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    Default Plush toys of DDO Cocktail Hour's Lessah and Samius...oh.. and a Jaggie.

    Yeah I rather did step into another plane and vanished from here for a bit, didn't I? But here's what I've been up too. Presents for two of my favorite podcasters.... and well.. My own character(because little squishy warfrogies are the best warfrogies.)
    Cheers and see some of you folks at Gen-Con!

    Stormreach & Cookies!
    "Bring back Tasty Yam. Bring back Tasty Yam" "It's ham Jag..." "Really?"

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    This is amazing. Thank you!
    Have fun, and don't forget to gather for buffs!
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    That is awesome!

    Hey, that Samius has pants on! Must be the PG version.

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    Default Oooooo

    Oooooo, PLUSHIE!!!
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    Jaggie you are amazing! Please don't stick pin in my doll! My head will start hurting. But you can stick pins in Samius, that's ok!

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