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    Default Suggestion for new Adventure Book and Quest Panel

    Given that Sev said they are aware that the adventure book and lfm panels are a little lackluster, here would be my suggestion for a bit of an improvement to the adventure and quest panels. I'll leave recommendations for a fix for the LFM panel/system to another day/time since fixing grouping is a headache that I just don't have enough alcohol available to deal with right now.

    I'd love to hear some feedback on what other people would like to see and how they would feel about it. So here's the hacked together flowchart adventure book and quest panel!

    Edit: Please note these are separate windows. The 'big' adventure/quest book on the left, and the quest summary window is on the right when you are actually in a quest. I just didn't realize until I copy/pasta'd that they shared a border.

    Explanation times!


    Top left - Saga panel. ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL quests in the game are now linked to a saga of some sort. This helps players tremendously in finding where they should be and what they should be doing. It also creates a universal naming scheme that players can understand and follow. You can say, "Doing Sharn Syndicate" and newbs can open their quest journal and be like, "oh hey i have that."

    Saga's simply show up once you're the min level for them. Maybe add a checkbox for "Hide completed" and "Hide overleveled" saga's or something so you don't have to scroll through a huge list.

    (Addendum: I would also update/fix saga rewards. They should offer things like a 1 hour +20% xp boost potion, rare crafting collectibles, small but feasible chance for stat tomes, etc...etc...lots of room for improvement here).

    (3) or whatever indicates the recommended lowest level you should start the saga at.

    Yellow dot indicates you have completed and turned in the saga for a reward.
    Green dot indicates you have completed some but not all quests
    Blue dot indicates you have not started the saga


    Bottom Left - Quest selection panel. Pretty straightforward. Lists all quests in the saga. All quests show up as soon as you get the saga. Quests that require progression to get to the final quest in (Think WGU chain, necro 1/2/3 with the 'crypt' etc...) are greyed out until you gold/green the first ones in the chain.

    Yellow dot - Completed and turned in
    Green dot - Completed but not turned in yet
    Blue dot - Not yet completed

    (4) is base quest level.

    (Addendum: I'm also a huge advocate for removing the 'hard = +1 quest level, elite = +2 quest levels, especially with reaper now being a thing. It's mostly cosmetic in the quest journal but creates confusion for players. It would take a little reworking of the system but overall I think it would be a vast improvement on the current system).


    Top Right - Adventure summary. Just a quick summary of the quest you have picked, the patron (and total available favor), where the entrance is located and what NPC gave you the quest.


    Mid right - Quest description. This is pretty standard. All the lovely lore bits we love about quests go here.


    Bottom right/bottom row - Buttons!

    Complete Quest - Allows you to complete the quest as if talking to the NPC. You still need to talk to NPC's to get the quest but it's 2017, let us turn stuff in without having to run back so we can move on to the next quests. Cannot be used in wilderness/adventure areas.

    Reset Quest - If it's yellow/green, allows you to set it back to blue. Basically after you've completed it once and talked to the NPC, you no longer need to go back and get it. Locked out if the quest is part of a chain that requires linear completion. Cannot be used in wilderness/adventure areas.

    Share quest - Pretty self explanatory

    Ship Teleport - If you or anyone in your group has an airship with a teleporter unlocked, allows you to open the ship teleport dialog. Cannot be used in wilderness/adventure areas.

    Look for More - Posts a basic LFM for this quest. You can change in options menu whether you want LFM to post with Bravery Bonus or 0% xp penalty reaper level ranges based on the quest highlighted.

    Purchase Pass - Allows you to purchase a single use pass for your group for anyone that doesn't have access to the quest. Single use, cheaper then the 3 hour 'pack' guest passes.


    Quest window

    Top row has icons that indicate/change color based on your progress with Conquest/Traps/Hidden/Breakables for quick and easy evaluation of your progress. On the right indicates number of optional objectives completed and now quests give a 20% bonus for completing all optional objectives (yes, I realize some quests that's not possible).

    Bottom row has share and lfm buttons that do the same thing as the quest window (but are quicker/easier to access when you're in the middle of a fight or something). "Summon" button is only available for 1 minute after you zone into a quest. Clicking it will teleport you to the last shrine someone accessed. This allows people to quickly catch up if they join groups late and not just decide they might as well pike it since everyone else is so far ahead.


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    Looks good, would like to see this or something similar to this implemented.
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    I am a big fan of sagas as a "what should I do next" driver when I'm playing but don't have a plan. I would love to see every quest part of some saga, with a bigger list of rewards similar to what you are suggesting 9 options in list: collectibles one chance at each tier 20com,10uncom,5rare / 3 loot chances including named from associated quests (non-mythic) / renown / stat or skill tome / exp gem or small pot.

    Make sure some are all FTP but most are mixed, get people playing, get them 2/3 of the way through a saga and then say "here get this pack and there is another saga or two you can complete". I really like how the epic sagas overlap, by the time you finish one, you have substantial progress on another and know where to go. With your panel, those other sagas would show in progress and lead a new player to the next thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantor View Post
    I am a big fan of sagas as a "what should I do next" driver when I'm playing but don't have a plan.
    Same. I think part of the reason, for me personally at least, I'm okay with doing really bad xp/min quests like high road chain but don't enjoy doing something like Tower of Frost is at least with the high road chain you'll get those saga completes at the end and it makes it feel that much more worth it.

    I mean, veteran players know what quests to do next and always can just pop open the patron panel to view the list of all quests. The problem is that list is all over the place.

    With a little bit of normalization you just open up your quest journal and click on the level 7 saga (or whatever level you are) and head to wherever it says to go knowing that you'll have 4~8 quests to do in that area and if you do them all, you'll have a good chance of getting a nice reward like a small xp boost, maybe a stack of dimension door scrolls or who knows what else.

    I feel the system has significant potential.
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    I'm really in favor of what you have done so far, and as a Saga lover, would love to see a lot more Sagas with more rewards.

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    Maybe some of the following as possible saga rewards...

    +20% xp for 1 hour potion
    5x Rare crafting mat
    Stat or Skill tome
    'Exceptional' crafting blank that has 2 gem slots? (maybe trinket/belt and cloak slots only?)
    10x Dimension door scrolls with no UMD check
    An 'activated' gold seal hireling contract that lasts for 15 minutes? (so basically use it or lose it on next quest)
    LR+0 heart (unique so you can't stockpile)
    A single use token (unique so you can't stockpile) that gives you a free chest reroll
    Hair Dye
    20x teleport scrolls with no UMD check
    Huge chunk of renown
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    I was thinking also would be neat is next to the quest name in the right top panel they could put a symbol for each quest line based on the storyline it's involved in. Stormreaver, Xoriat, Netheril, etc...
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    Quote Originally Posted by zehnvhex View Post
    ...Top left - Saga panel. ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL quests in the game are now linked to a saga of some sort. This helps players tremendously in finding where they should be and what they should be doing. It also creates a universal naming scheme that players can understand and follow. You can say, "Doing Sharn Syndicate" and newbs can open their quest journal and be like, "oh hey i have that."


    (Preface: My point of view is that of a Premium player. No VIP "all access", I buy the packs that I want. Currently own about 2/3, with several major purchases* still to make.

    * The other 2 Necro that I don't own, Tangleroot, Madnesses, & couple others of that ilk. Only own Shadowfell & MotU for Epic, so that's still to be addressed.)

    I don't know that each quest pack needs to be a "saga", not in the sane sense that word is now used in the game. Many do have end-rewards that already fill a "less-than-Saga" function (altho' many of those cry to be updated - that's a diff discussion, but maybe a topic that could be dovetailed in to this subject at a later time?). Most are "Story Arcs" without being long sagas, and, personally, I'm fine with that. You either buy the pack(s) that are Sagas, or you don't, your call. But currently it's SO hard to see which is which in the Logs.

    I've long wished that quest packs were visibly distinguishable in the adventure log, each from the others. Specifically whether or not I own one or another quest, but also what else is available once I have bought something, and what flows from the last one(s) I just finished. I HATE that I can accept a quest, it turns yellow in the log, and only once I run to catch up to the PUG group I just joined do I find that I can't do it because turns out... don't own it after all. Absurd.

    (I also loathe that I have to fabricate a list of all the quests by hand (usually from the Wiki), and then open the Store (even harder now) and manually do some sort of grep function on note paper to determine what I don't own to then know what I still need to buy. Really?)

    If they were color coded, what I owned and what I don't, that would be great. If the quests in each each quest pack were color coded (or somehow sortable) to show which were related by which pack, that would be fantastic.

    It would, I believe, also be a big selling point. Currently, only veteran players can give a concise answer, and even the wiki is rather opaque on the subject of "What do I buy next?". But if it were color coded in the log, then if I see a dearth of quests looming after, say, Level 12, and Gianthold dominates that 13-14 land, I may be more inclined to pick that up. If I like undead, I could see which of the Necro's would be most useful to leveling. If I liked wanted House D favor, I could see that the Sorrowdusk pack is the one that yields that by the handful. If I hit 20 and want to go to 30... what will fit the bill? And so forth. Currently... it's rather daunting to do the research to answer those questions.

    Something in that direction. Better for players, better for sales, win win.

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    Saga's wouldn't necessarily need to be 10+ quests in a row. I mean you could call it whatever you wanted. We're just already familiar with the concept of saga so it wouldn't be much of a stretch to take, say, the Baudry line in harbor which is 5 quests? And make that a 'saga'. We get a lot of questions on Reddit from people who simply don't know where to go next and this would create a breadcrumb system without being a painfully obvious "go here dummy" system.

    For the purpose of buying quests it would (hopefully) make it much easier to tell what you have/don't have at a glance simply by opening up your quest log and seeing the saga associated with that quest pack X'd out. If you're level 15 and have run out of things to do, you can look at your quest book and see that there are 3 more saga's your level you could purchase for example.

    As for whether or not a pack is worth buying or not, that's more a fault of the dev's for refusing to go back and rebalance/fix old crappy content. Threnal doesn't need ~much~ to be fun/worth running. It wouldn't take much to fix Sorrowdusk isle (some teleporters is all really). They won't do it though. Or maybe they can't. Who knows what kind of contractual shenanigans they have going with Hasbro and WoTC.


    As an aside: I'm of the opinion that all quests should be given away for free and that DDO should focus instead of selling more cosmetic awesome stuff. I only need to buy Gianthold once, but if they kept on coming out with new particle effects for dimension door every 6 months I'd be buying those up like candy.

    Players hit a paywall for content and more then likely will simply bail. However, you let them play for free they stay around longer, get hooked, get more people to play with them and in the long run will spend far more on making themselves look pretty. That's pretty much what most F2P games have learned these days. You think PoE would be nearly as popular if after the first chapter you had to pony up 10 bucks to keep playing? You think League would be as popular if you had to pony up 10 bucks to play ranked? etc...

    No, you give the content away and charge people to look cool. Imagine if they made like 5 new shades of the Halloween reverent armor that ~EVERYONE~ wears and put that in the store? You think I wouldn't be shoving fi****lls of 20's down Sevs throat if I could get that armor in a sexy gold/black?
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    nice suggestion..
    The Adventure compendium/quest journal does need a revamp. the interface is just too poor to remain the way it is.
    Game still has a lot of quest givers that are nowhere near the quest zone or are scattered in a way to make it unclear who the quest giver is or what quest is given by them....

    better tie-ins for putting up LFMS. and LFM chains for flagging.... progression LFM's..

    level range recognition, Optimal level range, XP penalty ranges

    quest location .. direction mapping.. , GPS co-ordinates for quest entrance and quest giver.. you are here.. quest is.. there...

    flagging requirements.. what didn't get turned in or completed to prevent you from flagging.....

    Links to purchase the pack the quest belongs to for DDO store or guest passes..

    Better sorts and multiple filters in the compendium..
    List quests +/- my level range, show me quests in level range x-y.
    yet to do
    available to purchase
    level range filters (separate epic from heroics in the listings and add appropriate descriptions)
    Favor houses (doesn't include sub-filters/sorts).
    Create LFM from compendium selected quest.

    Other quest/game issues:

    Naming conventions of quests.. some start with 'The', 'A', as part of the title etc.. some don't...

    Compendium sorting/filtering sucks.
    flaggers don't list together its not von1,von2,von3,von4,von5 in the adventure compendium... we have Tharashk Arena, 'The' prisoner, Gateway to Khyber, 'The' Jungle of Khyber, Haywire Foundry, etc..

    Better NPC layouts based on level ranges for quest giver camps... Necro for instance.. mixed and matched all over the place.. pool the camps by level range..
    get out of here kid this is a big boy camp.. go prove your worth in the other camps before you come sniffing around here..

    clean up game mechanics of quest givers screwing over players when players retake the completed quest which then invalidates them from completing story arc's. (Threnal, Necro)
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    this old game needs ui revolution. It's still old that annoying.
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