It's generally accepted that Short Cuts (and Epic Short Cuts) can't be completed, but I'm wondering if it's theoretically impossible, or if it's just very difficult and requires much luck. Does anyone know the definitive mathematical answer?

Consider if you manage to kill the archon within the first minute, and use all those yummy archon bags to jump-start your extractors. Plus you get lucky with supply drops and use daily tokens for parts so you don't have to kill any kobolds. (And of course you use the totems.) In that scenario, is it possible to reach all the objectives?

  1. Extract 500 Dragonshards
  2. (Optional) Do not kill any Kobolds
  3. (Optional) Deplete all portals (8 total)
  4. (Optional) Kill 5 Orthon Lieutenants
  5. (Optional) Maintain an extraction rate of 12 Shards per second for 2 minutes

1. is easily achievable.
2. is possible even doing tons of upgrades as long as you have good supply drops and maybe some daily tokens?
3. I personally completed this one in a 2-man favor run, so it's for sure possible.
4. Assuming you had the early archon to jumpstart your production, can you spawn all 5 orthons?
5. Again assuming the early archon, 12 shards per second for 2 minutes should be possible, right?

Any one of the stars looks theoretically achievable, but is it that you can't do all 5 in the same run? As in, the only way to manage the high extraction rate is to kill kobolds for parts? Or maybe the only way to reach 12 shards per second delays the first star for so long that the orthons won't spawn in time?

Anyone know for sure?