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    Default Is it the NAFTA thing? Why don't you want my money?

    Yes I'm Canadian, which may be the reason, but..

    I'd really like to support your company by spending money.
    And, again, for the 20th (ish) straight week you haven't put +20 Hearts of Wood On Sale (or I've missed them since last time they were on sale May 6th )

    Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for all the players who were waiting eagerly for your monthly "hey we're selling expanded back storage again (I mean that's not been on sale since August 2nd) , and Slayer boosts haven't been on since the end of July, so it's fantastic that they're back on.

    But do you think maybe, at some point, you could suggest to whoever does the sales that, while I'm sure it makes total sense to someone to not sell the +20 Hearts in the store full time, it would be appreciated by some of us who are waiting to buy a half dozen or so of the things if they were actually available.

    I realize I'm asking a lot, but you guys are finally making capes , so I figure this goes along with the hero theme....

    Please, put +20 Hearts in the store, let me spend money.
    Totally appreciate it.
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