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Thread: class trees

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    Default class trees

    done with daz3d,, and lots of fun

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    nice :O

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    Talking tree hugger... Thats blizzard I think.... how about a comedian death for the bad miss

    now when I see the effort in that picture, I think of death (the SIMS character) with a cell phone or a board and laser pointer describing the game plan and where it went wrong) . . . you know the kinda guy in sims who would use your toilet, the kinds guy in family guy that would you know engage issues of character death, have a charisma.

    If that picture does not tickle your funny bone failed stop bleeding save: death shows up and nudges you with his foot.... Yep
    I could list the thousand ways such an NPC could lighten up the tension. It's so fun to watch characters light barrels of powder and blow themselves up, death could explain explosives on schema.... I mean some kids are funny, reflect upon art and incorporate humor please

    Thats why this picture is good. The Static wigling NPC, are charismatic.... I don't want to die... panic is funny. Cheers to all who love GAminG !!! Cheerst DDO and you artist of the week, month year

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