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    Default Gingerspyce's week in videos: Druid True First Life and Special Events

    As we embrace the new producer's letter, prepare for the Tower of Frost and get ready for Reaper Mode, I have a few new videos to share with you this week...

    Druid True First Life

    Northwynd is cruising through mid epic levels, which are definitely going better for me than early epic levels! Now with a few twists and a bauble to help with mana, things are a lot less stressful. When I started the series I really wasn't sure how things would perform in epics on my favorite build as a true first lifer without ship buffs, wealth and gear from my home server, but I am pleased that I've been able to solo some epic elite content. What's more, I am so happy to hear from some viewers that Northwynd's accomplishments have inspired them to attempt new feats of their own! You can see Northwynd's progress in the latest episodes below:

    Episode 25 - Level 25 - EE House of Broken Chains

    Episode 26 - Level 26 - EE Don't Drink the Water

    Episode 27 - Level 27 - EE Reclaiming the Rift

    Only 3 episodes to go in the series!

    Special Events - Teaching raids, Midwinter Race and Hide & Seek

    The first month of our 2017 teaching raid series on Sarlona is going great! Attendance is excellent and we've been having fun meeting new people and teaching our favorite raids to folks that are new to them. This year is the first year that we've been live streaming the events, so if you're on another server and can't join us but want to learn, you can watch, interact and ask questions live on my Youtube channel. Our latest teaching raid live streams were Defiler of the Just (below) and Epic Vault of Night. This Saturday will be a live stream of the The Twilight Forge and The Titan Awakes at 9pm EST!

    The Midwinter Festival is here, so I wanted to share again a video I did a couple years ago of the midwinter race, where I do a couple races and offer some tips about the race and recipes. I was also very happy that we are able to add midwinter recipes to our Night Revels Reaper cosmetic armor! If you're new to the Midwinter Festival, watch my quick video Gingerspyce's Midwinter Festival Race and Tips!

    I've been hosting games of hide & seek and trivia on Sarlona for years. Sometimes I host big events during holidays and sometimes I host smaller impromptu games during weekends. During this past holiday season, I decided to do a video where I discuss strategies and tips for you to host your own games of hide & seek. There are lots of little tips and tricks for you to avoid being tracked and to successfully hide while a bunch of people are looking for you. If you're interested in hosting your own games, check out my newest video How to Host a Hide & Seek event in DDO. And speaking of trivia, if you haven't seen it and you're interested in hosting your own trivia events, I posted a list of Over 700 DDO trivia questions for you to use in your events in the Events & Gatherings forum.

    The Northwynd series has had more followers than any of my previous series, and I've gotten to meet and interact with a lot of new viewers on Cannith and on my channel. I appreciate hearing from you guys and hearing about how the series has informed, challenged and inspired! Thank you so much for all the great comments and kind words.

    Much love,
    Gingerspyce of Sarlona

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