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    Default Universal Spell Power/Lore items

    Before the introduction of Spell Power, we had a complicated balance between the way Potency and the specific spell boosters worked. In resume, Potency had the same power as specific elements, but had a higher ML, and was limited on random gear a tier below specific gear. So, while you could find +50% potency VI (ie, could affect all spells from level 6 and under), you could find +50% combustion VII (ie, could affect all spells from level 7 and under). Anything that affects level 8 and 9 spells were relegated to named items, and were limited to a single element.

    The mechanic limiting stuff by spell level was confusing, and I give Turbine kudos for making a mechanic that work at all levels. However, that change made a clear victim: Potency is now basically useless. The gap between a specific element spell power and potency grows when you level up because the math behind it is geometric: Potency is 2/3 of the power of a Combustion (or similar) item of the same level.

    Add to the game the easiness that is to find a specific element power with a red slot, and you can gear up for 4 elements. Yet, it removes some chance to use situational spells when they might help, like not using Deconstruct while playing Cannith quests because you have abysmal repair spell power.

    I want to make a few suggestions to change this scenario, allowing it to support generalist casters again.

    1)Potency is now two tiers below equivalent Specific Spell Power. So, if the weapon ML would allow you to get 120 Fire Spell Power, if it generates a Potency enchantment, instead of current 80 (2/3 of 120), it will give out 108 Universal Spell Power.

    2)Specific Spell Power gives a 0.5% equipment bonus to Spell Critical Damage on that element. This rule do not apply to Spell Power Augments.

    3)Thaumaturgy Staffs will have a few changes: It will be attuned to a element OR school, and then give a lot of generalist bonus.

    • All Thaumaturgy Staffs will have Potency equivalent to their ML, as updated on #1.
    • Elemental Thaumaturgy will give also equivalent Spell Power to their element, and equivalent Spell lore to their element. They will also have equivalent Spell Power to a extra random element (without the lore bonus), and Universal Spell Lore equivalent to their ML (equal to elemental lore -10%).
      • Eg.: A ML 10 +2 Impulse Thaumaturgy Staff will have 54 Force Spell Power, 54 <random> spell Power, 42 Universal Spell Power, +14% Force Critical Chance, and +4% Universal Critical Chance.
    • School Thaumaturgy will give Spell Focus to their school (From +1 to +6), a random Efficient Metamagic effect (Tier I on heroic, Tier II on Epic), and Spell focus Mastery equivalent to their Spell Focus bonus, minus two.
      • Eg.: A ML 16 +3 Enchantment Thaumaturgy Staff will have 66 Universal Spell Power, Enchantment Focus III (+3 to enchantment spells' DC), Efficient <random metamagic> I, and Spell Focus Mastery I

    I think Option #3 will be the hardest one to implement because it needs to re-code a whole item category, but the first two suggestions are simple to implement, do not raise the power creep by that much, helps with specialized caster DPS (something they are lacking on epic), and help those players who prefer versatility over sheer power.

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    to me, this looks quite good, though you would need to ensure the suffix doesn't overlap.

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    Another option, way more crude, perhaps easier to implement: Make potency be 4/5 instead of 2/3 that way instead of a thumathurgy 120 with pot 80, we get 120 spellpower with potency 94. Its not much of an improvement but the gap is smaller and still compels the caster to look for a specialized stick.


    Wich reading again, sounds much like option 1....
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    Quote Originally Posted by nibel View Post
    The mechanic limiting stuff by spell level was confusing, and I give Turbine kudos for making a mechanic that work at all levels. However, that change made a clear victim: Potency is now basically useless.
    I have to disagree with this, because I've played a lot of casters who have used potency items. In fact, the more specialized you are, the more useful Potency will be, because you will eventually run across that mob that is immune to your specialty (or even gah, healed by it). Then you'll need to have SOMETHING you can use, and NOBODY has enough red slots to cover all of that.

    The real thing that made old-school potency a big deal was that that it was the only thing that increased your "untyped" damage--on disintegrate, blade barrier, etc. before those were filed under Force spellpower. Since EVERYTHING now falls under a specific category of spellpower, people of course are going to pursue boosting one type. This is additionally promoted by the fact that epic casters generally have to rely on SLA's for SP efficiency, and unless you're a Season's Herald or Divine Disciple you're not going to have SLA's of multiple different spellpower types.

    Enhancements and other sources of spellpower also tend to be disproportionately focused toward boosting one type, sometimes even at the expense of other types (like sorcerer savants). So, again, potency is deprecated in favor of specialization.

    Those are the factors working against potency, not merely that it has smaller numbers. If a true generalist path otherwise existed via enhancements/epic destinies, the difference between potency and specific spellpower types would be more than made up by the ability to use EXACTLY the right damage type in any given situation. Who cares if you're short 50 spellpower if you're doing twice as much damage overall by targeting a specific vulnerability? Except that your Maximized Empowered SLA costs 4 SP while your targeted spell costs 50. You'd have to get 10x damage to make the damage-per-spell-point tradeoff worth it THERE.

    The problem with potency is that *everything else in the game* drives you toward a damage type specialization for spells. (If you're not going to be a specialist, you may as well do a melee or ranged build and save your SP for heals/buffs/debuffs/CC.) This cannot be fixed by shuffling a few numbers--it would need a radical redesign of how damage casting is organized at the moment. Potency could be 99% as effective as specific spellpower and still nobody will bother with it when they literally never cast anything outside of a narrow range of spells.
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