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    Default Gingerspyce's week in videos: Reaper Survival Guide, Abbot and Dragonborn preview

    Update 35 is right around the corner and so much goodness awaits us. Since my last update I think I have had more fun in DDO doing reaper quests than I have in the past year! This week I have a few fun and helpful videos to share...

    Got reaper?

    Haven't delved into reaper mode yet? Or maybe you've done a few reapers and wondered how in the world you're supposed to survive. I just got done with my first 1-30 life on Voodu doing reaper all the way. In this first video I share what I learned in my first go around in reaper quests. Whether you're dragging your feet or mystified by how to survive, in my Reaper Survival Guide I offer 20 tips for you to be successful in reaper mode!

    So you want to Abbot

    The heroic Abbot raid (Accursed Ascension) is one of the most technically challenging raids in DDO. The good news is that it's not hard and can be done shorthanded with a few folks that know what to do! Last Saturday we live streamed our weekly teaching raid and when we do Abbot, it's like no other. We take the whole group into each puzzle so everyone gets to see and experience all of the raid. It runs a bit long to do things this way, but if makes for a fun and unique experience. If you're wanting to learn the intricacies of this nearly-impossible-to-find-a-good-pug raid, check out our Abbot teaching raid live stream 3/4/17.

    New race: Dragonborn inbound!

    DDO's most flavorful race is about to go live. Dragonborn are gorgeous and fun and with new racial reincarnation about to go live with it (Lamannia u35 release notes), get ready to play this super cool handsome half-breed! I made a quick video on the Lamannia server where I show Dragonborn character creation, briefly go over the enhancement tree and demonstrate their special breath weapon attack.

    I am excited and getting ready to reincarnate Gingerspyce into Dragonborn to see how it works with my favorite toon, so look for a new Gingerspyce Dragonborn video series in the upcoming weeks! in the mean time I have been posting lots of videos of Voodu struggling through her first life of reaper quests!

    Much love,
    Gingerspyce of Sarlona

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