The Monarch New Player Mentoring Program is a medium for new players to interact with Vets across all servers in a productive and meaningful way. The program consists of several veteran players that have volunteered their time to help out new folks become more accustom to this great game. The group is focused on providing answers, advice, and mentoring to new players that are genuinely interested in learning the ins and outs of the game.

Q: Who can join the Mentor Program?
A: The Mentor program is open to all players who are interested in getting better at the game, and who are interested in learning from veteran players across all servers. The program is also open to people who are interested in helping new players by generously volunteering their knowledge and experience to newer players through the Monarch mentor Forums, or through our chat channel.

Q: How do I sign up to get started?
A: Sign up is fairly simple; first go to and click on the link at the top of the page that says “register”. Next, agree to the terms of the agreement, choose a username. Enter an email address (used for communicating on the forums only), select an avatar, choose and verify a password, enter your location or Server, enter your character name and alts (so we can find you in-game), select the reason for registration (more than likely Mentor Forum access or existing mentor), short blurb about yourself, and then enter the verification information and click “Register”. Once this is performed, a board administrator will review and approve your application and assign you to the Mentor Group. You will then have access to the Mentor Forums.

Q: What information can I expect to find on the mentor forums?
A: There are several sections that were created as mediums for providing advice, discussions on loot and gear, discussions on different types of character builds, an open forum of off topic discussions, and a section for general announcements.

Q: Is there an in-game chat channel we can join to connect with people in the program?
A: Yes, there is a custom chat channel created for each server. The details of this channel are listed in the “Announcements” section of the Mentor Forum Boards, and you will have access to that information once your registration is approved and you are given access to the boards.

Q: How many Mentors are currently in the program?
A: At the moment, we have several veteran players who have volunteered to be Mentors, and many people who have expressed interest in the program. We are hoping to add many more mentors and participants over the next few months.

Q: How is this program different from any of the others out there?
A: There are a few very good programs out there, and we have been able to leverage some of their expertise to aid in the success of this program. The Monarch Mentor Program is also focused on newer players, where some others are focused on experienced players and raid leading focus. We also aim to leverage the experience from vet players across all servers, where many of the others focus on their individual servers. We want to bring everyone together and impart knowledge and experience to all players, regardless of their level of experience, or what server they reside on.

If you have any questions about the program that have not been answered in the Q&A above, please feel free to reply to this thread, send me a PM, contact me in-game, or go to the Monarch site to register.

This project was put together because of a genuine desire to see the veteran and new player communities come together in a productive learning and educating environment. The overall quality of the program will in a large part be dependent on the participation of both new and vet players. If this program is not right for some people, I would encourage you to at least take a look at other programs and find one that is right for you.