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    (I'm sure I'll think of more, but I'm just writing down the things that I can think of at the moment. I'll stick this in my signature and update it as the game changes - probably)

    Here are some of the things that I'd love to see happen to DDO (my favorite game of all time. These aren't complaints, just requests)

    A few key bugs I'd like to see fixed:
    • The fourth selectable enhancement tree often bugs out and only lets you place one point in the tree until you "Accept" your changes and re-open the window. It's not game-breaking, but it's mildly frustrating.

    New Features I'd like to see implemented:
    • More permanent gold seal hirelings. Special cool things like the Panther are awesome and all, but you could just make current hirelings into permanent gold seal contracts and it would be fine.
    • A continuation or epicification of the Attack on Stormreach chain.

    New Feature that I'd like to see implemented, but I don't ever expect them to happen:
    • A Radiant Aura Toggle - A toggle that automatically triggers the next usage of your Radiant Aura as soon as your current one expires. Alternatively, being able to use Extend Metamagic for the Radiant Aura (uses up an extra turn undead when you use it, but doubles the duration) would be nice.
    • Alternatively, an "AutoCast" MetaMagic (autogranted to everyone). This metamagic could be applied to any buff spell, automatically casting it when it wasn't on the buff-bar. This could also be used on Radiant Aura, making it functionally like the previous suggestion.

    Revisions I'd like to see implemented:

    (I know I might not be a representative sample of the playerbase, so if my wishlist has something that would not be on yours, please refrain from leaving disparaging remarks)
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    LuKaSu's DDO Wishlist.
    Turbine, Thanks for a super-fun game!

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