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    This goes for both the Fury's Tier 1, and the Epic Past Life.

    Instead of giving us a higher healing VALUE on each tier, maybe it give us a higher healing FREQUENCY. So, instead of healing every 60 seconds for more health, we would get a healing every 60/30/20 seconds.

    In the end, recovering X HP every 20 seconds or 3X HP every 60 seconds end up more on less giving out the same healing, but the constant flux end up being a bit less random, and will make you feel like you are healing a lot more.
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    It would certainly fit the whole "faster" moniker. My first reaction to this ability back when it was introduced was, "but that's not fast."
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    Fast Healing should occur in 6-second increments. Otherwise, it's not actually fast healing (which is a mothergame ability). So no, the frequency shouldn't change, because it should be set at a fixed 6 seconds. Divide the current value by 10, apply every 6 seconds.

    Just for reference:
    Fast Healing
    A creature with fast healing has the extraordinary ability to regain hit points at an exceptional rate. Except for what is noted here, fast healing is like natural healing.

    At the beginning of each of the creature’s turns, it heals a certain number of hit points (defined in its description).

    Unlike regeneration, fast healing does not allow a creature to regrow or reattach lost body parts. Unless otherwise stated, it does not allow lost body parts to be reattached.

    A creature that has taken both nonlethal and lethal damage heals the nonlethal damage first.

    Fast healing does not restore hit points lost from starvation, thirst, or suffocation.

    Fast healing does not increase the number of hit points regained when a creature polymorphs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by General_Gronker View Post
    it should be

    rangers should have animal companions
    paladins should have mounts
    arcane casters should have the Wish spell


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ykt View Post

    rangers should have animal companions
    paladins should have mounts
    arcane casters should have the Wish spell

    ON rangers do you give up the free melee or free ranged for the worthless animal
    Ok you leave the mount at the dungeon entrance and a passing dragon eats it
    NO wish spell ever or it needs to be twisted horribly automatically against the user

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    /signed to making Fast Healing smaller and faster. As someone pointed out, it should be every 6 seconds, not every 60. It many respects, DDO is a FASTER-paced game than p&p, but an ability with "fast" in the name is 10 times slower? Makes no sense, and makes the ability pretty worthless.

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