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    Default My Top 5 fav builds

    So - In another thread I talked about starting fresh on a new server with my favorite builds...

    This got me wondering what other people's top five builds are?

    1. Favorite doesn't mean most effective or OP - though it could be as long as it's your favorite.
    2. Doesn't have to be endgame or reaper capable.
    3. Doesn't have to be viable today - outdated builds can still be fun.
    4. Gimped toons and abominations are acceptable - flavor and fun trumps Roflstomp

    Mine are in no particular order:

    1. Human Paladin (THF Sacred Knight)
    2. Elven Archer (Acid Arrow)
    3. Human Bard (Swashbuckler)
    4. TYWA Dwarf (Warpriest)
    5. Elven Tempest (Trapmonkey)

    What are yours?

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    1. Monk 12/Ranger 6/Rogue 2 triple faster sneak enhancement unarmed build.
    2. Wizard 20 Illusionist DC caster
    3. Sorcerer 14/Favored Soul 5/Barbarian 1 fireball spam caster
    4. Bard 20 Spellsinger
    5. Bard 13/Figher 6/Barbarian 1 SWF Handaxe

    Probably forgetting something, but those were the first 5 to come to mind.

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    SB with rog splash

    pure ranger Bow user


    THF pally

    DC insta kill

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    1. 12 artificer 5 wizard 3 sorcerer electric spam
    2. 12 monk 6 warlock 2 fighter tree build
    3. 12 warlock 6 wizard 2 favored soul shiradi spam
    4. 9 druid 6 monk 5 ranger wolf unarmed twf
    5. 12 wizard 6 fighter 2 monk twf wraith centered kensei
    Peregrynne of Sarlona

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    1) Any battlecleric or battlesoul
    2) 18/2 Rogue/Artificer with Great Crossbows
    3) Any battlecleric or battlesoul
    4) 20 Warlock ES tank (It was never about the DPS)
    5) Any battlecleric or battlesoul
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    I'm not telling. :P
    Quote Originally Posted by Marshal_Lannes View Post
    Now you aren't a cookie cuttter, you are a character with unique gear and layouts and not everyone has the same mass produced epic ethereal bracers from the ghostly beholder factory.

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    1: Any rogue/arti splash - love crossbows, love mechanic, love rune arms, can't wait for the arti changes of U36
    2: I'm a sucker for pure fighter vanguard
    3: Bard/rogue/fighter, intelligence based - T5 in Warchanter for the Frozen Fury stuff. Hand axes rock.
    4: Warlocks are fun, don't tell anyone I said that though
    5: Pure wizard deep gnome DC illusion caster

    I like INT builds I guess :P
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    - pure cleric, no dc just sp and light and turn
    - pdk bard 12/6/2 having 6 fighter lvls and no points in kensai yay (more warchanter than swashie)
    - any vanguard build using BS, steel maiden for exampleexample
    - centered swf monk using deathnips, like old cetus but swf instead of thf xD
    - arti melee, something like the maverick hunter, it was quite funny before changes
    psykopeta is finally baconpletionist because there isn't anything to delay it more - thelanis, where the gimps claim to be pros and noobs claim to be pros, no newbies allowed(unless they claim to be pros), we have enough drama w/o them. PS: I post only in the latest thread shown in main page, in the weird case u want something from me, feel free to send pm

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    Human Pally S&B Vanguard (U36 determines his future)
    Human Ranger Tempest/AA
    Human Fighter Kensai
    Dwarf Fighter Vanguard
    Human Battle Cleric (when the cleric pass happens)

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    1) wizard - dc control based
    2) wizard - shiradi nuker
    3) wizard - illusionist gnome because I heart gnome and it's sooo much fun being a short round halfling and it takes me back to my pong days with all 2 illusionist dc spells in DDO.
    4) paly/ranger twf dance-o-death
    5) barberarian - cuts hair and monsters.
    6) Fvs18/Rang2 furyshot - back in the days long ago when it was a useful build. (then FVS really fell behind the damage curve and manyshot became wuss w/o ranger tree & ranger levels backing).

    One of those above is a lie but I was on a wizard roll and wanted to sarcastically highlight that we need more illusion DC spells.
    Casual DDOaholic

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    I have 5 different characters.

    DEX-based evasion TWF ranger multi-class (with ranged ability - either bow or throwing)
    STR-based full plate tactics-based THF character (currently quarter-staff)
    Wizard DC caster
    Rogue or Artificer Mechanic
    Turn-based cleric

    I like to switch between them to keep the game fresh, because each plays very differently.

    I also like the fact that I can pick up most gear, because it usually works for at least one of these guys.
    Quote Originally Posted by Teh_Troll View Post
    We are no more d000m'd then we were a week ago. Note - This was posted in 10/2013
    Quote Originally Posted by Eth View Post
    When you stop caring about xp/min this game becomes really fun. Trust me.
    Quote Originally Posted by TedSandyman View Post
    Some people brag about how fast they finished the game. I cant think of a stupider thing to brag about. Or in this game, going from level 1 to level 30 in two days, or however long it takes. I can't even begin to imagine what drives a person to think that is fun. You are ignoring all of the content and options and going for sheer speed. It is like going to a museum and bragging about how fast you made it through. Or bragging about how fast you finished a good steak.

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    I play only one character and I'm always a trapper

    1) 12 Fighter/4 Bard/4 Rogue with Swash and Assassin tree
    2) 12 Fighter/6 Bard/2 Rogue Swash and Vanguard
    3) 18 Bard/2 Rogue Warchanter
    4) 18 Bard/2 Rogue Swashchanter
    5) 18 Arti/2 Rogue Bastard Sword Arti

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    1) Hassan's Assassin (in sig)
    2) The Count of Monte Cristo (in sig)
    3) Dubbell O'Seven (in sig)
    4) Wis based human unarmed whirlwind attack shintao 20 monk
    5) Dex based halfling acrobat 20 rogue
    Honorable mentions: The Divine Cuisinart (in sig) and White Feather Sniper (in sig)
    Unarmed monk guide with builds|The Arcane Warrior: wiz/fighter hybrids|White Feather Sniper: CC/dps focused deepwood stalker|The Divine Cuisinart: divine crusader tempest|The Count of Monte Cristo: swashbuckler|Hassan's Assassin: dex assassin|Dubbell O'Seven: WF artificer|Santa's Little Slayer: dragonmarked elf centered kensai

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    Umm... hard to judge what order I like them in; so I'll just list some builds.

    • Whirling Stick of Truth (Fighter 8/Rogue 6/Monk 6 Qstaff)
    • Cleric Elven Archer/Healer
    • Assassin
    • S+B offtank (fighter/barbarian, fighter/cleric or paladin/fvs)

    That's my top list right now; but I'm continually trying out new builds that might be added to it in the future.
    Selvera: Aasimar Fighter 20/Epic 10; Old and wise fighter.
    Jen: Half Elf Fvs 4; Healer Archer on a TR with friends
    Mayve: Drow Bard 14/Wizard 6/Epic 7; Vampire Enchantress

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    1. Pure CC Elf Druid (Earthquake + Paralyzing Arrows)
    2. Gnome Swashbuckler (Color Spray + Coup de Grace)
    3. Pure Con Based Dwarf Barbarian Ravager
    4. Weird Dragonborn Warchanter + Spellsinger (Shout + Spinning Ice + Dragonbreath)
    5. Tumbling Half Orc Thief Acrobat

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    Only have 4 at the moment. All of these are "fun" and flavour builds. Nothing amazing.

    1. D.Gnome 6 Monk, 8 Rogue, 6 Ranger. I tank whilst dancing.
    2. H.Elf 6 Monk, 8 Rogue, 6 Fighter. I fascinate like a Bard... With no bard levels.
    3. PDK. 20 Bard. Swashbuckler. Intelligence and Charisma based. Don't get caught in traps that can knock you down. You won't get hurt, but you'll get knocked down all day long.

    And my personal favourite:

    4. S.Elf. 20 FvS. Exalted Angel. Lantern Ring required. Before each quest, utter:

    "Under brightest sun...
    Or enshrouded night...
    No evil shall escape justices' might...
    Those refusing to surrender shadows blight...
    Beware the power...
    Of Amaunator's Light."

    Then proceed to cycle through your abundant "Light" abilities...

    Thelanis: Yijing (*Completionist* TR 20 Aasimar Scourge Monk Level 20 / Epic Level 10)
    Thelanis: Pocket-Monks: Sightblur, Peashoote, Jigglypath, Jedinja.
    Invisible Fences, unkillable Target Practice Dummy's, Shared Bank's, Pale Lavender Ioun Stones, the dimensional barrier between Eberron and Shavarath, I've broken them all...

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    In no order
    1. Pure Artificer
    2. "Jack of Firsts" Monk 12/6 ranger/2 rogue -jack of all (most) trades
    3. Cleric (for going after undead)
    4. pdk Bard 16/fighter 3/barb 1
    5. gnome illusionist

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    I have four favorites.
    1. Human Vanguard Paladin (Paladin 20)
    2. Elven Swashbuckler (Bard 15 / Fighter 3 / Rogue 2)
    3. Human THF DPS-focused Paladin (Paladin 20 or Paladin 14 / Fighter 6)
    4. Human Pure Sorcerer
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    MY TOP 5 Forum Buids that I have played 1 + lives are:

    #1 - Druid 20 Caster - 4 lives

    #2 - Warlock ES Tank - 6 lives

    #3 - INT Based Rogue - Assassin - 4 llives

    #4 - Human Sorc 20 Air Savant - 2 lives

    #5 - Monk 20 Shuricannon - 1 life
    Main toon - Galing (Sarlona)
    Heroic Completionist x1 - 11/03/2016. Epic Completionist x1 - 12/04/2016
    Current life #43 (14 Epic, 23 Heroic, 3 Iconic, 3 Racial): Warforge 20 Arti 10 Epic

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    1. Pure pali vanguard every thing is stunned, it's hard to kill and can party heal. Highest dps for pure pali. In a tie with shianto based monk for similar reasons.
    2. Shiradi wizard arch mage. Litch or warforged or halfling with mark.
    3. Assassin rogues. I want stealth play back and unbroken.
    4. Warlock con first evoker tanky style. 41 points ES 38 Tainted scholar. Really it is just that good.
    5. DC casting spellsinger bard. I probably love this build more than the others. It depends on day, mood, and party.

    Least fun:

    1. Caster cleric, always a empty blue bar. level 15 or so+
    2. Assassin rogues since they broke stealth play.
    3. Ninja monk. Badly needs a attack to induce sneak attack like a deepwood stalker or assassin has.Also stealth being broke kills it.
    4. Melee cleric war priest. I think spheres and tree pass will fix this. But right now A melee cleric needs to multi class to be as fun and effective as I want. That said a 12 cleric 8 fighter is pretty fun right now.
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