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    Default Elven FuryShotSoul

    Given the devs current loves of clerics (long past due). "Oh we need to upgrade the Protection Tree to Warpriest tree! I guess FVS can get that too." "Divine Avenger? Where?" *design tossed into trash, soaked in 151, firebombed*

    So it's pretty obvious we are no longer the "Favored" Soul. So screw being Favored. Time to go Furied Soul!

    *Design below is based on the last nonNDA'ed enhancement set coming with the next expansion... I may or may not have checked it on the current NDA'ed beta forums for validity*

    As this design is skin of the teeth feat wise and stats and it has so many things to do... probably not for the novice. Do I adrenaline many shot? Do I tick DP? Should I melee for Overwhelming Force trip (and faster Fury Eternal building)? Or should I hjeal? Or should I wing it out of dodge? Energy Drain? My character swapping to this build has also eaten at least +3 tomes and a few +4/5's.

    Build Goals:
    • Energy Drain for nuking almost half a mobs life (aka FVS 18)
    • Elven - because they're not ugly.
    • FuryShot Damage Capability - Fury of the Wild + Manyshot + Overwhelming Crit (no 10k stars though)
    • Raid Healing capability (otherwise this would be a different class)
    • AoV archon and DP damage

    I like how the new enhancements give Aerenal elves a bonus to both Rapier and Longbow (Balizarde and Pinion!). So as long as we're elf, might as well crank up the ranged damage with some potential for melee damage when manyshot is down, ranged isn't an option or you just want to hit things. Plus elven SP's and some to-hit dex bumps. Also FVS silverflame bow damage bumps. Given you're not a dc caster in anyway, all your spellslots (and more SP's) can go towards buffs/healing/some damage spells. Fury works with both TWF and Ranged pretty evenly. Fury will give HP's and selectable damage bumps. Adrenalin Overload when you can damage and hjeal when you need to. Also SilverFlame for added ranged damage. Divine Foucs & Power for more damage. Tons of damage gear to make you competitive.

    Stats (36pt):
    S: 16, D: 16, Con: 12, I: 10, W: 14, Cha: 14
    (Con seems low but Fury will help with HP's at epic levels (I was over 800 w/o buffs) and if you're having HP problems at lower levels, get better gear or move 2 str points into con... shrug).

    Feat Leveling:
    (stat levelups into Str, Silver Flame FVS route).
    Ranger2/Fvs18 (Ranger levels at 1, 15 for most skills).
    1: (ranger level): PA (req by Cleave)
    3: Cleave (req by GCleave)
    6: Maximize (req for Angel of Vengeance 1 and all around good)
    9: Great Cleave (req by OvrWhelmCrit)
    12:IC: Ranged (req by OvrWhelmCrit)
    15 (ranger) : [TWF, Rapid Shot], ITWF
    18: Point Blank Shot (req by Manyshot)
    21: Overwhelming Crit
    24: Manyshot
    27: Quicken

    Balance, Jump, Heal, Tumble +4 at start. Try to keep Spellcraft, UMD, Concentration maxed as you level which isn't all that possible unless you have a +4 int tome. (sorry). I did get Heal to 10 or so (Use the ranger level at 15 to bring up lagging Conc then Heal).

    Sense Weakness and other awesome stuff. Specifically: Tunnel Vision, Primal Scream, Acute Instinct, Damage Reduction, Sense Weakness, Overwhelming Force, Fury Eternal, Unbridled Fury, and then optional str or con or gird against demons.
    Twists: (4)Energy Burst, (2)Damage Boost or Saves or Fort or YOUPICK, (1)Endless Faith 3 or Energy Sheath or Cocoon

    (Based on public preview 2nd round):
    • Aura of Menace/ Summon Archon/ Shield of Condemnation
    • Force Arrows t3 (d6 force + 3d10 burst on crit)
    • Conjure Arrows
    • Aerenal Weapon Training (x4) +4 tohit/damage with rapiers/longbows/longswords
    • Arcane Archer (base) Bow is spell power implement.
    • Aracanum (elf) t3 (+100 SP, +3 spen)
    • Cha+1
    • Efficient Maximize t2 (-6SP on max)
    • Elven Accuracy t3 (+6% attack)
    • Elven dex +2
    • Energy of the wild +60 spell points (AA sp buff)
    • Evocation Focus +1
    • Far shot (+1 SA die and 5m extra ranged sa distance)
    • Font of power (AoV base) +80 sp, +40 spell power
    • Intense Faith (all fire, force, light and physical damage spells caster level +3)
    • Zealous Faith (all fire, force, light and physical damage spells maximum level +3)
    • Protection (base) +2 AC, +3 spell power (only 4 ranks spent in tree)
    • Toughness +15HP (Protection tree)
    • Scourge t2: +3 spell power to fire,force,light,physical everytime you cast one - stacks up to 6x with 1x decay every 6s.
    • Skill (Elven Weapon Training top tier): +3% dodge, +3%bypass dodge, +3% ranged/melee doublestrike
    • Smiting t4 (+8% crit chance for fire, force, light and physical damage spells)
    • Vengeful Magic +1% spell crit at 75% health, +1 dc at 50% health +50% crit mult at 25% health.
    • Wand and Scroll Mastery 2 (+50%)
    • Whirling Blades t1 (+1 hit/damage when dual wielding)

    In testing I was seeing 2-3k energy bursts, 2-3k adrenaline (19-20's) (a 4k on a helpless), crazy manyshot damage especially with Fury Eternal running. Plus you have the level damage bumped bbarriers, divine punishments. Energy Drain first hits to steal ~half an EE mobs HP's.

    Gear wise there will be lots of new stuff once this build is possible so it's tough to speculate. Don't think you could go wrong now though with Pinion, Planar Focus of Prowess, Halcyon Boots, Epic Black Armor and Helm. You know... the simple stuff that's just laying around.

    No mass-heal. I dropped it recently on my currently FVS18/Monk2 for Energy Drain. Haven't really missed it. Saves wise not crazy good... not too bad and you could twist energy sheath when needed (EE blue dragon), though I also use a Ring of the Djinn.

    Interested in others constructive thoughts. I have played ranged but not recently. The build is mostly for EE questing/raiding when most of the people you're playing with may be self-sufficient, they can often spend more time on damage if they don't have to run out of combat after a HUGE hit (beyond Cocoon). Plus Deathward mass, Heal and resurrection are nice. You could obviously do 16/2/2 similar builds (2 paly or 2 monk) if you don't mind losing SP's, energy drain, and a few other spells or 15/5 if you wanted to tier5 one of the ranger trees and only splash AoV. Will also have to update with Warpriest updates... though I believe that's post expansion.
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    (Combat): You sneak attack Kobold for 12,888 points of pierce damage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gratch View Post
    Energy Drain first hits to steal ~half an EE mobs HP's.
    What quest and mob? That result seems out of the ordinary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Carpone View Post
    What quest and mob? That result seems out of the ordinary.
    I like the build. Have not really played around with energy drain as for me it has always been a choise of Implosion vs. Mass Heal. Can anyone confirm that this spell works like this. Description only says 2d4 neg levels and with how high the EE mob CRs are I doubt it should have that much impact? +don't the EE mobs regenerate lost levels at crazy speed?

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    I'm still flipping between two enhancement setups. One going more balanced with AoV tier 5's, and some tempest and some deepwood sniper and some AA (force arrows and create arrows being key). I've also used the ELF side to fully access tier 5 AA. (the crazy number in the second post of this thread was self buffing, using pin, and then an adrenalized slayer arrow). There's a lot of power and options in that AA tree.

    BTW. I love how there's a lot of positive spell power stacking from the first tier of Deepwood Sniper. Over 300 positive spell power now w/o any temporary spower buffing effects (this is in AoV configuration). Makes raid healing much easier. Really anxious to get Quicken once I get to L27... just to make spells cast faster (and go off in the middle of EE opponents).

    As a guildy noted, you can use scrolls of energy drain as well... though at a slower casting rate and with the price of flipping weapons.

    As for how many HP it rips... it does depend on the die roll of 2d4 negatives, but on a fresh human enemy (where I can see HP's) the 5k EE Hp's often go somewhere near or under 3k. Obviously this build doesn't really do well with implosion having no dedication to DC's. Since I'm not carrying other DC spells I have the 3 mass cures from L6-8 and didn't feel mass heal was needed (though it is nice when most of the raid melee gets fatigued or poisoned such as shroud).

    Said ripping is also only from undamaged monsters. If they're already part way down in hp's you wont do much in hp removal. Though it is a doubled ranged spell.
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    Hmmmm ... Looks fun. Pretty sure one of my +20 hearts will be used to give this a try.

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    Really been liking this build (almost L28). It's like you have a healer for EE's or Raid's but you can also contribute with massive burst DPS to all sorts of combat and mostly do it outside of the mobs reach. Ofc like all the ranged builds littering this forum, the biggest gearing requirement is Pinion which is just leaps and bounds beyond all other available bows. Just lucky to get mine on a 40th list (before they broke reward lists and citw completion counters).

    Looking at a very similar purposed but slightly alternate build of 17Fvs/2Monk/1Ranger.

    This drops out energy drain and some Fvs sp (but keeps wings). The feat setup stays the same as the 2 monk bonus feats are used to replace the 2 lost Ranger2 feats of Rapid Shot, TWF (obviously not direct swap for Rapid Shot). Adds in evasion and access to some monk enhancements.


    Sorry. Bad joke. Maybe they'll replace that horrible enhancement along with the Warpriest roll out in the first content patch.
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    Would Precise Shot + IPS be better than Overwhelming+prereqs? OC is about +10% damage but hitting more than one mob at a time is nice too, and saving feats can't hurt either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bart_D View Post
    Would Precise Shot + IPS be better than Overwhelming+prereqs? OC is about +10% damage but hitting more than one mob at a time is nice too, and saving feats can't hurt either.
    Yeah... I had thought about PS+IPS+GTWF+<Something> to replace OCrit+Cleave+GCleave+PA but I wasn't really having a terrible time against loads of trash in parties (though there are some annoying mass spawns in some of the Wheloon stuff that you could kite and IPS through). But I went with Overwhelming Crit since it was moreso the boss dps I was after. I could see someone who solo's more preferring better group mob damage.... though blade barrier+energy burst+primal scream is nice at clearing out non-evasion mobs even in EE. Depends on where you want to go with it.
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    Ok ... So I have re built one of my old toons ..... Problem is I will need one more lesser TR to get rid of 2 more ranger levels.

    Currently sitting at 16 FVS / 4 Ranger. Monday will be 18 FVS / 2 Ranger

    Now I am having some issues and maybe you guys can steer me in the right direction. I already run an Elven AA Bard Spellsinger ( 16 Bard / 2 Ranger / 2 Fighter ) that is very good as a healer and puts out a decent amount of damage with the bow. So I kind of have some practice in this type of toon

    So here are the current issues I am seeing with my FVS build.

    - Heals / cures / spells and wands seem very low ( using 75% amp )

    - Blade barriers hit much MUCH lower than my Arti

    - DPS on bow is OK at best

    - Spell pen is horrible in comparison to my bard

    - largest number I have seen on heal spell is 280 ( brutal and will get a FAIL as a healer in pretty much any quest.

    ********** OK now here are the things that may or may not be causing it. **********

    - lesser TRd from on old school bowbarian so I am no where near the FVS ED ... But slowly grinding away at it ...... I refuse to spend TP on anything Epic related

    - I went Elf instead of Human ( all 25 toons are elf .. Not swapping now hehe )

    - I'm currently only lvl 20 so the roadwatch bows and other decent ranged toys are still in the bank

    - gear is not fully based around a healer as of yet ( don't really know what it is I am looking for )

    Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.


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    Current Enhancements and Item Setup (post U19Patch3) (as requested... possibly by someone... or maybe I'm just bumping this thread... )

    Armor: Epic Black Dragon Robe, Slotted: Natural Armor 7
    Head: Helm of Black Dragon: IDex3, Blue Slot: Hvy Fort, Yellow/Colorless Slot: ICha2
    Boots: Halcyon Boots: Dex8, Striding30, Potency 80, Slotted: Topaz of Power 250, Globe of Imp Blood (or Con1 like I have)
    Ring1: Guardian Ring: PRR24, Str8, Slotted Cha 8
    Ring2: Seal of Avithoul: SA5, ESA3, IWis2, Imp Deception
    Cloak: Random: Deadly 10 of Resist 10
    Eyes: Shadowsight Goggles: Wisdom 11, Accuracy 10, Ethereal, Green: Good Luck 2
    Wrist: Random: Con 10 of Seeker 10
    Hands: Gauntlets of Immortality: Heal 20, Devotion 120, Healing Lore 16% Slotted: Diamond of Vitality, Spellcraft+15,
    Neck: Shroud HP Necklace of Displacement Clicky and Smoke (20% blur perm)
    Trinket: Planar Focus of Prowess Con+3
    Belt: Epic Spare Hand: UMD3, Doublestrike3%, Slotted: False Life+40, Master's Gift 5%
    Quiver: Quiver of Poison EE
    Weapon: Pinion, Dual wield Balizardes.
    (Swap in shroud sp cloak at shrines/prequest).
    (Swap in crazy high Fire spell power/lore item when you need a bigger energy burst).

    Elven: 25 AP
    6: Elven Core: Dex+2, Accuracy+4%, +8meters ranged SA
    8: Aerenal Weapon Training +4/4 hit/damage with longbows/rapiers
    6: Arcanum 3: +100sp, 3 spell pen
    1: Skill: +3% dodge, +3% dodge bypass, +3% doubleshot, +3% doublestrike
    4: Elven Arcane Archer Unlock

    Warpriest: 4 AP
    1: Smite Foe
    3: Divine Might Cha bonus added to Insightful Strength for 2 mins (+11 Str)

    Deepwood Sniper: 1AP
    1: Core 1 +1 SA dice, +10 pos spell power, +5meters ranged SA

    Elven AA: 34 AP
    7: Core: Implement spell power bonus for equipped bows, aligned arrows, metalline arrows, morphic arrows (breaks blunt/slash dr).
    2: Conjure Arrows
    2: Energy of the Wild: 60SP
    6: Force Arrows 3
    6: Inferno Arrow 3 (damage is only okay on this one but will put an okay 20x DoT on mob during manyshot (3s cooldown) Can move points into other preferred enh to help get the 30 AP to unlock slayer arrows.
    1: Terror Arrows (to unlock Slayer)
    4: Dex+2
    2: Paralyzing Arrows (to unlock Slayer)
    2: Arrow of Slaying
    2: Runebow
    While the effects of Soul Magic are nice (temp SP per arrow) it really can kick some heavy lag or at the minimum annoying repetitive FX during manyshot.

    Angel of Vengeance: 16 AP
    1: Core +1 USP and +2 SP per AP spent in AoV tree
    6: Smiting 3 +6% crit chance for positive, light, fire spells
    6: Efficient Maximize 3
    2: Scourge 2
    1: Wand and Scroll Mastery 1 (though I don't often use scroll healing)

    I've tried it with more AA (to get last core tier) as well as respec out of AA and take some tempest (more rapier twf) and top tiers of AOV (bigger blade barriers/spells). Sort of happy with the enh set above for good bow burst damage and good enough raid healing capability.
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    Thanks for the update on this .... I can see for sure where I need a couple changes

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