We are very pleased to announce that character Undeletes are again available! Similar to the recently reactivated Guild renames, this Premium Service will be free to all players who have VIP access or have purchased Turbine Points in the last 45 days.

Players can only have one Premium Service open at a time (Guild renames included). If a player has more than one Premium Service request open, the second one will be closed and the player will need to submit a new one later. Additionally, we can only accept one character per Undelete Request. Single requests that contain more than one character will not be processed.

As Undeletes have been unavailable for a few months, we expect a large number of these requests to be coming in right now. Please be aware that there may be extended delays at first, due to high volume. We appreciate your patience.

-Carpe Noctem

P.S. Expect an announcement about the current status of character transfers sometime next week!