the dps party. That being said you can have a fury archer string all the targets with many shot or a shiradi caster blast indiscriminately with chain missile and meteor swarm if you have some people that are handy with intimidate. Shiradi casters should turn their double rainbow off at this time in order to avoid perma dots, these can easily do more harm then good as they are uncontrollable dps.

    This roll can be divided into multiple people in order to reduce the chance of the kiter dying or having the party subjected to breath weapons debuffs along with the breath weapon that will press on that vulnerability (each dragon breath confers a vulnerability to a different element).

    2)Truthful one kiter/tank
    This person has to take control over The Truthful one ASAP once the first dragon/giant pair is felled.
    Once agro is established get the boss away from the dps party and the other kiters.

    The giants are spell casters. You will find yourself in the middle of a Dancing ball frequently if measures aren't taken. Anyone with the ability to use gust of wind or cyclonic blast should mind the dancing balls on the field and use their abilities to clear them. It's pretty easy and helps a lot especially to low will toons. In order to avoid the breath weapon whomever in the dps party has agro over the dragon should fight on his neck, not on his mouth. Fighting as close as possible to the dragons body will cause his breath weapon to overshoot you. This can help a lot and so the person in the DPS party that has the currently targeted dragon agro should do so.

    The dragons breath weapon confers a vulnerability debuff to a certain element (different from dragon to dragon), getting hit with a vulnerability and then from a breath weapon of it's type could be devastating so would being hit by a breath weapon while turned to stone (black dragon) or freezed (white dragon). It is best to keep the dragons separated. Hitting the dragons will spawn trash, this cannot be avoided since you must kill the dragons however this should be controlled. Any toon with aoe dps should help in order to clear the trash. A toon with Master's Blitz* can do wonders.

    *Since the stormreaver will be fighting the black dragon (unless someone agros the black dragon) he will cause a bunch of undead trash to spawn around him. This is a perfect place for a LD to charge his masters blitz however it comes at a risk of being away from your healers, near the breath weapon that can stone you, the potential to be overwhelmed and the possibility to agro the black dragon and add a new threat to the party. You can add a lot to the partys dps if you get your blitz going but you may also die or worse, act with caution.


    This segment is for the general process. Once the first pair as well as when the second pair is eliminated the raid setting changes and this change will be addressed later on.

    The giant of each pair is significantly weaker then his dragon counterpart with regard to damage and hp.
    The dragon should be kited while the giant is being prepped. Once the giant is at 10% health have the person with agro over the giant stay on him while the rest of the dps party switches to the respective dragon. The idea behind this is to use the dps of the person with agro on the giant to prep the giant to a sliver and thus allowing the dps party to go all out on the dragon, while informing the person with the giant's agro when to drop him. There are many ways to coordinate the dragon + giant drop however this is the one I prefer.


    At this point The Truthful one enters the frey. It is best that the dps party steers clear of the boss and only resume the dragon/giant pair eliminating once The Truthful one kiter/tank has him under control and at a safe place. Once The Truthful one is taken care of get back to business. Don't rush at this point, a well placed breath attack for him or badly placed for you can kill off party members instantly.


    This point of the raid used to carry major significance, not any more. Destroying the crystal before or after the the last dragon pair does not effect the spectral dragons spawn (yes! you get to fight undead dragons!). Best to eliminate the third pair and then worry about the crystal since once the reaver gets a hat (dominated by The Truthful one once the crystal is destroyed) you want a neutral environment as possible. The random damage the crystal ray does isn't fun but not at all devastating.


    The battlefield is minimized to your party The Truthful one the crystal and a soon to be very nasty stormreaver.
    This is a great time to regroup, raise the fallen and rebuff. At this time you can also plan out your final battle positioning mostly according to the stormreavers location. Once your party is ready (rebuffed, briefed and reaver tank in position) go ahead and finish off the crystal.


    You will now face the stormreaver which up until now you didn't realize how fortunate you were to have him on your side this long. I will first elaborate on his special (amazing) attack and then the strategy to handle it.

    3 - 2 - 1 - BOOM!

    The reaver roars and inflicts, what I will call, the lightning virus onto an cone area in front of him. Anyone within this area will be infected and will have a message saying so flash across his screen and you will see a dark shroud surrounding you. This cannot be evaded or negated by any means, if you are there you will get it.

    A count down starts 3-2-1 BOOM! this is your chance to get back to full health if you aren't there already and to put on a spell absorption item. What happens at the boom? glad you asked! You are hit by 5 effects:
    1) Lightning strike - deals lightning damage however this can be evaded.
    2) Electrical vulnerability debuff - Can be negated by spell absorption items
    3) Reflex save debuff - Can also be negated by spell absorption items.
    4) Virus leap*
    5) Virus sustenance*

    *my chosen names, will elaborate further down

    Any toon can stand this punishment as long as they still have charges in their spell absorption items but once those are depleted you will get stacking ref save and electric vulnerabilities penalties making it harder to evade untill impossible (your reflex save can become negetive) and each hit will hurt a great deal. Only way to clear the debufs is either dying or not being hit by them again until a minute has passed, unfortunately the reaver can use this attack a good few times within a minute.

    Still not impressed with the special attack and cannot understand how so many party members died from it so fast? Well I called it a it a lightning virus for a reason and it just keeps getting better!

    When the count down finishes and the "BOOM!" hits the virus will arc to any nearby allies acting like a chain lightning with infinite loops. Anyone within a rather large range of an infected party member will get the virus and have the 3-2-1-BOOM! countdown started (just as if you were hit with the stormreavers initial attack). So this is pretty bad right? It gets better! I mean worse...

    What could be worse then an attack that hits hard? An attack that hits hard and keeps hitting you repeatedly!
    The virus will sustain itself as long as it can arc, meaning that as long as you are within range of another person the virus will arc again and will start the countdown again for another boom. This process can go on indefinitely, there is only one way to stop it from repeating this and that is by having all infected party members away from one another and away from any non infected party member. Of course a dead party member is no longer infected so that's a relief.


    1) Stormreaver infects you with the lightning virus
    2) You and any infected party members receive a countdown
    3) BOOM! You are hit by lightning that can be evaded and ref save/elect vulnerability that can be absorbed
    4) Virus checks if any party member is within range. If yes GO to 5 if no GO to 6
    5) Virus arcs onto any party member within range of any infected party member. GO to 2
    6) Virus dies out.

    Sufficiently disturbed? Good! It is the special ability of a purple name in the highest level raid in the game so you should be!

    Now that we understand what we are facing lets talk strategy:


    As the other dragon/giant pairs the giant has far less hp then the dragon and his physical attacks pale in comparison. The stormreaver must be kept far away from the main group at all times! Well that is important enough to say again. The stormreaver must be kept far away from the main group at all times. Having to deal with the lightning virus is bad news and will kill off your party in a most amusing fashion! In order to have this distance it is best to position The Truthful one at 12 o'clock and the Stormreaver at 8. Why not 12 and 6? Good question that will be answered shortly.

    The stormreaver is best tanked or kited within a small area and should also be DPS'ed by a ranged toon that is positioned away from the party (I'll explain why this is important in the next part of the fight). Whether or not the tank uses ranged as his main weapon he should carry a ranged weapon. Being close to the stormreaver will get you tossed in the air eventually and will reset the reavers agro. You will need to use ranged weapons to keep the reaver in check quickly b4 he gets to close to the party. The ranged toon must mind the tank and stop dps'ing when the tank is flung. This will assure that the tank regains agro and not the support.

    The Truthful one is best tanked smack against the wall both to keep max distance between the dps party and the Stormreaver and to avoid his annoying fireballs that he tosses when he lifts off in the air (the fireballs will collide with the stone wall and won't reach the tank). Due to The Truthfull one's AI it is best for anyone but the tank to attack the dragon from the side and target his rib cage. All melle should attack from the same side so mass heals will get them all.


    The spectral dragon will appear at a certain time that seems to be set rather then an hp mark on The Truthful one. These dragons are undead and are reasonably dangerous since they still have the elemental debuffs in their breath attacks. Good news is they die when The Truthful One and the Stormreaver die and so there is not need to kill them. They are best kited at 4 o'clock while the Stormreaver is at 8 and the Truthfull one is at 12 (or any phase to that positioning). The Kiter must kite in a rather small area in order to avoid being hit by the lightning virus or worse being hit by it and passing it to the dps party.

    By the time the dps party preps The Truthful One, the Stormreavers tank and the ranged support should have the Stormreaver prepped as well. Kill off the Truthful one and then the Stormreaver. This is when where the ranged dps is important, both to get the Stormreaver down if he decides to kick off his tank at the drop time and if The Truthful one decides to fly off.

    So you completed! Grats! What else to do then run for the chests and grab your well earned loot?! Ho I know, of course! Run together with the rest of the party members to the same spot in the center... with the Stormreavers tank... all nice and close together... yup... BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! the lightning virus will have a field day but all is good the raid is done This is very amusing however you may choose to skip it and have the Stormreavers tank wait till the lightning virus dies before getting to the chests. To all my dear friends in Wanderlust, i'm sure you'll like this part

    I Hope this guide aids you in your endeavourers and to all my fellow adventurers good luck and fortune!
    Thank you for reading, any constructive criticism is more then welcomed :-)

    My toons:

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    Great guide, +1 sir!

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    +1,excellent guide,i really hope that people read that before stepping into the raid.

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    Default nice one Gold

    I can attest, this method works well. Gold did a great job on this as usual.
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    Very nice walk through.

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    Good job Gold on penning this guide.
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    Default bump

    Cool, Thanks for posting this. Will come in handy !
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    +1 will try and use this my next run
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    Thanks for a constructive guide explaining the specifics of the new changes, and possible ways to deal with them.

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    +1 to you sir for a very nice guide that actually explains stuff for people.
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    excellent explanation.
    Already done it twice in more or less similar fashion.

    However, I dont buy that this is the way to avoid bomb attack(or more precisely - debuff).

    Look at abbot. U can ether jump into water(iceberg) or use lavender. Lets call 1st option the right one to do it.

    I believe that there should be an option to avoid the boom. After our last run someone suggested, that lightning strikes from globes that we know from reavers fate. Shouldn't it be possible to hide from it under the roof at the edge of area?
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    Very good of you to put this up, +1 and thanks.

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    Thanks for posting this but you forgot the parts where the lag hits and you almost wipe!

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    Probably a great guide but some colors and bold font would make it better.
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    Thanks so much for this guide. +1
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    Thanks for writing it all out much appreciated.
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    Great guide!

    I have a question, since I was assigned to the Stormreaver several times:

    Quote Originally Posted by Blue_wizards View Post
    In order to have this distance it is best to position The Truthful one at 12 o'clock and the Stormreaver at 8. Why not 12 and 6? Good question that will be answered shortly.
    Is there a way to kite the Stormreaver such that cone-shaped area of his lightning infection doesnt hit the party? From my experience, whenever I tried to kite him, at some points of time he was turned towards the party. And if he decided to cast his infection cone at this time, party members got infected. Therefore I had to stand in the corner and shield-block/dot him, which drains the absorbtion charges rather fast, since he tends to cast the bomb more often when tanked.

    Thanks again for this excellent guide!

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    Blue several different points. First what difficulty are you talking about epic hard or epic elite there are differences for each difficulty? Here are some other various tidbits.
    -Feather fall I actually don't like really that much on the initial drop down. It matters a little bit more on epic elite (i.e. I like to get on my targets quick on ee) but I prefer not having it.
    -I still like the Lies set first, but whatever the order of the other two does not matter on the various difficulties. The big change is to kill all three sets before you take down the crystal.
    -When prepping the three sets only take them down to 10%+ so you do not get in danger of killing them all off and them coming back to full health.
    -The stormreaver when he drops now prior to the crystal comes back at full health. This means there is more flexibility on epic elite difficulty with prepping the sets. The truthful can fight the stormreaver longer before he drops. This gives the party more flexibilty with prepping sets on epic elite.
    -The Stormreaver tactics: You can either tank the stormreaver or kite the stormreaver around the north pillars. It is much easier to tank the stormreaver on epic hard then it is to kite around the pillars. On epic elite I am not sure yet what are the thresholds so I can tell what is better yet, but have feeling tanking is better, but it requires a more particular build then epic hard.
    -Tactics for kiting: You get aggro on the stormreaver and do a tight loop around the pillars in the North. Basically the stormreaver never faces you and therefore he never does his bomb attack in part and he wants to melee you instead of do his bomb attack in additoin. A healer healing the kiter on epic elite makes this much easier on the kiter.
    -Tactics for tanking: Spell Absorbtion Items are not required to tank the reaver. Actually several builds can solo tank the stormreaver and self heal themselves without need of any outside healing on epic hard.

    -You get aggro on the stormreaver and either tank the stormreaver up top on the north stairs or you tank the reaver at the base of the steps. The melee grab the truthful one and tank the truthful one in the south at the opposite location i.e. if the stormreaver tank has the stormreaver up top the melee have the Truthful one at the base of the steps and vice versa. The reason for this is the boom attack is a cone attack which will never hit the melee if the tank the truthful one in those locations - if the stormreaver tank has any issues the melee do not die.

    -The best tank build has a means of getting and retaining aggro (archer, sword and board, monk that has very good defense) and has some sort of combination of following: improved evasion, energy sheath electric, electric absorbtion, unyielding sentenial shield block, high healing amp, high hit points, self healing such as cocoon or silver flame or lay on hands, spell absorbtion item, some physical resistance. Note: not all the above is required on epic hard.

    -I managed to keep myself up with a non improved evasion tank, no electrical energy absorbtion, no spell absorbtion, 1k tank, (had unyielding block and energy sheath), using silver flame pots and lay on hands while the healer healing me got careless and died and then the rest of the fight, I lost aggro in teh last 15% of reaver health, but was able to get it back with intimidate and generally kept aggro whole time by just swinging and the archer not being too aggressive. A better character then mine would have even had an easier time of it.

    -Of course you need to have the Stormreaver facing away from the group as much as possible. Also have a ranged character range some after the other character gets aggro and serve as back up as needed - this player should stay away from the rest of the group of course and range from the side.

    -One hint I heard regarding spell absorbtion items is to switch them in when the ticks get greater so you do preserve charges, but not really necessary to have a spell absorbtion item.

    -on Epic Elite I do not know thresholds. We have just used the kiting method, but still learning the raid and think possible to tank on epic elite as well - you just need more of the stuff I listed.

    -Fighting the truthful one is no big deal on epic hard, but epic elite it is a big deal. There were two methods prior to this update for fighting the truthful one on ee. One is kiting the truthful one, but there is now less room to kite with the undead dragons spawning and the reavers boom attack so tanking maybe way to go of that I am not sure.
    -Tanking the truthful and meleeing the truthful is complicated but some players have it figured out well. You do not want to get hit by the tail slap so you move then as a group and then re-engage. An evasion tank is best here either a monk with high physical resistance or an evasion pally. We eventually got into a nice rhythm on ee the other day, but it takes some practice I think for epic elite.
    -The undead dragons can either be kited or killed. On epic hard I think the best thing probably to do is kill them because they do not have many hit points. You just take them slightly away from the truthful one and fight them in the position so the boom cone will not ever reach you.
    - I am not sure how best to handle them on epic elite. Kiting in general requires more skill then killing so I tend to like to kill rather then kite unless there is a significant time saver to kite or it is very easy to kite something.

    I have been trying to find people that want to do this raid on epic elite on Khyber. I tend to get 8 solid people and 4 questionable people which on epic elite is not a good thing, but have gotten both the reaver and truthful one down to 50% on the two attempts we tried so let me know if you are interested.
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    Default ioun stones

    while running this raid for the first time since the changes last night i as always had my trusty pale lavender ioun stone equiped and it worked great till it broke (with 22 charges left) i then died over and over..... my suggestion is to have the (atleast) EH jeweled cloak as a back up handy......

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    Quote Originally Posted by fangblackhawk View Post
    while running this raid for the first time since the changes last night i as always had my trusty pale lavender ioun stone equiped and it worked great till it broke (with 22 charges left) i then died over and over..... my suggestion is to have the (atleast) EH jeweled cloak as a back up handy......
    You do not need these and in fact it is best never to become dependent on any particular item. Turbine will eventually nerf items like these.
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