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    Default Killing Time - new Update 40 raid - first thoughts and video

    I have mixed feelings about Killing Time, the new Update 40 raid. The High Lords of Malkier is a raiding guild. We raid nearly every night and it's always a special time for us when a new raid is introduced and we run it for the first time and learn it together. So like all raids I was very much looking forward to it.

    It's an interesting raid that requires some coordination. I like the theme of the boss trying to use the Chronoscope to undo some of our victories of the past. I also like that we get to revisit some older bosses and quests. The timer mechanic of having to interrupt the ritual is well done. I think the thing that bothers me the most about it is the mario skills that are required. There are a lot of players who really struggle with this kind of stuff. What makes it worse is that there are functionally "penalty boxes" for those who fail their mario skills and fall. You have to fight your way out of these penalty boxes, much like when you fall in VON 2 and have to fight a spider to get out, but there's bit more to it in Killing Time. What makes it obnoxious is that there are 6 different penalty boxes that you randomly appear in, so you can't just jump down and help someone who fell because you're not likely to end up in the same one. If you had a crew that never missed a jump then you could skip all of these little areas, which effectively makes it a tax on those who have poor mario skills or lag during a jump. Realistically we'll probably just have to clear out all of the penalty boxes at the start so that people who fall later can get out without hassle. Once they are cleared, they stay clear.

    Missed opportunity- with the way this raid functions, I think this could've been DDO's first flying raid. The flying mechanics from Reaver's Fate would work well in the outdoor area. How cool would that have been?!

    This is not a guide, we are still learning things, but here's a video of when we live streamed our second run last night...

    Thanks to Sam-u-eye for the rough guide, this was very useful in helping us complete our first try!
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