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    Red face Making a cross server Guild

    Hi all that plat DDO,
    I'm trying to make a cross server guild of people that like to help other people that play the game. I have all the guilds set up on all the servers. I also have a web site set up for the guild members to use and any others that would like to use to. I'm not trying to take over on what DDO has set here I just want to set up a place where guild members can go and and ask for help in the game and looking for other to quest with. If this sounds like something you would like to be part of then go to my web site and sign up and make a post on the server you play on. the website is
    So i'm looking for people that are active on the servers that can be officers and are willing to bring others to the guild.

    Here is a list of the severs and the guild names as with the name of the leader........

    Dragon Riders of DDO
    Wohvi Monk human

    Warriors of Honor
    Woh Sorcerer human
    DDO Dragons of Honor
    Wohhhhh Barbarian halving

    Dragon Riders of Honor
    WOHKILLER Fighter human

    Dragon Warriors of Honor
    Wohii Wizard human

    DDO Warriors of Honor
    Wohx Druid human

    Orien Dragon Riders of Honor
    Wohxx Favored Soul human

    Wayfider Warriors of Honor
    WOHHH Cleric human

    I play mostly on the Ghallanda server but do play on the others. If are try and look for me on any server all my toons start with WOH..So if you like you can send me in game mail to let me know you would like in, but for a faster reply please make a post on the

    Thank you all for taking the time to read this and replying to this post..So all take care and have fun in the Game of DDO...hope to hear from some of you all....
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    Great idea. Our Guild, Pure Class, also has an chapter on every server in DDO.

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    We have a chapter on every server too, but it will be a BEAR to manage. I promise ya!

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    Default Sarlona

    TT's Help Channel on Sarlona is a cool place to get help. I've used it a few times. Drat I HTR'ed and don't see the channel now, so I will need to re-join.

    Also, if you're on Sarlona and see me on as Livmo, I'm always willing to help too. Might have to wait till I'm done with current quest/raid in play

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