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    Default Gingerspyce's week in videos: Dragonborn project: the early levels

    I've been having lots of fun playing Dragonborn for the first time. They are such a good looking, flavorful race and a fun enhancement tree that is nice for a variety of casters and melees, especially those that want to add some defensiveness to their builds, which is very nice to have in reaper mode!

    Episode 1: Level 3 - R1 Captives

    Here I introduce my plans for the series. I begin life one of the series with only 3 reaper points, so I'm not starting with much there. In life one I'm doing my regular druid build, adapted for Dragonborn. In lives 2 and 3 I will be doing something different. This series captures my first experiences in heroic reaper on my favorite druid build. In episode 1 I solo The Captives on reaper 1 skull. All three lives and every video of the series will be reaper questing!

    Episode 2: Level 6 - R2 Troglodytes' Get

    Three Barrel cove was given a makeover a few years back and now it's some of the best xp in the game for its level range. In episode 2 I solo Troglodytes' Get (aka Garl's Tomb part 1) on reaper 2 skulls.

    Episode 3: Level 8 - R2 Tharashk Arena (VON 1)

    The end fight in this one can be rough and it certainly was a bit of a struggle for me to solo. Mana conservation on a druid can be tricky in low levels, and even with all my gear and past lives I had to drink a few pots to get this one done.

    Episode 4: Level 9 - R4 Giant Lieutenants and The Giants' Lair

    Giant wha? Whose lair? Did you know that there were some quests that aren't in the adventure compendium? There are 4 mini quests that are off the beaten path in the Threnal wilderness zone. They are very quick quests and don't give much regular xp but 3 of them give full reaper xp! In episode 4 I run a couple of the quests with some guildies. If you didn't know about these little gems, be sure not to miss them as you're heroic leveling through levels 9 and 10!

    Episode 5: Level 10 - R3 Reclamation

    I have always loved Ataraxia. Reclamation can be a hard hitting quest for an unsuspecting newbie. Soloing it on reaper 3 skull at level 10 was a challenge! Here I take on hoards of Duergar and get to see how my defenses stand up in mid heroic levels. Once again I had to drink a few mana pots to get the job done, but I got the W!

    It is so cool that hundreds of people around the world are following the series and it has been a lot of fun to hear from some of you! Thank you for all the great comments. I know that some of you really look forward to the series that I do and I have so much fun putting them together and sharing them with you. I am quite a bit further along with Gingerspyce than the current episodes would suggest. I have captured some thrilling moments that I look forward to sharing with you in upcoming episodes!

    Lastly, I will be a guest on DDOcast this Sunday, April 23 where the topic will be an Update 35 review and discussion of the new raid Riding the Storm Out! You can watch live at or check out the podcast later at or

    Much love,
    Gingerspyce of Sarlona

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    I can't give you rep, but I can say I love the videos and the shape of your videos over the years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seikojin View Post
    I can't give you rep, but I can say I love the videos and the shape of your videos over the years.
    Thanks dood

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