I recorded some videos of me hitting the training dummy using windows 10. This was saved as an mp4. I used avidemux for examening the video files. First I counted how long time it took for 16 attacks to get in the combat log. I knew this would give me an error if there was any offhand procs which I was not sure there was even though people use two weapon fighting for druids. As it turned out this approach gave me a difference in the time it took for 16 hits for the same bab and same alacrity. Instead I looked at the video frame by frame and found that the training dummy turned red sometimes. After closer inspection I saw I pattern in the red of the dummy. For BAB 4 and 0% melee alacrity the dummy seemed to turn red after 0.4, 0.4, 0.5, 0.7 seconds and then repeat itself. So the 0.7 seconds is from the last attack in one chain to the start of the next chain. It should be noted there was some false positives for the red turning of the dummy. Often right after a normal hit the dummy would blink from red to normal to red again in 3 frames. This should be ignored. I also compared the time for 16 hits in the combat log with the number of red turning. I had 13 reds with 16 hits. This corresponds well to an offhand proc percent of 20. (13*1.2=15.6). For the rest of the videos I only counted the red turning and only for the first 17 hits. Due to some differences I tried to take the average of 16 hits to calculate the average hits per second.
I only did this from BAB 4 to 14.

The results does not take into account off hand procs or doublestrike so you have to add these yourself.

Results for bear form:
The attacks per minute for BAB and no alacrity follows the line 0.1584*BAB + 70.85 where BAB is 5,10,15,20,25 etc. So if your BAB is 11 you use 10. If it is 7 you use 5.
For BAB 4 the alacrity follows the line 1.039 x + 70.87 attacks per minute. Where x is the alacrity.
For BAB 5 to 9 it follows the line 1.037 x + 71.58 attacks per minute. Where x is the alacrity.
For BAB 10 to 14 it follows the line 1.048 x + 72.29 attacks per minute. Where x is the alacrity.

So lets look at how much 10 % alacrity gives:
For BAB 5 to 9 this gives: (1.037*10)/(71.58)=14.328745923 %
and for BAB 10 to 14: (1.048*10)/(72.29)=14.468343595 %
So as a rule of thumb 10% melee alacrity gives 14.5 % increase in attack speed.

For Wolf form I was not able to detect any change when BAB increased.
For attacks per minute it follows the line 1.666 x + 114.8, where x is the alacrity.
So an increase of 10% melee alacrity gives: (1.666*10)/ 114.8=14.512195122 %

If you want the whole report send me a private message and i will see if i can email it to you.
Best regards