Since my last update I've crossed a major milestone with my 500th video!! Wow that is a lot of DDO, lol. I am excited to share 2 special videos with you this week...

A new series

I've reincarnated Gingerspyce as a Dragonborn and trying out my favorite build with this fun new race! The Gingerspyce Dragonborn Project will follow the fun of playing through my 3 Dragonborn lives. The first life will be druid but the next 2 lives will be something different! I made a fun trailer for it below...

Riding the Storm Out

The new Update 35 raid can be challenging and messy if you're new to it, but if you know a few simple mechanics, this raid can be smooth and fun. For our 6th time in the raid, we decided to do a tutorial because we knew a lot of folks were struggling with it. This video was only 10 days into the new raid, but covers the essentials. I'm sure new information and strategies will emerge, but this will give you enough to get a great start! You can watch the tutorial at How to do Riding the Storm Out.

If you're on Sarlona, this Saturday's teaching raid is going to be Riding the Storm Out, so if you're new to or still learning the new raid, please join us for the fun. I will post details in the Sarlona forum soon!

This year's teaching raid series has been the most successful ever! Attendance is awesome and we've met a lot of nice folks along the way. This coming week will mark the halfway point, where we will have worked through every raid in the game and will start fresh from the top and do them all again. So if you missed them the first time, now is a great time to get involved. Details for each week's teaching raid are posted in the Sarlona forum.

Doing the live streams of the teaching raids has been a lot of fun too and it has been awesome to be able to reach players from other servers and interact with them live during the events. Here are some of the recent teaching raid live streams...

I also posted a funny April Fools day video with me and a guildie doing a spoof tutorial about how to spot left in heroic Abbot. If you missed it, you can watch it here.

Thank you for all the great comments and positive words, I appreciate hearing that you guys enjoy the vids and I have lots of fun sharing them with you

Much love,
Gingerspyce of Sarlona

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