Hello DDOCast Listeners (and non-DDOCast listeners)!

The past few weeks I have been hitting the various servers asking folks a couple of questions. I'm gathering data for a future show/event. I realize however that access in this manner is very limited and I want people to have a few more options to play. So with that in mind, here's how you can join in the fun!

What is going on? I'm asking folks 3 opinion questions relating to DDO. There are no right/wrong answers.

What do i get for playing? your choice of any pair of collector cards 1-8. Dont have a card cruncher? no worries, I can make some prizes for you.

How do I play? Contact me and I will reply by giving you the 3 questions and some details about getting your prize. To contact me you can:
  1. Find me in game on the character ddocastone. I am posting on twitter typically at least 30 minutes before I log on (id give more warning but sometimes its hard to have a good idea before hand)
  2. send me an in game mail. On any server you can send mail to ddocastone. Please allow some time to respond in this manner, I do not log onto each server every day.
  3. send me a PM here on the forums.
  4. send me an email at ddocast@gmail.com

Why dont I just make a survey like before or post the questions here?
I'm not actually asking everyone the same set of questions and I dont really want people to see other folks answers. It could influence the results and the event I have planned in the future.

Thanks everyone for participating and thanks for listening to the show!

PS: havent heard us? you can watch our shows at www.ddocast.com, here in the fansite section, on youtube, or through various podcasting sources!