Tower of Frost first look

A couple guildies and I live streamed the first time we ever stepped into Tower of Frost on the first day it was release. Check out our first experiences as we take on the new Update 34 quest in EE Tower of Frost first look live stream.

A Guided Tour

So you're new and you feel lost and like everyone else knows everything. Get up to speed on Necro 4 by taking my new guided Tour of the Orchard of the Macabre (heroic) where I show you the locations of all explorers, rares and quest entrances.

Druid True First Life

I can't believe it's over! I got really attached to Northwynd and it's sad for me to walk away from that toon. Maybe one day if the druid enhancement pass ever happens, I can revisit her and do a "True Second Life" series! Until then, enjoy the final 3 videos of the series...

Episode 28: Solo EE Crucible
- This was a fun challenge to do on the true first lifer. Without the charisma skills to smooth talk the NPC's at the start, I had to fight all 4 bosses at the end, making it an even greater challenge!

Episode 29: Solo EE Legend of Two-Toed Tobias
- Some folks shy away from soloing this on EE, but Northwynd shows that she can take on Jibbers and this is a great quest to make part of your daily routine, as it is quick, great xp and being able to solo it on EE will improve your chances of getting the extremely valuable item that every serious toon should make it a point to try to get: the Cursed Blade of Jack Jibbers!

Episode 30: Solo EE Demon Queen Raid
- I also included the EN pre-raid in this video so that I'd have more time to discuss things. Being able to solo the DQ raid on EE is a good starting point to gauge tanking ability and it's also valuable so that you can farm for the raid loot on your own schedule. See how the whole series ends below.

I had so much fun with the Northwynd series and it saw the highest initial viewership of any of my series! It was surprising to me and also really cool that many viewers were doing their own versions of the build and following the adventure along with it. It was amazing to hear from so many viewers about how the series inspired them to try new things and challenged them to improve upon their own skills. I am also glad to have met and run with some channel viewers on Cannith during the series! Thank you for sharing all your thoughts and comments and I look forward to many more fun videos and comments in 2017

Much love,
Gingerspyce of Sarlona

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