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Thread: Know your Enemy

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    Default Know your Enemy

    Specifically I am going to list EVERY SINGLE ONE of my Active Characters.

    Perhaps others could follow my lead so as we {specifically newbies to the forums} could get an idea of who we are.

    This is me in March 2017:

    Here we go:


    EnochPagett {Human}
    1st Life: 20 FvS 16 / Ftr 4
    2nd Life: 20 Paladin 18 / Ftr 2
    3rd Life: 20 Paladin
    4th Life: 20 Druid {Fire Elemental}
    5th Life: 24 Druid {Fire Elemental}
    6th Life: 20 Druid 12 / Barb 5 / Fighter 3
    7th Life: 12 Barb 13 / Fighter 2
    +6 All Stats
    +3 Concentration, Heal, Intim
    +2 Melee Power
    +1 Bluff, MRR
    Molineux {Warforged}
    1st Life: 20 WF Spellsinger
    2nd Life: 20 WF Earth Savant
    3rd Life: 28 WF FvS 18 / Ftr 2
    4th Life: 30 BF Paladin
    5th Life: 22 WF Druid
    6th Life: 15 WF Barbarian 12 / Ftr 4
    +8 All Stats
    +5 Listen
    +4 Balance, Haggle, Repair
    +3 Bluff, Concentration, Heal, Intim, Spellcraft
    +2 Diplo, Spot, Swim
    Larystessian Caravardian {Elf}
    1st Life: 20 Wizard 18 / Rogue 2
    2nd Life: 20 Druid 12 / Rogue 8
    3rd Life: 22 Druid 13 / Rogue 7 {Magister}
    4th Life: 30 Morninglord Warlock 16 / Rogue 3 / Cleric 1
    5th Life: 22 Morninglord Cleric 14 / Warlock 6
    +6 All Stats
    +4 Concentration, Haggle, Intim, Open Lock, Search, Spellcraft
    +3, Bluff, Disable, Heal, Hide, Listen, Move Silently, Spot, Swim
    Lieuk Skywalker {Elf}
    1st Life: Pure Shintao 28,28,28,28,22
    2xMartial: Fortitude + Doublestrike
    1xPrimal: Fast Healing
    1xArcane: Wpn Enchant
    5k Favour

    2nd Life: 28 Morninglord Ftr 10 / Monk 9 / Clr 1
    3rd Life: 30 Morninglord Ftr 12 / Monk 7 / Clr 1
    4th Life: 20 Human Ftr 12 / Monk 8
    +5 Dex
    +4 Con, Int, Wis, Balance
    +3 Cha, Str, Concentration, Heal, Hide, Jump, Listen, Spellcraft, Spot, Tumble
    +2 Bluff, Search, PRR, MRR, Melee Power
    +1 Intimidate
    Jelina Athenis {Human}
    1st Life: 25 Cleric 17 / Ftr 3
    2nd Life: 28 Cleric
    3rd Life: 30 Paladin {Unyielding Sentinel}
    +8 All Stats
    +4 Spellcraft
    +3 Balance, Concentration, Heal
    Sylveria Levalle {Drow}
    1st Life: 20 Rogue Mech {Rogue 15/Arti 3/Ftr 2}
    2nd Life: 20 Druid
    3rd Life: 22 Arti 12 / Rog 8
    +6 All Stats
    +3 Disable, Search, Spot
    +2 Concentration, Hide, Open Lock
    Celeia Curtis {Human}
    Crafting Level 282
    1st Life: 20 Rogue/Ftr/Barb
    2nd Life: 25 Artificer
    3rd Life: 21 Arti 18 / Rogue 2
    +4 Str, Search
    +3 Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha, Disable, Haggle
    +2 Heal, Open Lock, UMD
    +1 Tumble
    Mihtycricket {Dwarf}
    1st Life - 20 Dwarf Monk 20
    2nd Life - 20 Dwarf Rogue 13 / Monk 7
    3rd Life - 22 Smurf Warlock 18 / Wizard 1 / FvS 1
    +3 Str, Dex, Int, Wis, Concentration, Swim
    +2 Con, Cha, Balance
    Corelliia D'Alderaan {Elf}
    1st Life: Tempest 16 / Ftr 4
    2nd Life: Tempest 12 / Ftr 8 / Epic 1
    3rd Life: Tempest 7 / Paladin 5
    +8 All Stats
    +3 Swim, Tumble
    +2 Balance, Spot
    +1 Spellcraft

    Lithya D'Alderaan {Drow}
    1st Life - Drow Pale Master 21
    2nd Life - Drow Warlock 30
    2xEnergy Critical
    +8 All Stats
    +3 Concentration, Spellcraft, Swim, Tumble
    +2 Balance, Heal
    Urik of Gulg {Half Orc}
    1st Life - H-Orc Barb 12 / Ftr 6 / Rgr 2
    2nd Life - H-Orc Barb 21
    1xFast Healing
    +3 All Stats, Balance, Intim
    +2 Spot
    Shaelynteal Ohmsford
    1st Life - Human Artificer 22
    2nd Life - Svirfneblin Rogue 6 / Wizard 5 / Arti 4
    +3 All Stats, Open Lock, Search, Spot
    +2 Disable, Move Silently
    +1 Balance
    Annatalisa D'Alderaan {Drow}
    1st Life - Drow Stalwart 17 / Bard 3
    2nd Life - Drow Swash 8 / Ftr 3 / Rog 2
    +3 Balance, Intim
    +2 All Stats, Open Lock, Tumble
    +1 Disable, Search
    Coliseum {Bladeforged}
    1st Life - BF Paladin 30
    1xDivine: Brace
    2nd Life - WF Paladin 8 / Fighter 2
    +4 Repair
    +3 Cha, Balance, Intim
    +2 Str, Con, Int
    +1 Wis, Bluff, Search
    Jaisan Bourne {Human}
    1st Life - Human Stalwart 20
    2nd Life - Human Fighter 14
    Ealdred Creel {Half Orc}
    1st Life - H-Orc Barbarian 23
    2nd Life - H-Orc Barbarian 9 / Ftr 2
    +3 Con, Int, Cha, Balance, Concentration
    +2 Str, Dex, Wis, Spot
    Lieucille D'Alderaan {Elf}
    1st Life - Elf Acrobat 23
    2nd Life - H-Orc Acrobat 7 / Kensai 4
    +3 All Stats
    +3 Bluff, Disable, Search, Spot
    +2 Open Lock
    +1 Tumble
    Yaark {Halfling}
    First Life: Acrobat 20
    2nd Life: Acrobat 2
    1xMartial: Doublestrike
    1xDivine: Brace
    +6 All Stats
    +4 Move Silently, Spot
    +3 Bluff, Disable, Hide, Jump, Search, Spellcraft
    +2 Open Lock


    26) Tamilyn Ohmsford {Stalwart}
    +3 Str, Con, Wis, Cha, Balance, Intim
    +2 Dex, Int, Tumble

    24) SgtMagnus Thatcher {Stalwart Fighter 18 / Paladin 2}
    +3 Int, Cha, Balance, Intim
    +2 Str, Dex, Con, Wis, Spot

    18) Rojelio Duran {Elf Acrobat}
    +8 Con


    Keltenn Kaltenson {Human}
    1st Life: 20 HotD Paladin
    2nd Life: 20 Paladin/Clr/Ftr 12/7/1
    3rd Life: 20 Cleric 14 / Paladin 6
    4th Life: 30 PDK Cleric 11 / Warlock 6 / Ftr 3
    5th Life: 17 PDK Enlightened Auralock 16 / Ftr 1
    +4 Strength, Jump
    +3 Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha, Balance, Concentration,
    Heal, Intimidate
    +2 Diplo, Perform
    +1 Hide, Repair, Spellcraft, Spot
    Curleag Greenleaf {Half Elf}
    1st Life {on Argonessen} Ranger/Cleric/Barb 12/6/2
    2nd Life Druid 20
    3rd Life: Barbarian 24
    +4 Charisma
    +3 Str, Dex, Int, Wis, Concentration, Heal, Spellcraft, Spot
    +2 Constitution, Balance
    +1 Diplo, Intimidate, Search
    Athiina Ohmsford {Elf}
    1st Life: 20 Acrobat 13 / Monk 7
    2nd Life: 20 Acrobat 18 / Ftr 2
    3rd Life: 17 Monk 10 / Rogue 4 / Paladin 3
    +4 Dex, Con, Bluff, Hide
    +3 Str, Int, Wis, Cha, Balance, Disable, Intimidate,
    Move Silently, Open Lock, Search, Spot, Tumble
    +2 Concentration, Jump
    +1 Heal, Listen

    Wulfruna Ohmsford {Elf}
    1st Life - 21 Cleric
    2nd Life - 30 Cleric 16 / Ftr 3 / Wiz 1
    +4 Haggle
    +3 Dex, Con, Cha, Concentration, Heal, Spellcraft
    +2 Str, Int, Wis, Balance
    +1 Bluff, Spot
    Llogi Berners Bell {Halfling}
    1st Life - 30 Artificer
    1xArcane: Enchant Weapons
    2nd Life - 25 Smurf Rogue 13/Ftr 6/Wiz 1
    +8 All Stats
    +4 Disable, Tumble
    +3 Balance, Bluff, Diplo, Open Lock, Repair, Search, Spot
    +2 Concentration
    +1 Heal, Swim
    Krymsondeath {Human}
    1st Life - Human Barbarian 14 / Fighter 6
    1xPrimal: Fast Healing
    1xMartial: Doublestrike

    2nd Life - Dragonborn Barbarian 14 / Fighter 2
    +5 Int
    +3 Str, Dex, Con, Cha, Balance, Bluff, Intimidate, Spot
    +2 Wisdom, Concentration, Haggle
    +1 Heal, Tumble
    Nyszsa Ohmsford {Half Elf}
    1st Life - Cleric 28
    1xDivine: Power Over Life & Death
    2nd Life - Cleric 16
    +4 Con, Spellcraft
    +3 Dex, Int, Wis, Cha, Balance, Concentration, Diplo,
    Intimidate, Jump
    +2 Strength, Heal
    +1 Swim
    Nalpheyn Tinilith {Drow}
    1st Life: Stalwart/Kensai 30, 20
    1xMartial: Doublestrike
    2nd Life: Fighter 2 / Paladin 3
    +3 Str, Con, Intimidate, Tumble
    +2 Int, Wis, Cha, Balance
    +1 Dex, Diplo, Move Silently


    16) Beyrton D'Albion {Svirfneblin Pale Master}


    Tynecastle MechWarrior {Warforged}
    1st Life - Lvl 22 Ftr/Wiz/Warlock 14/3/3
    2nd Life - Lvl 30 Warlock/Pally/Ftr 15/3/2 {Bladeforged}
    +5 Str
    +3 Con, Wis, Balance, Diplo, Intim, Spot
    +2 Dex, Int, Cha, Bluff, Heal, Jump, Repair, Search, Swim
    +1 Melee Power, MRR, Concentration, Spellcraft & Tumble
    Athenion Castiel {Elf}
    1st Life - 22 Cleric 13 / Monk 7 / Epic 2
    2nd Life - 25 Warlock 25
    +5 Bluff
    +3 Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha, Balance,
    +2 Concentration, Tumble
    +1 Jump, Spot, Swim
    Ellivo Das Auslander {Human Fighter}
    1st Life - 20 Fighter {As Tekmatte Cloris of Argo}
    2nd Life -16 Fighter
    +1 Search

    Member of Valkyries of Khyber



    30) Clievelund Brown {Bladeforged}
    1st Life: 30 FvS/Paladin 18/2
    2nd Life: Paladin 15
    +5 Bluff
    +4 Con, Balance
    +3 Str, Dex, Int, Wis, Cha, Concentration, Intimidate, Repair, Search, Spellcraft, Swim
    +2 Heal, Spot
    +1 Move Silently


    30) Bjorkalina Vespertine {Smurf}
    1st Life: Warlock 19/Wizard 1 3.8K Favour
    +4 Str, Con
    +3 Dex, Int, Wis, Cha, Balance, Perform, Spellcraft, Tumble
    +2 Bluff, Diplo, Intimidate
    +1 Haggle, Swim


    Allanaira Ohmsford {Morninglord}
    1st Life: 30 Morninglord Sorc 18 / Clr 2
    2nd Life: 9 Aasimar Warlock 9
    +4 Str, Concentration, Intimidate
    +3 Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha, Balance, Haggle,
    Heal, Search, Spellcraft, Spot
    +2 Bluff


    30) Lieucille D'Alderaan {Drow}
    1st Life: Warlock 30, 22
    1x Epic Past Life - Arcane Alacrity
    +5 Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha, Tumble
    +3 Perform, Search, Spellcraft
    +2 Bluff, Haggle, Heal, Hide, Intim
    +1 Balance, Spot


    FrancisEnoch Ohmsford {Human}
    Crafting Level 165
    1st Life - 22 Archmage
    2nd Life - 23 Cleric 15 / Paladin 5
    3rd Life - 30 Enlightened Auralock
    +6 All Stats
    +3 Concentration, Diplo
    +2 Tumble, Balance, MRR, PRR, Spell Power
    +1 Heal, Hide, Listen, Search


    Junocesarina {Halfling}
    1st Life: Frenzied Berserker 22
    2nd Life: Eldritch Knight 24
    +8 All Stats
    +3 Balance, Bluff, Intimidate, Swim
    +1 Heal, Hide, Jump, Listen, Search, Spellcraft, Spot
    NataszaMaria D'Alderaan {Halfling Mechanic}
    1st Life: Halfling Mechanic 30
    1x Epic Skill Mastery
    1x Enchant Weapon

    2nd Life: Human Mechanic 26
    +8 all Stats
    +3 Move Silently, Open Lock, Swim
    Crafting Lvl 164

    30) Hassan Navid {Shadar-Kai}
    1st Life: Warlock 18 / Rogue 2
    +8 Con
    +6 Cha
    +4 Spot
    +3 Disable, Spellcraft
    +2 Search
    +1 Str, Int, Wis, Bluff, Tumble
    25) Tannadice {War Soul}
    +8 All Stats
    +4 Spellcraft
    +3 Balance, Concentration
    +2 Heal, Search


    Auslander (Bladeforged)
    1st Life: Paladin 30 {Bladeforged}
    2nd Life: Fighter 21 {Sylvan Elf}
    3rd Life: Fighter 15 {Sylvan Elf}
    +8 all Stats
    +4 Listen, Move Silently
    +3 Haggle, Heal, Jump, Repair, Search, Spot
    +2 Balance, MRR, PRR, Melee Power
    Jilyan Marie {Half Elf}
    1st Life - H-Elf FvS 21
    2nd Life - Morninglord Cleric 30
    3rd Life - Morninglord Paladin 15 / Cleric 1
    +8 to all Stats
    +3 Balance, Heal
    +2 Diplo, Haggle, Spell Power
    +1 Perform
    Anaqin Skywalker {Half Elf}
    1st Life - Monk/Rogue/Ftr 12/6/2 {H-Elf}
    2nd Life - Monk 17 / Rogue 3 {H-Elf}
    3rd Life: Warlock 13 / Paladin 2 {Bladeforged}
    +5 Open Lock
    +4 Cha
    +3 Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Balance, Disable, Search, Spot
    +2 Str, Concentration, Haggle, Heal
    +1 Intim, Move Silently
    Aeriuos of Ghallanda {Halfling Stalwart}
    1st Life: Halfling Stalwart 30/20
    1x Epic Doublestrike
    2nd Life - Halfling Vanguard 20
    3rd Life - Svirfnebli Stalwart 15
    +8 to all stats
    +3 Balance, Intimidate, Jump, Search
    +2 Haggle, Spot
    +1 Bluff, Spellcraft

    Beyrton D'Albion {Dwarf Barbarian}
    1st Life - Dwarf Occult Slayer 23
    2nd Life - Dwarf Ravager 30
    +7 Dex
    +3 Con, Int
    +2 Str, Wis, Spellcraft, Open Lock
    Aeryc of Clapton {Elf Fighter}
    1st Life - Elf Greataxe Kensai 22
    2nd Life - Human Greataxe Kensai 16
    +8 All Stats
    Athenamaria D'Orien {Human}
    1st Life - Stalwart 20
    2nd Life - Stalwart 16
    +8 All Stats
    +3 Balance, Intimidate
    +2 Tumble
    +1 Bluff, Search

    30) Rhamphorynci {Drow Warlock}
    +5 all Stats
    +3 Bluff, Move Silently, Perform, Spellcraft
    +1 Concentration

    24) Devaberiel Silverhand {Morninglord Swashbuckler}
    1x Arcane Alacrity
    +5 Cha
    +3 Str, Con, Int, Wis, Diplo, Perform
    +2 Dex, Heal

    15) Sotherton {Rogue Acrobat 13 Fighter 2}
    +3 Disable, Search
    +2 Dex, Open Lock
    +1 Int

    5) Muleteer {Dwarf Barbarian}
    +3 Balance, Intim
    +2 Str, Spot


    Jennantar tran Daralanteriel {Elf}
    1st Life - 20 Elf Ftr 12 / Rgr 6 / Rog 2
    2nd Life - 23 Elf Barb 7 / Bard 7 / Rgr 6
    +8 All Stats
    +3 Balance, Spot
    +2 Tumble
    +1 Move Silently

    Secondary Account Characters in Salmon
    Tertiary Account Characters in Cyan
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    Holy Altoholic Batman! Someone needs to be in an AA meeting stat!

    In the Spirit of things here are all of the toons that I currently have, played or not:
    (Mostly on Argo, some on a second server I'll not bother naming)

    Araphina Skycrow -11Ranger/8Rogue/1Fighter - 3rd Life(Main)
    Arasin Skycrow - Sorcerer13/Monk2/2Fighter - Second life Air Savant Melee TWF/THF DPS build
    Aravein Skycrow - Wizard12/Fighter6/Monk2 - Second life Melee PM (Banked)
    Arathaes Skycrow - 12Monk/6Ranger/2Fighter - Second life Sithali AA(Banked)
    Araphell Skycrow - 12Cleric/6Ranger/2Monk - First life THF/Manyshot halfling build (Banked)
    OGItsAra Runforyourlives - 17Cleric/2Monk/1Wizard - First life DCcaster (Banked)
    Araisagimp Andneedstoreroll - 12Fighter/6Monk/2Ranger - First life AA (banked)
    TheLegendofAra Isareallybadread - 12Sorc/6Ranger/2Monk - First life (Banked)
    Thiswasareally Badidea - 12Fvs/6Ranger/2Monk AA - First life(Banked)
    HjealmehNao OgImdying - 20 Barb(wf) First life (Banked)

    Everything except the first 5 haven't been touched in about a year or so. (Except general mule things)
    Among the first 5, Araphina and Arasin, and Araphell are the only ones I've done any questing on in the past 6 months.
    Of those 3 Araphina is the only one I've put any real work into. I really consider all of my toons to be banked except Araphina.
    I only work on then in 1-2 week spurts every few months when I get the urge.
    Of those Araphina, Arasin, and Arathaes are the only ones with any endgame gear. It was all acquired on Araphina and passed to them because they've yet to cap any destinies.
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    Araphina Skycrow - 15Paladin/3Ranger/2Fighter (Life10/25) 5xRanger, 3xPaladin, 2xMonk
    Araphell - Arasin - Arathaes - Arawyn - Aravein
    Guild: Fors Fortis;Guild of Won, & VENOM @ Argo
    "And we learn, as we age; We've learned nothing! And my body still aches."

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    Ok, for those that find me fun to run with here is a lot of stuff to type in the friendslist, unless you use that to track other types of players
    I tend to pug regularly so you may very well have met me in a random FoT or CitW pug, or farming some PDK favor.
    All 19 toons are logged and played with some regularity, the FtP accounts are listed as they will become way more active when/if TR’ing into iconics become possible (especially with the new option to run more than one DDO client), you will note them kinda stuck at 15. And none of my characters are anonymous.

    Thelanis (Status per 23rd of July 2013)
    (25) Alisahne, Acrobat (Legendary dreadnought) - 12rog/7ftr/1mnk
    (25) Alisanne, Assasin (Shadowdancer) - 18rog/2rgr
    (25) Anlee, Spellsinger (Draconic Incarnation)´- 16brd/2rog/2arti
    (25) Brotherchuck, Ninja Spy (Grandmaster of Flowers) - 20mnk
    (24) Carnege, Frezied Berserker (Fury of the Wild) - 20brb
    (25) Euvaleen, Battle Engineer (Shiradi/Draconic Incarnation) – 20art
    (25) Euvalen, Angel of Vengeance, (Exalted Angel) -20fvs
    (25) Euvalenx, Radiant Servant, (Exalted Angel) -20clr
    (25) Euvenal, Season’s Herald, (Exalted Angel) -20drd
    (21) Fangir-1, Battle Engineer (Fury of the Wild) – 16art/2rgr/2mnk
    (25) Geldaere, Radiant Servant, (Exalted Angel) -20clr
    (25) Gnaven, Kensei, (Legendary dreadnought) – 20ftr
    (25) Greylar, Stalwart Defender, (Unyielding Sentinel) – 20ftr
    (25) Greylore, Pale Master (Magister) – 20wiz
    (25) Gulyrr, Defender of Siberis , (Unyielding Sentinel) – 20pal
    (25) Ildbringer, Fire Savant, (Draconic Incarnation) – 18src/2pal
    (25) Shianne, Arcane Archer, (Shiradi/ Fury of the Wild) - 20rgr
    (25) Treeforged, Earth savant, (Draconic Incarnation) – 20src
    (25) Woodi, Angel of Vengeance, (Exalted Angel) -20fvs

    Rarely logged FtP accounts:
    (15) Lagas, Angel of Vengeance – 15fvs
    (15) Coola, Pale Master – 15wiz
    Quote Originally Posted by Qhualor View Post
    Let the nerd rage flow through you. Don't hold back. I bought a lot of popcorn in anticipation for when Turbine decided to finally fix one of the many easy buttons.
    Danish migrant from DDO Europe, where I have been playing since beta.
    Thelanis (since march 2010)

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    I thought that was what our sig was for.

    Talonkage: Rgr11/Rog4/Wiz5(E5) My seven year old, first character with 4520 Favor.
    Blacksilk: Wiz20(E2)
    Missgadget: Art20(E3)
    Phorester: Drd20(E5)
    Angelofmercy: Fvs20 (Past life Clr)
    Blacktiger: Rg11/Rog6 (past life Rog. Was Rog14/Rgr6)
    Deltari: Rgr12
    Dragonkhan: Rgr2/Mnk6
    Gladeshadow: Rgr3/Wiz7
    Indigofox: Drd11
    Neanderthal: Rgr16
    Ptalonia: Brd1/Rgr5/Wiz1
    Ptiger: Rgr8
    Ptigress: Rgr7
    Ravenika: Brd11(past lives Pal and Rgr.. was Pal18Rog2)(formerly named Tsunamikhan)
    Sapharri: Rgr2/Drd7
    Valkk: Mnk20/E2
    Violetangel: Rgr4/Fvs3
    {Second Acount (SA) } Khatari: Rgr20
    (SA) Ptalon: Rog12 (past life Rgr, Rgr11/Rog4/Wiz5)

    Blackfeather: Ftr18/Rgr1/Wiz1/E1
    Bowgue: Rog7
    Cfour: Rgr20
    Drkpriestess: Clr15
    Kagemaru: Rgr20
    Katari: Rgr11/Brd5
    Khanari: Sor20/E1
    Owlina: Rgr7
    Phoxshadow: Drd7
    Ptalon: Rgr1/Rog1/Wiz5
    Ptiger: Ftr3/Rgr5
    Saphari: Rgr8
    Shieldknight: Ftr13
    Talonkhan: Rgr17
    Tasmia: Rog20/E2
    (SA) Xhebra: Rgr4

    Khania: Rgr4/Art3
    Phantomheart: Rog9
    Ptalon: Rgr1/Rog1/Wiz5
    Pterror: Pal2/Sor13
    Ravenika: Drd7
    Saphari: Rgr11/Clr9
    Sapharri: Rgr3
    Snowprincess: Brb17
    Talonkhan: Ftr6
    Tomahawk: Rgr8
    Xephyri: Rgr7
    (SA) Xhebra: Rg4

    Articfoxx: Clr1/Rg4/Mnk1
    Knockturnia: Rgr7
    Korvala: Clr5
    Ptalon: Rgr1/Rog1/Wiz5
    Saphari: Rgr19
    (SA) Xhebra: Rgr4

    Arconia: Pal2/Rgr3
    Khaelin: Rgr3/Sor2
    Maidtofight: Rgr7
    Mooneagle: Rgr4
    Ptalia: Art7
    Ptalon: Rg2/Rog1/Wiz1
    Ptyphoon: Rgr4
    Quail: Rtr4/Pal3/Rgr11
    Saphari: Brb3/Rgr5
    Sapharri: Rgr7
    (SA) Greyrabbit: Wiz7

    Cfour: Wiz4
    Greyrabbit: Wiz2
    Kharabus: Pal15
    Ptalon: Rgr2/Rog1/Wiz1
    Quail: Rgr18
    Saphari: Rgr7
    Shadowkite: Rgr6
    (SA) Xhebra: Rgr4

    Axamillion: Rgr17
    Cfour: Wiz4
    Kagemaru: Mnk7
    Ptalon: Rgr4/Rog2/Wiz1
    Pteradon: Pal15
    (SA) Xhebra: Rgr4

    Nymphalina: Rgr7
    Ptalon: Rgr10/Rog1/Wiz5
    Rhazor: Pal1/Rgr14
    (SA) Xhebra: Rgr4

    Hi, my name is Talon, and I'm an Alt-a-holic.
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    I gave up a life of farming to become an Adventurer.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jandric View Post
    ..., but I honestly think the solution is to group with less whiny people.

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    Know your Enemy? Is this some kind of therapeutic catharsis or something? Your enemy is, apparently, altaholism - and sunlight, if you have that many active characters

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    Quote Originally Posted by droid327 View Post
    Know your Enemy? Is this some kind of therapeutic catharsis or something? Your enemy is, apparently, altaholism - and sunlight, if you have that many active characters
    Indeed, active would seem to be the key word. I see a lot of conspicuous lvl 4, 7 or 15 (with pally levels) that would suggest they're more made than played. Some maybe played for a level or two, then abandoned for other toons. Of course, I could be wrong it's just the impression I get.

    As for me, I have essentially 3 worth noting as those I play, I won't bother listing alts that I've made or played then relegated to bank toon status. For anyone interested in joining or avoiding me, I can be found playing on Thelanis:

    •Aforce ofNature (capped Druid - usually just brought out for abbots/other raids/token farming)
    •Myhealer (current multi TR project, currently on life #11, end life of Cleric)
    •Juduss (next multi TR project, currently on life #2, end life of Monk)
    Last edited by PermaBanned; 07-24-2013 at 06:22 PM.
    I would still like to see... Something that tests character versatility and player adaptability rather than character focus strength and quest knowledge.
    I play the quests for the content of the quests not just as an XP/min merry-go-round.
    Actual play experience is worth infinitely more than theorycrafting...

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    Wow. It never really occurred to me how many toons one person could have active at one time. I know guildies that play 10 or more toons, but OP, you are truly hardcore if you have that many toons that you actually keep active. Me? Check my signature. One active toon. That's it. I made a decision based on the amount of time I could play this game. I could have a few good toons, a pile of average toons or one toon completionist with every piece of gear I could possibly want and all the bells and whistles. I went with the last option. Sure I don't have a lot of variety, but the one toon I have can be rebuilt at any time and has a toolbox full of gear for any situation. I do have a great amount of envy and respect for people that have the time to keep more than a few toons at a level they're happy with.
    Kaarloe - Degenerate Matter - Argonnessen

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    OK, I'll bite.

    I have only one real active character:

    Budstein, on Ghallanda. Completionist, on life #16.

    Currently a FvS, with Clr PL x3, all other PLs x1. (I plan to eventually get Wizx3,Sorcx3,FvSx3, and back to Cleric.) All destinies maxxed. Crafting maxxed. Quest/raid favor maxxed. (Though not Challenges.) Pretty good gear, though not quite maxxd yet. Current typical Evo DC of 57 (pre-expansion). I've been playing this one character since the first week or two DDO went F2P.


    Other than that:

    I also have 5 mules on G-Land, all Clerics in the level 7-11 range. (Some got levelled to 11 just so I could eat extra account-bound +3 upgrade tomes I couldn't give away.)

    And, I have a Cleric on every other server, most of them level 16 due to MotU XP stone. But not played or geared much at all.


    - I'm up to 6 mules; I rolled up the 6th as an Iconic Morninglord.
    - My main is now on his planned final life, #22, as a max-caster-PL caster Cleric.
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    Ehh... ALL my characters? Really?

    I only play on Ghallanda, and this is my list:

    Daandaan: WF arti 12 (semiretired)
    Daandan: Shadar-kai rogue 20, PL: rogue*2
    Daanya: Halfling bard 10 (semiretired)
    Danat: Human druid 20/epic 5
    Danaya: Human druid 5/monk 2, PL: sorc
    Danbank, Danbanktwo, Danbankthree: Bank mules
    Danblade: Bladeforged monk 12/paladin 6/fighter 2/epic 10, EPL: Doublestrike, Colors of the Queen
    Dandaan: Human bard 11, PL: Fighter
    Dandonk: Bladeforged Paladin 20/2 epic, PL: Fvs, EPL: PoLaD
    Dandood: Human druid 2 (test char, retired)
    Danforged: Bladeforged paladin 15 (test char, semiretired)
    Danfus: Bladeforged sorc 17, PLs: Fvs, wiz
    Danji: Dwarf fighter 18/paladin 2 (semiretired)
    Danjy: Horc rogue 13/monk 6/fighter 1/epic 4, PL: bard
    Danooo: WF paladin 7 (test char, retired)
    Dansong: Human bard 20/epic 5
    Dansoul: Elf fvs 4/monk 1, PL : Fvs*2
    Dantig: Human ranger 20/9 epic, PLs: All*3; IPLs: All*3, ; EPLs: All*3
    Danua: WF arti 18, PL: arti (IIRC)
    Danuo: WF arti 9, PL: arti
    Danuy: Human ranger 9/ rogue 1, PL: ranger*2, arti
    Danvolt: Helf druid 20 (semiretired)
    Danye: WF fvs 20/epic 3, PL paladin
    Danyee: Human sorc 20 (semiretired)
    Danyi: Drow barb 20/epic 10; PL Paladin
    Danyui: Helf monk 20
    Fyresupport: WF sorc 20/epic 5
    Jarlyn: Bladeforged FVS 8/pally 6/fighter 2, PLs: fighter*2, paladin, barb, bard, druid, wiz, rogue, arti, warlock, ranger, EPL: Brace*2, IPL: PDK, SDK*2, SE, BF
    Myeles: Human cleric 13, PL: cleric
    Rhaja: Elf monk 2/favoured soul 7, PL: sorc*2
    Upoint: Horc barb 20
    Yorlen: Dwarf Fighter 8/Ranger 6/Monk 6

    Hi everyone, my name is Dan and I'm an altoholic.
    Last edited by Dandonk; 06-10-2016 at 12:37 AM.
    DDO: If a problem cannot be solved by the application of DPS, you're not applying enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talon_Moonshadow View Post
    I thought that was what our sig was for.








    Hi, my name is Talon, and I'm an Alt-a-holic.
    why none on khyber?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NaturalHazard View Post
    why none on khyber?
    Look at the end of the Sarlona list. For some reason my copy and pasting didn't keep the format I had. I'll see if I can edit it and add the space back between them.
    I gave up a life of farming to become an Adventurer.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jandric View Post
    ..., but I honestly think the solution is to group with less whiny people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FranOhmsford View Post
    OK...So considering an ongoing thread and a discussion I've had with another player.
    Just curious - who is this enemy of yours that should know your characters? And are all of the people who are posting in this thread YOUR enemy? I'm not getting the "enemy" reference.

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    holy **** some of you got alotta toons. and my husband thinks i'm bad with my 10 and a mule account O.o


    Pointless Waste of Time level 24 (16 bard/2 barb/2 rogue/4 epic) Warchanter/Fatesinger (3rd life)
    Katzklaw level 24 (17 druid/2 ranger/1 wizard/4 epic) AA/Fatesinger (to be FotW or Shiradi final) (3rd life)
    Katzgot Myname level 23 (18 FvS/2 monk/3 epic) Angel of Vengeance/Exalted Angel (1st life)
    Pickt d'Locks level 15 (8 rogue/6 monk/1 druid) Acrobat/Ninja Spy (shadowdancer waiting for 20) (3rd life)

    all characters after this point are first life
    Tenandahalf Seconds to a Shrine level 18 (18 arti) Battle Engineer
    Frivolous Waste of Time level 12 (6 bard/4 fighter/2 rogue) warchanter (bard tank. defender to be added at fighter 6. rogue for evasion)
    Justanotha Waste of Time level 10 (bard 8/arti 2) virtuoso (ranged support bard)

    currently inactive, but may play from time to time:
    Tienshi level 20 (18 paladin/2 monk) DoS/Unyielding Sentinel. raid tank
    Madchen level 20 (18 wiz/2 rogue) Pale Master/Magister. shadow tank and occasional impromptu off-tank.
    Beguiling Waste of Time level 17(17 bard) spellsinger. CCing/chest blessing/heal specc'ed haggle bard. (mule account, so 28 point build)
    Dayre Mcshayne level 10 (8 ranger/1 monk/1 rog) AA based loosely on old "exploiter" build.
    Ayema Piker level 4 (3 wiz/1 fighter) will be a melee wizard. stupidly fun silly little concept build. also 28 point build

    the official home of LOLWUT
    and R.O.G.U.E !
    Pointless/Frivolous/Beguiling/Justanotha Waste of Time, Katzklaw, Pickt d'Locks & etc
    Q: how do you get me to appear in a thread? A: ask a bard question! XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by HAL View Post
    Just curious - who is this enemy of yours that should know your characters? And are all of the people who are posting in this thread YOUR enemy? I'm not getting the "enemy" reference.
    Know your Enemy as in all newbies should beware the forums!

    As for the Player I was having that discussion with - He's posted his characters in this thread - We are NOT Enemies {at least not in my mind} - It was simply a discussion in another thread that after he'd replied to me there I decided the only fair thing for me to do would be to start a thread specifically for the point I was making.

    Those of us on the forums {myself incl} who constantly tell other people how to play, what to play, etc. etc.
    Should Man {Woman or Warforged} up and post our characters {signatures not being fully available - unable to change since the forum migration AND nowhere near large enough for someone like myself with all my characters}.

    Hey - I know I've annoyed people on these forums in the past.
    I have never had any compunction about showing MY characters however {Bios in Game, MyDDO was Public, My Signature on these forums etc.}.

    So I figured - Hey...Why not have a Forum thread dedicated to OUR Characters {+ it's a great place for me to check my characters levels etc. on Sarlona or Khyber when I'm on Cannith!}
    I will be updating my OP as I level my characters!

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    oh well....

    All on G-Land, all are First life, except Gildalinde. ( I'm not into TR, I prefer to create new characters )

    Flavilandile, Cleric 25
    Blacklock, Kender Rogue 25
    Yaelle, Cleric 25
    Millishande, Barbarian 25
    Larilandile, Bard 25
    Gildalinde, Druid 25
    Tenalafel, Rogue 25
    Measse, Fighter 22
    Meaaphas, Wizard 21
    Mephas, Barbarian 20
    Xantine, Monk 20
    Sylfae, Wizard 19
    Dhanae, Bard 18
    Erinti, Cleric 16
    Feyrae, Cleric 11
    Anoeve, Favored Soul 9
    Bencesar, Monk 7
    Xalran, Artificer 6
    Coalmule, Paladin 4 ( I think, mule as his name say )

    And I have 3 brand new slots that needs to be filled.
    Hi I'm Flavilandile, and I'm an Altaholic.
    On G-Land : Flavilandile, Blacklock, Yaelle, Millishande, Larilandile, Gildalinde, Tenalafel, and many other...

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    Edited First Post to Mark Molineux's assent to Legend Status.

    Molineux started life back in 2010 as a Warforged Bard.

    I first attempted Virtuoso but eventually went for Spellsinger which I was very happy with at Lvl 19/20 - However I'd already decided that he would TR instantly on hitting 20 so that's {apart from a Shroud or 2} what I did.

    2nd Life was Warforged Sorc - Started out as Ice Spec, Moved to Fire Savant at Lvl 6 then because of Blackbones settled on Acid Savant.
    Was planning on going back to Ice Savant for end-game but in the end decided to stay Earth Savant till cap.

    Instant TR again - Better than my other Sorc attempts but getting used to the idea that I really don't like playing this class.

    3rd Life = Aaaargh...My Personal Bugbear - Warforged FavSoul!
    Yep this is the ONLY time I will EVER play a Warforged FvS - Can't wait to get to Life 4 and Cleric {even though I know that life will be gimped as Warforged.}.
    Going for 18/2 FvS/Ftr btw.

    Molineux will remain Warforged throughout every regeneration - End Result is going to be the same as 1st Life - Warforged Spellsinger!
    Last edited by FranOhmsford; 08-17-2013 at 10:40 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirValentine View Post
    Budstein, on Ghallanda. Completionist, on life #16.
    Great Budstein! Awesome player, one of the best I've had the pleasure to quest with on G-land!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HAL View Post
    Just curious - who is this enemy of yours that should know your characters? And are all of the people who are posting in this thread YOUR enemy? I'm not getting the "enemy" reference.
    Referring to himself as in "If I am your enemy then I will tell you who I am". Posting his/her characters so people know who he is in-game not just on the forums (people who might see him as their enemy on the forums, that is).

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    Quote Originally Posted by katz View Post
    holy **** some of you got alotta toons. and my husband thinks i'm bad with my 10 and a mule account O.o
    Yes, you've been a bad girl!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aolas View Post
    Referring to himself as in "If I am your enemy then I will tell you who I am". Posting his/her characters so people know who he is in-game not just on the forums (people who might see him as their enemy on the forums, that is).
    Said so much better {and more succinctly I might add} than my own reply.

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