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    Default String Table Error list

    I understand entirely how these reference errors occur. I work in a multi-lingual system where all text the user sees is referenced in a similar way (we would talk about a @SYSxxxxxxx errors). One major difference is that we would see for example @SYS345678 appear so that we know the specific invalid reference. We also have a script that we can run that checks for invalid references that don't exist in each of the language files and can report on redundant text in the language files that isn't referenced in the code.

    So I get how these things occur.

    That doesn't stop me from having a face palm moment when I see the string table errors ingame. Particularly as these should be trivial to fix.

    But rather than just bemoan the fact that they exist, why don't we help out by actually compiling a list of these to help shortcut the fix. There's been some success with the Monster Manual thread so I'm confident that we can do something similar with these.

    Some are easily repeatable, others you catch glimpses of. It seems that when there are a number of speech options, if one is an invalid reference, it automatically rolls onto the next one - capturing them can be tricky but they're still worth listing.

    1. Alyn Farrago, Eveningstar *FIXED*
    2. Attendant, Guild airship *FIXED*
    3. Attendant, Guild airship *FIXED*
    4. Hurim Jaskyr, Murder By Night
    5. Olmer Twiggins, Eveningstar *FIXED*
    6. Soulherd Drider, Trial By Fury
    7. Brother De Buci, The One-Eared Bugbear Inn *FIXED*
    8. Torch Holder, Rest Stop
    9. Collared Slaves, House of Broken Chains
    10. Prisoner, Escape Plan
    11. Young Woman, The Riddle (x3)
    12. The Lord of Eyes, Palace of stone
    13. Quest Journal, Underdark slayers
    14. Polar bear, Eveningstar winter festival *FIXED*
    15. Combat log effect
    16. Stella Dale, The Prisoner *FIXED*
    17. Paela Chaatu, The Prisoner *FIXED*
    18. Terence Wylder, The Prisoner *FIXED*
    19. Drunken Sailor, outside the Salty Wench in Three Barrel Cove *FIXED*
    20. Wardell d'Kundarak, outside the Salty Wench in Three Barrel Cove *FIXED*
    21. Tressym, Eveningstar *FIXED*
    22. Polar bears in Eveningstar *FIXED*
    23. All polar bears in Eveningstar speak fluent <string table error> *FIXED*
    24. Tempered Iron Golem in House Kundarak *FIXED*
    25. Purple Dragon Knight in King's Forest
    26. Purple Dragon Knight in Battle for Eveningstar
    27. Aya Ironhart in Rest Stop
    28. Mimic in Through a Mirror Darkly
    29. House Jorasco quest giver map text
    30. Animated Rope item description
    31. Cixsir in Trial By Fury
    32. Pacifism enhancement combat log

    Please list any others that you find, ideally with a screenshot and I'll add them to the index.

    Rather than starting a new thread, here are a list of inconsistencies, typos, incorrect information and graphical problems.

    1. * instead of & in map mouse-over text
    2. Animted Mudball, Palace of Stone
    3. Cinderspawnt, Epic Inferno of the Damned
    4. Carver mentioned in The Devil's Detail
    5. Venge, Isle of Dreams
    6. Misinformation on Rangers
    7. DNT TBD - War Wizard Ward
    8. Misinformation on Experience Report at level cap
    9. Missing icon on Champion: Fortification Bypass
    10. Tempest Spine not listed as a raid
    11. The Shroud not listed as a raid
    12. Ascension Chamber not listed as a raid
    13. The Reaver's Fate not listed as a raid
    14. Hound of Xoriat not listed as a raid
    15. A Vision of Destruction not listed as a raid
    16. Tower of Despair not listed as a raid
    17. Caught in the Web not listed as a raid
    18. The Fall of Truth not listed as a raid
    19. Illegible forum Error text
    20. Iron Defender monster manual text *FIXED*
    21. death_adurnac
    22. Fortification spelled wrongly twice in one pop-up
    23. DNT TBD - Azure Skies *FIXED*
    24. DNT TBD - Warlock Abilities
    25. DNT TBD - Warlock Skills
    26. DNT TBD - Warlock Feats
    27. Gnome Proficiencies icon
    28. Anniversary party challenge help
    29. High Road wilderness objectives
    30. King's Forest wilderness objectives
    31. Timer missing from temporary Artificer buffs
    32. Storm Horns wildeness objectives
    33. Loading screen for Three Barrel Cove from airship
    34. Artificer: Spontaneous Casting icon
    35. Gnome iconic welcome
    36. Dialogue options cannot be selected in mouse-look mode
    37. Shadowpaw misnamed as Dolthos in objectives
    38. Forum search now bugged
    39. Mechanical Reloader not providing Ranged Alacrity
    40. Usability of bug reporting tools for reporting multiple bugs
    41. Repeating Kobold Assault lists wrong quest in text
    42. Mechanic: Wracking Shot icon
    43. Shiradi Champion: Sixth Sense effects text
    44. Ice storm persisting through death
    45. Beholder optional cannot be completed
    46. MM display of Outsider category
    47. MM Tieflings categorised as Humanoid instead of Outsider
    48. Hezrou Raider not displaying HP
    49. Help window appears after every transition
    50. Map switches inside Good Intentions
    51. drow_base in the Red Fens
    52. court of Cixsir in Trial By Fury
    53. Borog the Brave or Kranston Bell?
    54. Mired in Kobolds invisible walls
    55. Solar Guard / Light Guard - Cannith Crafting
    56. Icon missing from Champion: On-hit Force

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    there's this gatekeeper dude in the marketplace (leave airship, turn left) - Kobutta the Gatekeeper
    he kinda waves at you and invites you to chat (Adventurer, I should speak with you)
    but when you click him, all ya get is string table error. also, he has an empty title <>
    EDIT: looks like he no longer has string table error, instead he remains silent...

    Also, here are a few issues from Heart of Madness pack including a string table error; I have not checked recently if these still occur
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    The quest journal. Yes, seriously, though it's not the all-zeros version.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadlock View Post
    One major difference is that we would see for example @SYS345678 appear so that we know the specific invalid reference.
    For what it's worth, the number after DID is supposed to be that reference. You can even see a (theoretically) meaningful value in Sunnie's Quest Journal error. (It's probably meaningful. I haven't looked it up.)

    Of course, when things break, sometimes the reason the string isn't working is because the reference to the thing with the string is broken, so it's roughly set to 0x00000000000000000000000000000000000000ish. Which does make it a bit harder to fix.

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    Default Carver defeated in wrong quest

    Carver defeated. - There's no Carver in this quest.

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