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    Default The One Thing Thread

    Welcome to the One Thing Thread. This is a thread where each player can post one small thing they think should be looked at, adjusted or fixed. It could be a bug, a change to something that exists, a quality of life adjustment. However, there is no guarantee that anything posted in this thread will be touched, but it does provide us with a list of what things are important to the player base and help us decide which items to look at first. Reasons we might not use a given suggestion are: Design reasons, technical limitations, time restraints.

    Suggestions posted here should be reasonable requests. This means no overhauling a quest or a major system, no major code changes such as hireling AI, and no major UI changes. We realize that players don't know our internal systems and tools, but try to think of a task that could be done by one developer in a couple of hours as a good guideline.

    A couple simple rules of the thread:
    • Each player gets exactly one item they can post - any additional items will be ignored
    • No criticizing other players suggestions. Let everyone post their personal request and why they feel that way.
    • The more specific you are the more likely it is to make our list. "Fix this." with no information on what you feel is broken about it is generally not very helpful.

    If all goes well this is something we could do again in the future as well.

    We tested this out with the Player's Council to see how this approach would work. Here is a list of what we took from that discussion which will hopefully help guide people into the level of scope their suggestions should be:

    • Look at the door to the Gianthold Wilderness so that you can't accidently click the wrong thing and get teleported back out.
    • Check on why the teleport locations in the Gianthold Wilderness explorer area only get picked up by the first player
    • The fog sometimes causing white out on Precious Cargo
    • Gnome Wand and Scroll bug
    • The purple haze being too much in What Goes Up
    • Protection from Evil potions may not working
    • Green Steel Power shards of the same type would be nice if they could stack
    • Temple of Deathwyrm - Red light/Green light room killing non moving characters
    • Remove the map fog of war from 3 Barrel Cove public area
    • TWF offhand and shield bashes missing, instead of grazing
    • Dialog box stays up when entereing Beyond the Rift
    • Some poison effects not giving enemies the proper poisoned icon
    • Missing random encounters in King's Forest
    • Eldritch Burst complaining about target being too far away
    • Pirate Captain's hats removing hair - This might have a problem with hair when it isn't removed so has a decent chance of being a no go for now
    • Add DC tool tips for Stunning Blow, Trip and Improved Trip - this could be a big issue that is a long process and may not be feasible currently
    • Stop Creeping Cold/Greater Creeping Cold and Niac's Biting Cold overwrite issues - this might be completely unfixable in our current systems
    • Commendations/Heart Seeds not stacking when taken as end rewards -this could also be unfixable with current systems

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    Well guess it would be pointless to rehash any of the suggestions you've already listed?

    What I would really like to see is An Offering of Blood changed from Base Lvl 11 to Base Lvl 12 {Same as Chains, Wiz King and ADQ1+2} and Chamber of Rahmat changed from Base Lvl 10 to Base Lvl 11 {Same as the rest of the Sands Walkups}.
    No other changes to these two quests - JUST the Base Level.

    You changed Cabal For One's Base Lvl from 13 to 14 when you Epicced Gianthold - I apologise if this would be a big thing equivalent to overhauling a quest but isn't it just going in and changing a number?

    P.S. Come back to me for more Quests that could do with Base Lvl Changes once these two are fixed. {Threnal, Tangleroot, Sorrowdusk, Delera's etc. etc.}

    As for why - Well that's simple really - To help with getting Groups together by bringing Quests into line with other quests that are usually done if at all possible in a row.
    Chamber of Rahmat especially is annoying as it's the Only Lvl 10 Quest in Sands and not worth all that much xp even with BB - So it would be nice if it was the same level as the rest of the Walkups.
    OoB being Lvl 11 rather than 12 like Chains, Wiz King and ADQ = More Annoyance as it causes groups to split up rather than stay together as people level or go off to run other Lvl 11 Quests rather than staying for Chains and WK and maybe ADQ.
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    Default wrong indefinite article

    "You obtain an Planar Shard" and "You obtain an Challenge Token" irks me the most, I think.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lynnabel View Post
    Gotcha, deleting the warlock class.

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    Combat Expertise and it's effects on Cooldown of spells - Especially sense this effects Paladin spell casting - Heals and Raises mostly. Maybe something in the enhancements of Sacred Defender if there is still concern of casters taking this feat for added defense.

    It is sad that having to using Scrolls/Wands, Bladeforge SLA, Rejuvination Cocoon or Renewal is not effected by CE cooldown increase, but Cure and Raise spells cast from memory are.

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    Default Whirlwind Attack

    If its not too much trouble please fix the bug with Whirlwind Attack that makes it not as good for melee as it is for unarmed attacks.

    Apologies if this has already been fixed. It has been a while since I have tried it, but it always bugged me that it wasn't worth taking as a fighter. Thanks!

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    Please fix multiplier's for throwing weapons (all enhancements affecting throwing weapon multipliers currently do nothing).
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    Spell targeting: for example, you can look at your feet and cast Dimension Door, or Wall of Fire, or Black Tentacles and it gives you a message like 'no target' or 'too far away'. In fact, I think it's a larger issue with a lot of soft-target spells, but also with targeted spells. For example, you can have an enemy targeted and you cast a spell like Fireball or Lightning Bolt and your target moves a fraction of an inch to your left or right and you make the casting animation, it goes on cooldown, uses spell points, but takes no effect whatsoever or even shows a graphical animation. You often see a message like 'target is not in line of sight' or something, even if it's just the merest fraction to your left or right. This can be especially frustrating when enemies move behind objects and you still cast a spell or use an ability, using resources, but with absolutely no effect or spell graphic whatsoever. This is also annoying with trying to heal pale masters with the harm spell because you have to be looking almost directly at them for it to work.

    So yes, in short: spell targeting.

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    Just to follow up: If folks do try to reply to someone else's suggestion to give their opinion about it, the post giving the opinion will be deleted. Feel free to create a different discussion thread if you feel it is absolutely necessary to discuss someone else's suggestion, and make sure not to target the other person in the thread.

    ALSO: It's always helpful to explain the why in your suggestion. Why do you feel this is an issue that needs to be addressed?
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    Remove optional XP from start of certain quests.

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    Add a favor reward to giant cave quests so they show on the adventure compendium.

    Specifically, I'm talking about the 3 walk-up quests in the Ruins of Threnal: , , and . Many people do not know they exist because you cannot see them when looking at your quest list on the adventure compendium. I realize that they are very short and for that reason I think that giving them a base favor of 1 (2 for hard, 3 for elite) would be fine.

    By adding a favor reward (even a meager one as I suggested), and making them show up on the adventure compendium, people are much more likely to know of their existence and actually run them.

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    "New" Ship buffs should be a single icon instead of going all the way across the screen. It would be way easier to keep track of buffs that really matter like potion and spell timers etc. A detailed list of all the timers could still exist in the focus orb when you examine your toon.
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    Remove the HD limit from Trap the Soul.

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    Default Searching

    Probably beyond the scope outlined, but having the ability to search all character's inventory (per account) from the main login screen or character selection screen would be greatly appreciated.

    Or, to be less specific, the creation of a character-spanning Inventory Search.

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    Add the clock to the user interface (maybe embedded in the minimap), or make it possible to show what time is it (in the same way as you can show FPS with Ctrl + F).

    Why: I always have to Alt + TAB to see what time is it. Having a clock in the UI makes easier to figure out you've played enough for the day.

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    Look at the Levels and Locations of older Quests to make sure they still make the most sense as the game has matured.

    The Sunken Sewer and Missing in Action are Level 2 quests located in the Marketplace. At launch the location made far more sense than the game does now. These quests should be moved to the Harbor near Tambor Smyth and Groodug Meathands.

    The Former level 1 Solo only quests, Archnaphobia, The Miller's Debt, Home Sweet Sewer, Haverdasher, An Explosive Situation shiuld be reset as a Level 1 quest and moved to Korthos Village. None of these quests are truly worth of Level 2 or 3 designations, none provide meaningful XP nor does the Lore match their current locations.

    The Second part of the Depths series (Depths of Discord and Depths of Doom) should be set to level 4 and the entire chain moved to the Marketplace (I'd suggest the foursome placed in Rusty Nail and the Quest entrances placed near the steam tunnels entrances.)

    Tangleroot and Sorrowdusk should have their Level spread shrunken to match current expectation with Bravery Bonus. Tangleroot 4-4-4-4-5-5-5-5-5-6 would be a better progression and 7-7-7-7-8-8-8-8-9-9 for Sorrowdusk)

    Threnal quests should be level 8-8-8-8-9-9-9-9-10.

    This probably needs a longer post but I hope you get the idea.

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    Specifically fix the Bard Swashbuckling stance not adding +1 multiplier to throwing weapons(ideally fix all throwing multipliers), it has been on the known issues since Swashbuckling was released.

    The reason I want this fixed is so I can play a Bard Thrower effectively. Currently they are sub-par to the Monk thrower without this mechanic not working. Monks gain the extra shuriken per dex chance, bard would gain the extra crit damage if it was working making it a competitive play style.
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    After reconsidering, my one and true One Thing can be found at Post #25 on Page 2 of the thread.

    Spoiler Warning: Yark.
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    Default Everbright

    For the purposes of Cannith Crafting, please seriously consider changing Everbright from a Suffix to a Prefix. For consistency's sake you should change it for lootgen as well.

    An Everbright Maul of Ooze Bane would be so much more likely to exist in a D&D setting than a Screaming Maul of Everbright for obvious reasons.
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    make summoning viable end game as it stands they are overall hilariously under powered at end game.
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    Give ability to tumble with 1 key press. So you don't have to hold block.

    Make tumble active skill, or a key bindings under options, so people who like to use it don't have to strain their fingers holding Shift and clicking W a lot,or whatever keybindings you use, holding down a button, while mashing another button is not comfortable. Do like 4 keybindings (tumble forwards/backwards/ to sides), or make active skill with a drop down spell like menu. Also maybe add ability to keep tumbling, if you hold the button down, so you don't have to mash it. This would make using tumble more attractive to people to use. Especially for artificers using rune arms, or wizards, so you can just hold down tumble while mashing spell keys, or operating rune arm, instead of having to hold down and mush multiple buttons.

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