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    Default Gingerspyce's week in videos: Update 35 first look- Newcomers and Black and Blue

    Update 35 is here! This week I have 2 videos to share of my guildies and I doing the new quests for the first time. These videos capture our first experiences and first impressions of the new quests.


    My original first look video of this quest had to be scrapped because the quest crashed and was closed on day 1. It was fixed with the hotfix the next day so me and a couple guildies were about to make another first look video but we decided to do it as a live stream instead. We did reaper but just 1 skull to keep it simple and stress free for our first time and for the live stream. You can watch the fun at Update 35 first look - R1 Newcomers live stream.

    Black and Blue

    Update 35 gave us 2 quests and a raid. The quests are not required to run the raid, by the way. There is no flagging for the new raid Riding the Storm Out, which let's face it, should've been named Riders on the Storm. A musical reference either way... enough about the raid. Our other new quest is Black and Blue and here a few guildies and I take on reaper 1 skull and capture our first experiences in our first look video below!

    I have also been posting reaper videos on Voodu warlock and our weekly teaching raid live streams, which recently included Reaver's Fate, Fall of Truth and Heroic and Legendary Hound of Xoriat. We also plan on including the new raid Riding the Storm Out in our teaching raid series very soon!!

    In the mean time, Gingerspyce has reincarnated into Dragonborn and I've already started making videos for my next series which I hope to debut in the next week or two!

    Thank you for all the fun and helpful comments and kind words!

    Much love,
    Gingerspyce of Sarlona

    PS. Channel Viewer Joshua French has just made a spreadsheet of my videos by level. You can check it out on Google docs here!

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