I would LOVE to see an 'old school' server (more like the PnP) not to be confused with PvP

1. Only open to Premium or VIP

2. All dungeons are set to elite. (no reapers)

3. Champions are less likely

4. NO hirelings for sale. (special ones you get perm from package deals are ok)

5. NO AH, just brokers and standard vendors.

6. Outdoor mob areas are public instances and mobs re-spawn.

7. Guild sizes are limited based on membership (no level 200 4 person guilds) no guild level can exceed 10X membership totals

8. End loot reward is always random and not based on class

9. Pay store character augments are blocked ( no +1 stat books in store...still a rare drop though)

10. +10% earned game coins earned

11. all crafting is BTA

One server only. For the more traditional D+D players.

agree, disagree or flame away :-D