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    Cool RAID CLUB - Streaming TwTv - BABA R10

    Quote Originally Posted by TheRaidClub View Post
    Hi there guys,
    streaming DDO here from Cannith!!!
    we run Reaper Raid (aiming to R10... we got atm highest BABA on Cannith with a r8 completion)
    and dailies R10 quests for some juicy RXP

    i hope everyone will like the videos have fun all and have a good DDODAY!

    TW: (ActiveStream:Videos&Lives)
    YouTube: (Videos but NoLive)
    UP again to admin attention, if u think can be cool
    We got a R10 completion of BABA today, enjoy:


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    Default Sn0kr45h

    Started streaming pretty regular from Cannith:

    I'm a goofball and I hope you'll drop by and check it out.
    I drive my own style while jamming quests solo, in parties, and with lots hirelings and pets. Sometimes I kind of role play it just depends on how much I feel like being a ham.

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    Hey everyone, I started regularly streaming DDO several months ago at

    My stream start times are typically -

    Monday through Saturday - around 7:30pm EST
    Sunday - around 3pm EST

    Sometimes I will be streaming other games, but it is mostly DDO.

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    Default Kabukiboo Stream

    I started streaming DDO back in December 2021. I'll be streaming DDO Mon - Wed - Fri 12:00 - 16:00 PST. Come by and say hi. Hope to see you there.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post
    Are you streaming DDO on places like Twitch, Ustream, Google+, or your web site? Tell us about it! Use this thread to post a link to your URL. Have fun!

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    Dunno how I've not noticed this thread before but I'm Brakkart, I stream from Cannith most days (that I don't have work that is) with a start time of around 8pm GMT usually running for 4-6 hours, but sometimes much longer.

    I'm not much for the number crunching/build side of the game, but feel free to pick my brains about D&D lore, I love a good lore discussion.
    I stream DDO on my Twitch channel:

    Cannith: Brakkart Fellblade (Ranger) - Feiya (Ice Sorceress) - Iomedae Furyheart (Paladin) - Lirianne Alkenstar (Artificer) - Laori Vaus (Cleric) - Elmidgetster (Wizard) - Loot

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    So I've not been active on the forums, but been on twitch and discord for a while now. Streaming usually 3 days a week. Mostly chill leveling, with the traditional ToEE solo to see how many skulls I can get before each TR.

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