I like to try out new spells and I got to try this spell out in both heroic and epic content.

Aspects that I like about this spell:
1. No Spell Resistance - This is nice especially since spell casters like Drow are notorious for high Spell Pen Checks.
2. Enchantment spell - I like this because I had plenty of gear to increase the DC, and this type of gear is common with most spell casters be they Divine or Arcane
3. Range - not a long range, but not a touch range either. So for the most part you can get the caster on the other side of the melee coming at you
4. Duration 6 seconds +1 per caster level (Max 20). Starting a 14 seconds and maxing at 26 seconds. That's a nice amount of time,

Aspects that I don't like
1. Save every 2 seconds. Most of the time the caster would save within the first couple attempts. Seeing a Silenced Caster cast almost as soon as you do your next action gets disheartening
2. Cannot be heightened - Warlocks only have 6 levels of spells, but that loss of 4 DC is huge even if it does not require an SR check.
3. Cooldown of 30 seconds - This is a single target spell, and while it is powerful rendering a caster ineffective for spells that require vocal, it seems off if it is possible for the caster to save within seconds of having it applied. Either the save interval needs adjusted or the cooldown needs to be reduced to 20 seconds
4. Does not effect bosses/raid bosses - As this spell should only effect casting of vocal type spells and with its current cooldown and limit on DC as well as save duration, it would take about 15 warlocks to keep a boss permanently silenced. Assuming boss saves on first save attempt after being silenced.

I like that Turbine has implemented silence type spells and hope that they bring in other spells like the AoE silence spell that can also mess up bats.